41 thoughts on “Inside London's most exclusive hotel, The Lanesborough: impressions & review

  1. I think a lot of none brits don't understand our old style of hotels and why we love it so muxh, which is fine.

  2. I like the way it's called exclusive. Anyone with enough money can stay there or eat there. How is that exclusive?

  3. Which is the most luxurious hotel in London??
    1,The Dorchester
    2,The Langham
    3,The Lanesborough
    Thank you very much
    Greetings from Yemen

  4. Not one of your best…..the music is awful! I love all of your others, watch them over and over again. Thank you for what you do, it gives a tremendous insight into what is out there.

  5. My god scrambled eggs, bacon and toast now that right there is exclusive 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 shoot the manager pronto

  6. Not sure if you have realised but someone has stolen this video and reposted it to YouTube (search for the Lanesborough and sort by upload date). I have already reported the clip for you.

  7. Feel I aged 20 years just watching this video! Horrendously dark, heavy and repressing interior!

  8. I doubt that that's Londonderry most exclusive hotel it maybe 5 star but it doesn't look 100% luxurious

  9. I'm not usually a fan of this style of decor, but it's so well done here! Absolutely everything looks comfortable and luxurious. I love the full size products in the bathroom!

  10. Please do a Video about Peninsula paris Hotel 🙂 It looks amazing and they said they used 1 billion dollar to renovate it. Looking forward to see your next video, keep up the good work.

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