Hua Hin Night Market – Best Seafood Restaurants in Town!

Hua Hin Night Market – Best Seafood Restaurants in Town!

Whoa Holy Cow! *laughing Best seafood restaurants in Hua Hin In this video, I’ll show you several street seafood restaurants operating in Hua Hin’s night market All the restaurants you see in this video are located in the heart of Hua Hin City just a few blocks from the beach This is the same spot where Mark Weins and Trevor James aka The Food Ranger filmed their recent collaboration videos eating lobsters and king prawns The night market open daily from 6pm and closes at 3am or whenever there are no customers walking about You will find some of the best seafood restaurants in town here as well as other products or produce you would expect in a Thai night market expect in a Thai night market from fresh food fruits massages and fashions there are multiple seafood restaurants along the street as there are many to choose from don’t come too late as all the seafood might be sold out and there will be fewer selections come just before sunset because these restaurants get very busy if you get there early it’s less crowded you typically get better selections the service is overall better and faster before the peak hours after nightfall I’ve got a quote for 1800 baht for one kilogram a week later I went to the same place and I got folded for 1200 baht for one kilogram where I came from it was a lot cheaper than here but that might not be the case for everyone they weigh the lobster in front of you and cook it in front of the restaurant do you choose the cooking and sauces if you are in wot him you should definitely check out the night market and try the local seafood restaurant or at least walk through the night market once you do not need to go all out on an expensive lobster or king prawn you can still have a fantastic meal ordering other dishes however if you like Lobster and you like seafood in general hua-hin night market is seafood heaven the restaurants serve a broad variety of Thai dishes international dishes especially barbecue fish lobsters snappers sea bass cotton fish squid oysters and king prawns there is a wide selection on the menu but you don’t have to make things complicated each simple seafood from the barbecue and you won’t be disappointed then ask some local beer Chiang sing huh or Tiger and that’s it obviously it’s not a fine-dining seafood restaurant the seating is not fancy but if you don’t mind sitting as simple tables on the pavement with no air-conditioning you’ll be fine although some restaurants have the seating available both indoors and outdoors but not always once you order your meal it is cooked or barbecued on the spot and brought to your table now so good one from a speaker Oh more seafood bad

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  1. How do you guys like my American accent?

    Watch my best Hua Hin restaurants:
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  2. when i was there, i didn't have a motorbike to go around and find local food, but i don't recommend eating anything in this night market. it is for the show to tourists and seafood prices are more than in the US. I've met a few Vietnamese workers there and they showed me a few places to eat at local prices but i was with a large group and couldn't go but next time I 'll explore on my own.

  3. u don t know what u speak about> this is a touristik place and do u know the price ?? So stop this sort of vid> To all don t go to night market to eat there is many places u can eat sea food for chip and same quality >>>>

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  5. Really expensive prices here. Even in expensive Phuket you find seafood much cheaper. Not to say in Pattaya.

    In Banzaan Fresh Market, in Patong, I got big lobsters from 800 THB/kilo

  6. I love the place.I live in central Thailand which is lovely but I bought a villa for 8 Mill in Hua Hin for holidays.Highly recommend holiday destination.

  7. Yea too way expensive especially the lobster, you can get it for less than $ 20 a pound or. 600 Baht without cooking. It is much better to go to a restaurant during weekdays where there are buffet.

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