HR Business Partners

HR Business Partners

you may have heard someone mentioned something about an HR business partner model but if you aren't exactly sure what that is don't worry because you aren't alone this video is for you hello and welcome my name is Scott Morris I'm the chief HR officer here at the University of Colorado Boulder and in the next five minutes I'm gonna help you to make sense of the stuff that really makes a difference it's the people an HR is here to help you make a difference with each one of them after she accepted a position as an academic administrator a faculty friend once commented to me that she never previously realized just how much think times she had in her faculty role and for me that was an important realization we want our faculty and our researchers to have think time that's when they're at their best when they're doing what makes them so special and unique so the focus for the rest of us should be to eliminate the distractors the things that are going to crowd out that think time and that's exactly what the concept of an HR business partner is meant to help achieve by the way the idea of clearing out the distractors and helping to increase effectiveness that isn't just limited to what we should be doing for faculty imagine a world in which a vice-chancellor or a Dean or an Institute Director has a close and trusted adviser who's also an expert in the art and science of people strategy an individual who can truly understand that senior leaders priorities a colleague who can constructively challenge the strategy in service of helping that senior leader get where he or she is trying to go a partner who can assess the people related challenges and bring well-developed ideas to the table about how to improve them imagine that same individual had a connection to the central HR organization and could use it to help streamline processes and challenge approaches HR business partners are members of the central HR team who are embedded in colleges divisions and labs because every day they work closely with the division they develop an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are present and because they're members of the central team they have an in-depth understanding of how stuff works and they have the access that they need to help to get stuff done let's be honest managing people can be difficult the hrbp also serves as a coach for managers the problems get solved the managers get better at managing which in turn solves an increasing number of problems in the future the hrbp also serves employees directly by acting as a first point of contact and support but employees may have a variety of needs ranging from questions about their benefits to help with time tracking and so an important part of the model is the HR contact center when problems arise most of us just want a single point of contact through which we can get a resolution that's exactly what the HR contact center is designed to be together the work of the HR VP and the contact centre help create capacity for the HR centers of expertise the groups you know today is organizational development talent acquisition diversity and inclusion employee relations compensation and others the specialized areas of expertise within the field we commonly call human resources in turn the CEO we use this capacity to focus on streamlining processes questioning regulations and developing better tools learning programs content and other things that will help to minimize the challenges that are experienced across the campus the hrbp may call on the co e to partner in addressing tough and more complex issues and because they're parts of the same organization processes workflows and communication channels can be managed so that they produce better and better results for our faculty staff and leadership well that's a quick overview just like anything keep in mind that it's a system of things working together that creates the value not just a single position achieving success requires a journey comprising a lot of smaller steps in the days that come more information will be available to you about this new approach to delivering service the start will be small and it'll grow over time if you want to know more don't hesitate to ask we're here to help all accomplishments come through people so be bolder in what you do and know that we'll be here to help you develop relationships increase productivity and build engagement until next time you

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  1. Hi Scott Morris. Most smart and perceptive Fortune 500 CEOs realize that HR business partners are simply snake oil salesperson working in HR to add more bureaucracy to the HR system and to increase the budget for HR.  You want a true and effective HR Business Partner? Hire an Employment Lawyer with a Master's degree in Personnel with analytics background to run a hotline for Managers to call for Personnel questions. Lastly, change the name of the HR dept back to the Personnel dept.

  2. If you add some more video that will be helpful specially with information like policy development and salary increment pot that will get allotted to the business which will then be distributed

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