Hyderabad to Moscow Journey || Russia trip

Hyderabad to Moscow Journey || Russia trip

Finally Russia trip begins Now i am in Hyderabad Airport I have flight to Delhi 2 hours journey, now time is night 10 and date is 7th October 2019 and around 1:30 in the night i will reach Delhi Airport i will reach T1 Terminal From T1 i need to transfer to T3 Terminal From there i have flight to Moscow this time i am going with some good airlines with Complimentary food services etc.. In this video i will be covering from this airport till i reach my Hotel in Moscow will be covered in this video after that remaining details will come in next videos.. stay tuned and mainly this time Luggage i will be carrying 2 bags always i used to travel with 1 bag only but this time am going with 2 bags this time i will be tired with this flight journeys Hyderabad to Delhi 2 hours journey and again Delhi to Moscow 6 to 6 and half hours journey i will give more details after reaching Delhi Airport stay tuned.. after reaching T1 terminal shuttle bus are available for T2 & T3 i will go that way to take Shuttle bus for T3 With this shuttle bus i have reached T3 Terminal Guy’s finally i am in Delhi Airport It is T3 Terminal Immigration Completed, after taking Boarding pass i have completed Immigration and moving towards my boarding gate.. now i will total information one by one If you are traveling to Moscow you will get cheapest flights from Delhi approximately 17,000 Indian rupees from Delhi to Moscow Aeroflot Airlines Including Food and baggage also 23kgs two bags as check in bag and 1 with approximate 7kg weight for hand bag they is no Limitations with baggage now the main important thing is Visa getting Russia visa is very easy Important things which you need to remember is First we need to Fix our trip dates Then we need to book a hotel according to our traveling dates Next we need invitation letter Russian Embassy is in Chennai which is near to us Visit and submit documents you will get your passport stamped with visa i have already done a full video about total visa application process Watch that video with the link in description and mostly after reaching airport what i did is went to Aeroflot counter first they checked my passport and next they asked my return flight tickets after checking my return tickets they gave my boarding pass next i went to immigration they haven’t asked me much in immigration they asked purpose of my visit? then i said holiday purpose simple they haven’t asked anything then that.. After getting your visa important things which you need to carry is i didn’t got any problem at Indian Immigration.. but we may get once we reach Russia.. Important documents which you need to carry along with you is return flight tickets, hotel bookings, and.. carry travel insurance also for that i paid around 500 rupees for 5 days and carry sufficient funds for the trip expenses i am carry US dollars because in Russia currency they use is Rubles almost like Indian currency but highly volatile currency i am carrying 20,000 rupees while i am checking for currency exchange.. i found that around 2,000 rupees are charged as commission then i planned to take US dollars and took 300 dollars i am carrying dollars because we get best rates and i will convert into rubles as per my requirement later if in case any dollars left with me after my trip .. i will get good exchange rate and i have converted into dollars at Hyderabad when it was 1USD=71 Rupees in currency exchange they charged 72 rupees for 1 dollar so over all on currecny exchange of 300 Dollars i paid extra of 300 ruppes only i will say about best time to visit Russia all those details in coming videos i will try to show some good views from flight now i forgotten to say few more details actually they are shuttle buses running in between T1 and T3 approximately 6 kms distance between them there are there terminals in Delhi T1,T2,T3 so the flight which am going is from T3 you can use shuttle bus for free if you show your flight tickets at the counter if not you can pay 25 rupees for the bus time gap between russian and Indian time is 2 hours 30 minutes Indian time is 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of Russian time now my flight is at morning 5 o clock from delhi and around 9:30 i will reach Moscow when i reach Moscow at 9:30 time in india will be 12 PM so we are ahead of Russian time after reaching Moscow i will convert small amount of dollars into rubles 40-50 dollars.. into Rubles to use for taxi etc.. try to convert very less amount in airport as the exchange rates are very bad so convert very less for emergency use and one more important thing is while booking the flight departure time is around morning 5 am so that time is Indian time and the arrival time shown is not our time but the local time of the country where we are landing in.. one more important thing now am going Delhi to Moscow on a direct flight there is other option also layover at Almaty or asthana which are in Kazakhstan if we go with Layover to Moscow we will get an extra benefit we can explore that country almost for free this is little tricky we will get almost of 72 hours of free layover if we travel with air astana i will tell about the total process in the last video of this series because i will use this layover while returning back from Russia return with Air Astana via Kazkahstan at that time i will tell the total process so plan according after the last video of this series best time to visit Russia is April to August July and August are the peak season because of long day hours that’s it mostly u can see me after reaching Moscow finally food is here chicken and veg option is also available lot of options are available in flight entertainment new mvoies and all the information like local time and time take to arrival etc time is 9 am and weather out side seems to be very cold i started feeling the cool weather finally Immigration is completed and this bag is here since last one and half hour there are three internatinal airports in Moscow the one which i arrived is sheremetyevo airport terminal D when i reached the immigration then the real things started almost everyone from India with tourist visa the immigration staff kept on hold they took us in to the room i was the first person in que they asked me why you came to Russia they know very less English and one person was talking good in English he was asking me and i told him that tourism purpose return tickets i showed him my return tickets then he asked me you return tickets are from St petersburg how you are going there from moscow as i already booked Sapsan train from Moscow to St petersburg i showed him the booking copy hotel booking after checking all the documents he wrote down all those details on a paper in Russian language then he asked me for my phone he took my phone and opended IMEI number IMEI number along with my passport he took the photo and they told me to sit outside after 1 hour my immigration completed carry all the important documents required for the trip along with you i was even carrying Travel Insurance after seeing all those documents they believed that i came for tourism purpose only and let me go and one more thing.. in Invitation letter we have entered Moscow hotel details only after receiving visa i have updated my St Petersburg hotel details in Invitation letter I have mailed them my St Petersburg hotel details and they have sent me the Updated Invitation letter bring the updated Invitation letter with you for the trip first now i have to take sim and Currency exchange in Terminal F i have taken Megafon sim 500 rubles Unlimited Internet, 1500 local minutes talk time plus 300 sms from here i will take train to reach City center took sim and exchanged currency too converted 50 dollars i got 2,800 rubles with that i took sim and balance i will use to reach city exchange very little amount in airport as the exchange rates are not good Terminal D and F are within walk able distance in terminal F 3 rd there is Megafone store took sim there store people told 1000 rubles for the sim i told i have information that sim cost is 500 rubles Just beside the sim store there is way to metro staion from airport to city it is approx 32 kms best and fastest way is Aero express if not take taxi fares are around 3,500 rubles taxi is good when there are 3-4 people as the city is far from airport expect lot of traffic in between so best is train to reach city fast cheapest is bus but.. from airport bus drops you some where in the outskirts of city again from there we have to take taxi or metro to reach city center now the area where am going to stay is Red Square now let’s Take Aero express and reach City we can take tickets of Aero express in the Counter for every 30 minutes there is a train now let me tell you about Aero express fares standard for one way 500 rubles for best views take left side seats finally we are into the city now this is Belorussky staion as soon as we got out take next door to change the line from here i will reach tverskaya square from there hotel is walk able distance i really very cold here around 5 degrees temperature into to metro station and took 3 days unlimited ride pass in Moscow Metro station are very beautiful reached Tverskaya square now from there i came out of metro staion crossed the road going towards hotel using google maps finally.. there was problem in Hotel checkin the hotel which i have booked there are not opening the doors first let’s see this hostel for 3 nights around 2,000 rubles wash rooms are in that side literally for 1 hour i was standing out the hotel room and pressing bell to open the door and it was very cold and my hands almost got freezed that’s all for this video.. i will give more details in next video

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