INDORE (56 Dukan + Sarafa Bazar) Food Tour –  FLYING Dahi Bada + GIANT Jaleba + Egg Benjo 2/2

INDORE (56 Dukan + Sarafa Bazar) Food Tour – FLYING Dahi Bada + GIANT Jaleba + Egg Benjo 2/2

-Welcome to Indore’s Chappan bazaaar market -This is a food street where there are eateries back to back. -In fact it is said that here, there are more than 56 eateries. -Come let’s explore. -This is potato patties filled with coconut. -Do you add any masala to the coconut mixture or it is just plain. -It is a mixture of fresh and dry coconut. -You mix both. -Very nice. -This is a unique dish from the Chappan Dukan, the Khopra patties. -The potato patties is stuffed with coconut. -It is dry coconut, fresh coconut, little spices and raisins. -Then it is deep fried and served with sweet and sour chutneys. -The covering of the patty is very crisp but from inside it is very soft. -There is a nice sweetness from the coconut. -Quite amazing. -And it is more fun to have it during rains. -Sir what are you making?
-Its kachoris. -What is the stuffing inside it? -Its Batla or green peas. -How old is your shop? -Its there since 1969. -How long the market and the shops have been here? -Its here since 1982-83. -Total there are 56 shops or more.
-56. -Kopra patties is elder sister, batla is younger sister. -Kachori is eldest sister. Samosa is younger brother. Potato vada is elder brother. Dahi vada is the eldest brother. Sabudana vada is younger brother. Sabudana khichdi is the eldest sister in the family. -Everyone is made with different masalas. -Whatever you eat, every dish has a different and new taste. -It seems like a joint family.
-Yes.(laughter) -Is the Batla kachori available all throughout the year?
-Yes. -Green peas is used when it is in season. -During off season, we use boiled dried peas. -The frozen Batla or green peas.
-Yes. -Generally in Indore you will find lentil and potato kachories. -Here we only make the peas one.
-In the whole of Indore.
-Nobody else make it. -Your khopra too is very unique. -In case of khopra patties, we have monopoly. -When my grandfather came, he started the Batla patties. -My father and uncle started the khopra patties. The customers like it the most. -Where from did you come? -We came from Surat in 1969. -That’s why I saw that you have Khaman too-fried Khaman, Surti Khaman etc. -What is this Amiri khaman.
-Its’s Khamani. -Sev Khamani
-It’s crushed Khaman tempered with garlic. -I got it. It’s the Sev Khamani. -Yes.
-We have had it in Surat. -It has a different charm in Surat. Like the Locho/Locha. -In Surat the patties are made of all purpose flour stuffed with lentil mixture. -This is the peas or Batla kachori. -It is topped with Ujjaini Sev… -It has green chutney, sweet chutney, curd and sev. -Hmm! -The Ujjaini sev is different from the Ratlami sev. -This is thin. -Ratlami sev is thicker. -Then comes the clove one. -The double clove one is more spicier than it. -It has lots of black pepper. -You are in the food capital and so Namkeen(savoury snacks) and chaat are very famous here. -Yes Indore is also known as the Namkeen city of India. -Also food capital of Madhya Pradesh and the city of foodies. Isn’t it?
-Yes. -This is very tasty. -It has pomegranate seeds and whole coriander seeds. The chutney is made with garlic and the sweet chutney has dried mango powder. -Its totally crisp and each and every layer has been cooked properly. – I observed how you were frying it on medium heat. -The kachoris are fired for almost 45 mins. -At many places we have seen that they fry it on high heat and take it out in five minutes. -As a result its not properly cooked from the inside. -In this each and every layer has been properly cooked and it has become crisp. -We have eaten green peas kachoris at very few places. -In Delhi too we get it all through the year. -But there the peas based stuffings is very sweet. -They make it sweet and with it they serve potato curry… no onion garlic curry and Fenugreek seeds chutney. -In Delhi and Punjab the use of ghee is quite high and so the food stuffs are heavy to digest. -This masala of yours is different from theirs. -It has fennel, whole coriander pomegranate seeds, chillies, spices… and the peas is thoroughly mashed and cooked. -Absolutely. -This is pomegranate seeds. -Its appreciable that you could identify fennel in it. -Normally the present generation won’t be able to identify it. -Very nice. I enjoyed it.Thank you. -Namaskar sir! Give us a glass of Shikanji. -Is it called Shikanji? -Yes. It is the Sahi Shikanji. -It has milk, almond, saffron, nutmeg, mace and other dry fruits mixed together. -Is it chilled milk? -Not chilled milk but we can call it shake. And we call it Sahi Shikanji. -Its a kind of milk shake that has almond, pista and… -Buttermilk too. -Buttermilk is there in it. -That is why its called Shikanji for it has a sweet and sour taste. -So it has buttermilk and milk both, that are mixed together. -Then nutmeg, mace, pista, cashew, raisins etc are added to it. -It tastes like Rabri. -It is very sweet. Super sweet. -Its taste is somewhere between the Lassi and milk shake. -Right! -And it is called the Sahi Shikanji or Madhuram Shikanji. -This is not the lemon Shikanji that we are familiar with. This one is made with milk and buttermilk. -It has a slight sweet and sour taste. -It has the grainy taste of Rabri too. -Very nice. -This is Johnny Hot Dog shop’s famous Egg Benjo. -It is basically buns stuffed with omelette. -Along with it there is sweet chutney and coriander chutney. And also sliced onions. -And both the omelette and the buns are fried in ghee. -The bun is also pan fried in desi ghee. -And as Uncle was mentioning, look at his pan. Its totally clean. -Throughout the day it never gets blacks. Its ever clean. See here. -It is used for 15-16 hours. -See, the griddle too is clean. Otherwise it becomes to black. -Very nice sir. -The bun is very tasty. -Due to pan frying its crisp from both sides. -Inside there is an omelette that has red chilies, salt…What else do you add? -I has only chopped coriander, salt and chilies. -That’s it. A very simple recipe. -I think it’s because of the love with which you make it that so many people come to eat it. -The customers who come to eat are amazing so I too enjoy making it for them. -Who is Johnny? -It is the name of the shop. -So here or in the family, no one’s name is Johnny. -No. -So how did the name Johnny came into existence? -How long has your shop been here? -Its 42 years. -Inside this is the potato patty or Potato tikki. -And along with this is the bun that has been made crisp from both the sides in desi ghee. -And there is green and sweet chutneys. -In Dehradun this thing is quite popular. -There it is called the Bun Tikki
-Okay. -Ask anyone what’s famous in Dehradun? They will say Bun Tikki. -Dehradun’s Bun Tikki, Bhopal’s Bun Kebbab and Indore’s Veg Hot Dog. -In search of taste here in Indore, we have arrived at Sarafa Bazaar. -Its a place where during the day, the buying and selling of gold and silver takes place… and during the night it becomes a food street, a foodie’s haven. -So comes lets see what all is available here. -What is this? -Nukti. -Its Badi Nukti. -Is it eaten with Kulcha? -No sir they are different. That one is sweet.
-Okay -I have come to Indore primarily to meet you.
-Thank you. -Do you know Joshi ji that the name of this Dahi vada is ‘The Flying Dahi Vada’? -Indeed. -This is black pepper, this is cumin and this one is carom seed powder. -Now you have it. -Its not curd. Ask what is it? -What? -Its the love of the servant towards the King who has come too eat. -You didn’t ask the reason behind feeding the you by hand. -What is it? -Do you visit the temple?
-Yes. -Do the idols there eat the offerings by themselves? -No we feed them.
-That is the same thing I was doing too. -When Akbar used to eat in the Red Fort, the servants prepared the food. -So who is the king then- the one who makes the foo or the one who eats it? -The one who prepares it is the king. -I was telling him that If I have come to Indore then it’s specially for his Dahi vadas. -To meet emperor Joshi ji. Very nice taste. The curd is nice and sweet. -The vadas are very soft and they are made of moong dal. -The masalas used are few like salt, chilies and black pepper. -And along with this you have the sweet dry mango powder chutney. -This is little salt, this is red chilies, this one is black pepper, this is cumin and then carom seeds powder. -This is for my beloved. -You saw how I flung the Dahi Vada and added the masalas.
-Yes. -Now let me show you one more magic. -Uncle one plate Bhutte Ki Khees please. -Yes sir. -How is the Bhutte ki Khees made? -We get the corns and grate the kernels. -Then take oil and temper it with asafoetida, cumin and mustard seeds. and fry the green chilies. -Then we add the grated corn and fry it. Just as we fry the Halwa, in the same manner we fry this mixture for nearly one and a half hour. -Then we add milk and it gets ready. -When the customer comes we serve them with masala, lemon and coriander. It has an A 1 taste. -My shop is 52 years old but I am seventy six year old man. -My name is BC Agarwal. -people come from far off places after watching my videos. -Vinod Dua had come from Delhi. -Then Gurpal Singh from Zee TV had also visited. -Many VIPs from India have come and tasted my khees and Garadu. -And please do remember that Anubhav Sapra from Delhi Food Walks had Also visited you. -Welcome sir. -This is a very famous delicacy of Indore, the Bhutte ki khees. -First the corn is grated and then it is tempered. -Then milk is added and it is cooked for a long time like we cook the Halwa. -Then its topped with masala, lemon juice, coconut and coriander. -It has an A 1 taste. -For the past 52 years Agarwal sir has been selling Bhutte ki khees and Garadu. -many famous personalities have tasted his Garadu. -Its 52 years since you have established the shop. -Since how many nights you haven’t slept. -I don’t sleep at night. The world enjoys and I earn money. I move in the opposite direction. I close the shop at 4 am, have food at 6 am and then go off to sleep. And in the afternoon at 1 pm.. -Is the Garadu ready? -Absolutely. I was waiting for you. Are you free now. -Is your Garadu order final? Would you like to taste anything else? -You don’t feel sleepy at night anymore. -The system has become so. -I am a nocturnal fellow who stays awake at night and sleeps during the day. -The Owl stays awake at night and sleeps in the day. I am like that. -As you said when people sleep you earn. -Do you add little sugar to this? -Yes to make it sweet and sour. -Its mildly sweet. And do you add asafoetida as well? -Those things are compulsory.
-Okay. -Then you temper it with mustard seeds. -Yes there is mustard seeds, green chilies, asafoetida and cumin. -very nice. -This is Garadu or Yam in English. -And on the top you have added the special masala. -Yes its my own manufacturing. -And on top you add the lemon juice. -The Jains don’t eat it. -Like this is very beneficial. -If you eat it you will be stronger. -It reduces muscular pain. -Its very powerful. -Do you eat it? -Yes of course I eat it and that’s why I am hale and hearty today. -Many many thanks. I don’t eat it at the shop shop. -Sir you have potato wafers, banana chips…what are ‘tasted danes’? -‘Tasted Dane’ means… When we started making it we wanted to name it ‘tasty’ -But people said that use ‘tasted’ as because it has been tasted to be okay by you. And people liked it too. -So when other people came to eat these, like my aunt…hence some people call it as ‘aunty ke dane’ -The locals call it peanut chaat, ‘aunty ke dane’, ‘tasted dane’…its tried and tasted… They have announced that its tasty so just go and eat. -Yes it means that its okay and people should try it. -What is the process of making Sabudana khichdi? -Nothing much. We soak it for 5 to 10 minutes and then remove it. -then keep it aside for some time in the morning. And then we temper it and cook till it gets done. -It requires some effort. -It has a very nice taste. -Its sweet and sour. For crunchiness there sev has been added on top. -Its called ‘aloo ka chura’ and also ‘fariyali mixture’ -There is peanuts, potato, chopped coriander and whole coriander seeds as well. -Such a huge Jaleba! -So the Jalebi just covered the whole Kadhai. -I have never seen such a huge Jaleba. -I seems to be over 500 gm by weight. -Its nearly 700 gm. -Very nice. Chilled rabri and hot Jalebi. -Its super crisp and crunchy. -Jalebis tastes best with either milk or Rabri. -With curd too.
-Yes. With curd as well. -In UP it’s eaten with curd. -With the curd the sweetness of the sugar syrup becomes mellow. -You have added saffron too.
-Yes. -The rabri has shreds of cream. -It is Jai bhole Jalebi bhandar’s kesaria rabri. -Pure desi ghee kesaria jalebi. -Is the saffron added to the batter?
-No it is there in the sugar syrup. -You bend a little like this then bring the glass near your mouth and drink it in one go. -Else it will be just half a glass. Rest will be empty when the fizz comes out. Don’t drink like this. it won’t taste good. -Let me put this masala then drink it. -What was it brother? -Masala. -It seemed that everything spilled out and there wasn’t much left to drink. -That’s why I said that you should drink it in one go. -So eat your heart out in Sarafa Bazar, then come here and drink a soda to digest all the food. -It will make you hungry after and hour. -Then have few more Chapattis. -After having all kinds of yummy food at Sarafa bazaar come here and have this masala soda. -And remember that you should first drink half of the soda then add the masala to it so that much of the drink doesn’t spills out. -Do do like me… Much of the soda spilled out. -How much gold are you wearing on your hands? -My weight is 100 kg. How much gold is there? -I don’t weigh this. -It is not mine that I will weigh it. -Its his(Almighty’s) and he will stop giving. -Its a unique Rabri falooda. -It has Kesar, Pista and kulfi. -Mango ice cream, tutti fruti. -and mango crush, rose and khus khus syrup…everything combined. -And everybody recommended Nema Ji’s Kulfi. -Very delicious. -I am noticing your arms more than you. -Its all your blessings. -I have attained this passion here at Sarafa bazaar. -Do you have a jewelry shop here? -We are known by the name Nema. -Do you own a jewelry shop? -No. This that you are having is our greatest jewelry. -These will remain here only. -I have observed that in Indore all the businessmen are great salesmen. -They have this skills to sell things. Its the blessings of Mother Ahilya and Narmada…that they have bestowed on us that our style of style of interacting is very endearing. What’s your name sir? -Its Natwarlal Nema. Nema kulfi, Indore. Sir tell us since when did you got passionate about wearing gold? -Every year I kept adding some. -This is coconut crush. -How long has it been running? -Since two years. -what is this Bangalore connection? -I had learnt it from Bangalore -The coconuts are fetched from Bangalore. The tender ones with flesh. -Its an amazing drink. I is a blend of coconut water and flesh of the coconut. Then they have different syrups…strawberry, chocolate, vanilla…and you can try other flavours as well. -People called your father Anna. That’s how it came to be known as Anna Paan Shop. -Your shop is the most famous in Indore. What fragrance did you put in it? -Very nice.

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