INSANE BURGERS!!! | Vacation Simulator #2

INSANE BURGERS!!! | Vacation Simulator #2

– [Ethan] You eat it. Eat it! Come on, eat it, you
know you wanna eat it. Eat it. (upbeat electronic music) (laughs) Hey yo, it’s Ethan, I’m back
here with another game video and we’re playing more Vacation Simulator! Whoa! Vacation Beach, hey
what’s up little buddy? Looks like you’re having
a shell of a time. (laughing) Can I keep him? Whoa! I dropped him! Aw, Shelly Fun Farts
McGullicutty I’m sorry! (robot noises) What? Whoops! Are you still talking? Whoops! Oh Shelly! Oh! Hey, get back over there – I know a way to track the
moments you enjoy, human. – [Ethan] How? – There’s a camera in your backpack! – [Ethan] My butt-pack? Oh, my backpack. (laughing) Go nuts for donuts, here you go. I’m very helpful! – Press on the camera to snap a photo – [Ethan] Okay, snap photos, could do this in a flash! – Have fun vacationing your way, human! – [Ethan] All right! – We’ll see you later! – [Ethan] See you later, hot potaters! Hey, what am I supposed to do with this? Hey, come back here, whoa! What’s up there? Ooh, hold still, Shelly
Buttfarts McGullicutty. Ah, that’s such a pretty picture! You want it, here I’ll
come give it to you. Ooh, you wanna, could I feed you? Yeah, eat this, it’s good for you. It’s got nutritional sprinkles. No, you fell over Shelly, oh no! (laughing) Okay, Shelly’s fine. Shelly Buttfarts McGullicutty,
you eat this donut right now! (laughing) He won’t eat it! Well cool it says Crab,
Hello, are you hermit? (laughing) You get to keep that,
Shelly, that’s for you! Okay let’s go up here in the
lifeguard tower, see what’s, Whoa, check it out, all
my food friends are here! Open it, open it, there you go, whoa! Freezing and pleasing,
got some cheese, whoa! Got a bread box, cool
look at all this stuff! Oh, man, I bet you guys are hungry. I’m just gonna make you up a little bit something to eat, you know? Can’t be starving when
we’re playing some games. Gonna make you one of my famous Everything but the Kitchen Sink sammiches! But you know I’ll even put
the kitchen sink in there too. Oh, can I have some, oh
yeah gotta wash your hands with some cheese first, that’s important. And put some cheese on some cheese, put some cheese on there
(laughing) everything needs cheese! Yo, what you looking at? It’s no guda! – Human – [Ethan] Oh, you’re talking to me! Nice to Meat you (laughing) All right, I don’t know
what you’re saying, but I’m gonna ignore you. (laughing) I just gotta do all this stuff. I’m chillin and grillin,
I gotta make a meal for this entire place, yo! Oh, let’s see, we’ve got some mayo here, yeah we’d better put
some of that on there. Oh, looking good, look at all that mayo! We’ve got Buttman’s favorite, ketchup, let’s get a little bit of
that on there, nice, nice. Oh, yeah really cuts the mustard! Stop judging me. (laughing) Oh, you’re supposed to make, oh I see, you’re supposed to make
it like the recipe says, (laughing) Nuts to that (laughing)
this is much better! Put some more cheese on there, oh, I don’t know what this
is, but that’s going on there. Artificial oil, huh, yeah, burning the midnight oil that’s what I say (laughing) Whoa, check out my buns, yeah we need to grill up some of these
buns, nice, looking good! A few extra tasty nuggets
on there just to be safe, can never have too much on the grill (laughing) Bacon in the heat, as I say. You’re a cheesy individual
(laughing) stop talking All right, I’m very sorry my food friends, but I have to build the most
ultimate sandwich of all time! Okay, we’re gonna stack this
baby up, it’s like Jenga, yo! All right, let’s not bottle
up your love of mayo, let’s get that on there, nope, whoa, wee, Okay, whatever, it’s gone. (laughing) All right, oh, we’re balancing it, oh yeah little bit, no, no, no, no, oh that was close, okay
let’s take that one off. Okay it’s just barely
balancing, no, no, no, don’t move it that way,
move it this way, no! (laughing) It was all your fault! It was all you! Oh, no, I’m eating my friends! (laughing) Needs more cheese (laughing)
more cheesing and pleasing! (laughing) Nacho average meal! (laughing) So good! (chomp) Ah, not enough cheese, you eat it! Eat it, come on, eat it,
you know you wanna eat it! Eat it, stupid computer! (laughing) Oh, bread boxing it, huh? Whoa, it reappears every time, whoa! Oh, yeah, you know what,
we’re gonna make it rain! Yeah, we’re making it rain
with bread boxes up in here! What, what, it’s raining buns, hallelujah, it’s raining buns, hallelujah! I’m the best cook ever! (laughing) I’m making it rain food! Okay I wanna bounce it off his head. Okay, step and curry for three, (laughing) He shoots, he scores, that was awesome! What does this do? Whoa, there’s all this stuff too, jeez? What’s up, pineapple? (laughing) I didn’t mean to eat you, I’m sorry! (laughing) Yum, cheese pickles, my favorite! (laughing) Cheese pickle delivery,
yes right off his head! (laughing) You know, there’s probably so much stuff to do in this game, and
I haven’t done any of it yet. (laughing) I’m just farting around! All right, let’s head down to the beach and see what’s going on! Whoa, hey, what’s up with you, buddy? Sandy Romance, oh, by the looks of you, you’re probably reading a steamy romance. (laughing) Yeah, seriously, buddy,
you’re looking really steamy, what’s going on? Look at this, who wants
to play some beach ball? Huh, who wants to play, nobody? Oh, you do, hey what’s up, bud? (laughing) Hey, check out my soggy buns! Whoa! – This is not really your ball. – [Ethan] No! – But we can still play catch! – [Ethan] You wanna play
catch with a bun, okay! Sweet, yeah, this is awesome! You’re just tossing soggy buns around! Now this is my kind of robot. (laughing) Okay, what happens if I throw this at you? Okay, what the, ah, what am I eating? Soggy buns! – Play beach ball! – [Ethan] Yeah! – I hit the ball to you,
you hit the ball back to me! – [Ethan] Okay! – Don’t grab it or let it hit the water. Let’s see how many points
we can score together! – [Ethan] Okay, we’re
actually playing a game, nice! We’re gonna have a ball together! Okay, hit it to me, hit it to me! Boop, boop, boop, wow, this is fun! (laughing) You dropped it, that
was you, I hit it last! Whoa, beach ball, boing,
butt, whoa, okay oh whoa! Jeez, you crazy crazy, crazy in the pants! Oh, yeah, oh I see, if you
hit it up a little bit higher, that makes it easier, whoa hey, you did it, that was your fault! You broke it, you bought it! Oh, that was crazy, what what what? – I didn’t even know the
score can go that high! – [Ethan] Yeah! – I know lots of different games, I just need you to bring
me a new type of ball, and I can show you another game! – [Ethan] Oh, we’re having a ball, oh there’s one right here! Ow,
why’d you throw that at me? I’m gonna throw that to you! (laughing) Caught it. – Hey, it’s a hand ball! – [Ethan] I got hands. – To play, the rules are simple – [Ethan] Okay! – Get the ball past me,
and I’ll hand you a point. – [Ethan] Nice! – Try to beat my high score, human! – [Ethan] Let’s do this! Okay, let’s kick it in the booty! Where are the balls, okay
gimme gimme always gets! Yes, oh scoreboard, oh you
blocked it, good job buddy! Oh, yeah you can’t stop these skills once I’ve got hands, you can’t stop me! Oh yeah, oh yeah, looking
good in the neighborhood, that’s another goal! Yes, I beat your high
score, what you gone do? Oh, what you gone do? (laughing) – You totally slashed the high score! – [Ethan] That’s right, sucky-buns! (laughing) – There’s still more sports we can play! – [Ethan] Where’s my memory? – Find new balls, and
bring them back here! – [Ethan] Where’s my memory, where is it? Oh, there it is, you’ve got, oh, we’re gonna put it in here? Watch this, yeah, oh
yeah, we got a memory! Does this count as a ball? – This is a little game
I like to call coconut. – [Ethan] Coconut, okay, what the, hey, what the, (stuttering) (laughing) You made me eat a soggy bun, fetch! (laughing) Go get it, go get it, whatever! (laughing) Woo-wee, wow what’s all this stuff? Hey, butterfly, give me
butter, I want butter! Ah, (laughing) I wanted butter! Stupid butterfly doesn’t
wanna share his butter. (laughing) Woo, splish-splash I was taking a, Whoa, Castle Blaster, a new video game! I don’t know why that
was, this was sitting in the waterfall, but, uh, excuse me, why are you staring at me? Okay, let’s see what Castle Blaster is. Let’s turn that baby on, what you got? Um, what, no, it’s just like Tetris! Uh, there’s no blasting
whatsoever, you cheated! You tricked me into playing Tetris! (laughing) Hey what’s up Steamy Steve? – Ha, yes, – [Ethan] Yes! – The beach tiller has arrived, now be a good worker
and get me some coolant I’m trying to optimize my sun intake. – [Ethan] Coolant, huh, we need to find some coolant for
you, where would coolant be? – Would you like to do some yoga? – [Ethan] Hm, no, I don’t
really wanna do yoga, but I do really wanna
take this bottle away, excuse me I need this, um,
I gotta help this guy out. (robot mumbling) Just shushy, shushies, hold on! Oh, wow, okay, wait a second! (laughing) Here, here’s your coolant, do
you want me to pour it on you? – Ah, yes! – [Ethan] Yes! – Finally! The beach tiller has arrived! – [Ethan] Yes, it’s working! – Be a good worker and
get me some coolant, – [Ethan] Oh, this isn’t coolant? – I’m trying to optimize my sun intake. – [Ethan] Oh. Well water you thinking, bud? Let’s go up in here. Let’s see, whoa, cool! Don’t do work, keep
sand out of your vents, try Beach Cheese, stay hydrated. (laughing) Yo, what’s up, butter butt? – Welcome to the dock shop, human. Hey, you’re my first customer today. – [Ethan] Nice! – Let’s make a memory together. – [Ethan] Okay! – Take a selfie and hand it to
me so I can frame this moment – [Ethan] All right! – Don’t forget! – [Ethan] Okay let’s grab
one of these sweet drinks, let me get some sweet glasses, oh, yeah, looking good in
the neighborhood, oh yeah! Let’s pose just, okay
gotta push this right here, and two, one, looking
good, nice, let’s see it! Oh, yeah, that’s a great picture! Okay let’s get two coconut drinks. Yeah, that’s right, I’m coco-nuts! – [Robot] Flip the camera
around and take a selfie, human. – [Ethan] Oh, did it take it, oh whoops! – [Robot] Hand me the photo
when you’re happy with the shot. – [Ethan] Oh yeah, that looks good, it did take it, okay
good, all right, take it! – Awesome. – [Ethan] Awesome! – Nice selfie, human, I’ll put it on the wall so we can remember this moment forever. – [Ethan] Good, oh you’re still talking, – Yo, bites, here’s a memory for you. – [Ethan] Yay, give me my memories! Oh, yeah, gonna eat it, gonna eat it! (laughing) What happened? (laughing) All right, whoa, I think
that’s where we can stop today. Did I get another memory? Yes, I did, all right guys, well make sure you do everything you can to make this the most popular video on the internet because totally sure it’s so good, until next time, whoa, later hot potaters! (techno music)

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