HOW2: How to Order Food at a Restaurant

HOW2: How to Order Food at a Restaurant

– [Orange] Hey yo, what’s A to go? Pear and I are back with a downright diggity
delish episode of How 2! – [Pear] That’s right
’cause this week Narwhal_29 wants to know how to order
food from a restaurant. Which is a great question. There’s actually a fancy new restaurant I’ve been dying to try. – [Orange] La Petty-tit Bagle-dablue? – [Pear] Not even close, dude! – [Orange] La Platti-plaque
blah-da-lah blue? – [Pear] No! (Orange laughs) All right, step one, look over the menu. – [Orange] Duck a l’orange. We’ll do, whoa! (quacking) (Orange laughs) Thanks for the heads up, menu. This little Orange, ducked just in time. (Orange laughs) (Pear groans) – [Pear] You’re not gonna ruin this fancy dinner for me, Orange. Now then, hmmmm. This all looks so delicious. Maybe we should try the– – [Orange] Gar-con! Bring me your finest flaming hot Cheetos. (Orange laughs) – [Pear] Orange! This is a French restaurant. – [Orange] Oh, my bad! I’ll have la flambe hot Cheetos (laughs) (Pear groans) You know, ’cause flambe
means they light it on fire! – [Pear] I know what it means! Can we please get back on track! – [Orange] Good idea, let’s
get back on les track. (Orange laughs) – [Pear] Step 2, tell your server what you’d like, using the magic words. – [Orange] Abracadabra, and kalamazam. (explosion) Poof, you’re food will magically appear, and there’ll be time to chow
down on some mad Cheetos, yo! – [Pear] Orange! – [Orange] Yum, yum, yum, yum, Cheetos, Cheetos, Cheetos, Cheetos. Yum, yum, yum, Cheetos! (Orange laughs) Cheetos! – [Pear] Orange! – [Orange] Cheetos, Cheetos, Cheetos! (Orange screams) Ow! My mouth is burning! – [Pear] Yeah, ’cause
you ordered a huge pile of flaming hot Cheetos, dude! (Orange screams) – [Orange] My mouth is flambe. My mouth is flambe, Pear! – [Pear] Good. Now will you drink some water, and tell the waiter your order. – [Orange] Okay, okay, psyche! (Orange groans) Okay, I’ll have the flambe. – [Pear] Orange! Flambe just means they light it on fire. You have to tell them
which dish gets flambeed. – [Orange] Oh gotcha! Okay, I’ll have the duck a l’orange, then. – [Waiter] A flambe? – [Orange] S’il vous plait. – [Waiter] Right away. (Orange and Waiter laughs) Okay, so I’ve got the
duck a l’orange, flambe. – [Orange] Yep, that’s what I want. – [Waiter] No. (record scratches) Duck a l’orange flambe! – [Orange] Huh? – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Duck! – [Pear] Oh! (Pear screams)
(explosion) (French music)

100 thoughts on “HOW2: How to Order Food at a Restaurant

  1. That duck that ,,Mr. Orangepants" ducked from is a male Mallard duck. Ps, how did that duck enter that restaurant.

  2. Now some of you may be noticing that smoke from the Flamin' Hot Cheetos. It doesn't feel hot (temperature) but it feels hot (Scoville Scale) That means spicy.

  3. Orange first off restaurants don’t have flaming hot Cheetos second the magic word is please not an actual magic word.

  4. Yum yum yum yummy cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos Yum cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos cheetos

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