How Walt Disney World Tricks You Into Having a Magical Vacation

How Walt Disney World Tricks You Into Having a Magical Vacation

hey everybody it's AJ from Disney food blog thanks for joining us over here at DFB guide today we are going to talk about how Disney World tricks you into having a good time so a couple of videos back we talked about how Disney World uses marketing strategies and tactics to get you to spend a little bit more money but Disney also sort of tricks you into having a great time in several specific ways that sounds a little weird I know don't worry we'll walk you through it here we go so Disney is committed to making sure your time at Disney World is magical we know this right because that's how they get you to come back and that's even true when things might not be going so smoothly for them so if there's a lot of construction happening if they're changing a lot of things they still have to make sure that your experience is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so from hiding construction to optical illusions and offering freebies these are ways that Disney uses plenty of tactics to ensure you never find yourself in the real world while you're in their parks and properties so first up Disney hides and highlights the construction that's going on in the park it's no secret that Disney World it's constantly under construction Walt said himself Disneyland has never done is never finished where they're constantly going to be updating and changing so you may not really notice that it's always under construction over there in Disney World parks and resorts and in Disneyland Disney will disguise that construction in many ways way that they do it is with construction walls that blend into the background sometimes they'll be the same color as the blue sky that's what we saw at Toy Story land we saw bright blue construction walls that not only lent themselves to the colors of Toy Story land but also sort of blended in with the blue sky and you'll see that in other areas of other Disney parks too they'll use printed scrims that actually look like the location under construction so that in your pictures it may look a little bit more like there isn't a huge building under construction right there for instance if they're renovating the outside of the Emporium on Main Street USA they will put up a scrim that basically has a picture of the Emporium when it's not being renovated so it'll look sort of like nothing's happening there if they're doing huge construction projects that people want to see what's happening behind the walls for instance when they were creating mine train over there in New Fantasyland the fences had little windows that you could peek in to see what was going on which was really cool they haven't done that since they haven't done that with Pandora or Toy Story land but they do post concept art for instance galaxy's edge concept art Toy Story land concept art they do post those concept art pieces on the walls so that people can get an idea of what's going on behind the wall but sometimes there's just no hiding the reverb for example Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle just went down for refurb and it's pretty obvious unfortunately you've got that big huge grey wall around it hopefully that will be done quickly so if they can't hide what they're doing or if what they're doing is actually going to affect your vacation in your trip sometimes they will give free gifts and extras to people for example when caribbean beach resort was under so much construction disney actually gave money back to those people staying at the caribbean beach resort in form of gift cards and things like that sometimes they'll give out construction pins right now folks staying at the resorts where the disney skyliner is being built and there's a lot of construction noise and a lot of construction debris some folks are getting Disney's skyline or pins and the same thing happened at Coronado Springs there's all that construction for grandest Ino tower and so Coronado Springs guests are getting little exclusive construction trading pins for staying there as well Disney also will always send out a piece of mail ahead of time if they know that your resort is going to be under construction or the pool is going to be under construction or something like that they will send out a piece of mail that tells you about the construction and gives you ample time to change your resort if that's what you want to do if you check in and you didn't know about the construction they will have a letter in your room letting you know about the construction as well now you're not always gonna get a pin you're not always gonna get a special you know gift card or discount or anything for construction doesn't always happen just the same way you're not always gonna get a free cupcake on your birthday and Disney World but sometimes you get lucky if you stay in some of those hotels that are under construction also if something happens like a ride breaks down when you're on it or a ride breaks down and you have a fast pass for it Disney will often give a free fast pass to guests who were on the ride when it broke down or who missed out on riding the ride if their Fastpass window passed while the ride was down so if that happens to you you'll probably get an extra fast pass and you're mine Disney experience account that just has multiple experiences and you can use it on just about anything in that park now if you were on a ride like Winnie the Pooh you're not gonna be able to use your free Fast Pass for Mine Train most likely or if you were on a ride like the safaris and it broke down or something like that you're probably not going to be able to get on that most popular ride you slide a passage but you never know so it's always worth a try definitely let us know in the comments if you guys have had that experience if you've been on a less popular ride it broke down you got a free Fast Pass were you able to use it on the more popular rides I'd love to know another example of Disney trying to give you a magical experience even though the experience you're having is not so magical is when if Rose wasn't ever apt or opened over at Epcot had weights of 300 minutes which is unbelievable to me 300 minutes to ride that ride and it was a summer it was very hot and so guests were given a free water and ice cream in the line because waiting five hours I don't I mean you wouldn't you get hungry or thirsty especially if you're in the heat so I guess that helps a little bit for some of those guests so once in a while those little magical extras will happen if you're waiting in those long lines and as always Disney won't try to have entertainment even if it's raining so even if they have to cancel for instance the festival of fantasy parade they will bring out the rainy day cavalcade which is super cute and adorable and something that most people don't get to see so it's kind of a fun unique experience if you do get to see the rainy day cavalcade another thing Disney does to try to trick you into having a magical experience is to keep you immersed in the magic now this is where the real trickery comes in this is the show-stopping Imagineering like forced perspective this is something that a lot of Disney diehards know about when you're walking down Main Street and looking up at that big tall imposing castle in the distance you might not believe that it's actually only 189 feet tall it's not actually that tall the bricks at the bottom are very large and get smaller as they go up to make the castle appear a lot taller than it really is also the windows are much smaller at the top so even though it looks like they're farther away they're actually physically smaller so that makes them look farther away from you and thus makes the castle look taller the same is true for the shops on Main Street which are also angled a bit so that when you enter the Magic Kingdom the street appears much longer and the castle seems farther away forests perspective is also used in Pandora the top floating islands are a lot smaller and the foliage is scaled down from the islands that are closer to the ground to make it appear that they're floating even higher in the sky than they really are so Disney does this in several locations they used forced perspective to trick your eye into thinking that something is bigger or farther away than it is this is another one of my favorite ways that Disney messes with your perceptions when you are in the park to sort of keep you in their fantasy land versus in reality they are very careful about how things are set up for sight lines so when you're in a particular land at Disneyworld you're unable to see other parts of the park and that's by design so when you're in Adventureland Disney Imagineers want to make sure you feel like you're completely and only in that land that's why you can't catch a glimpse of main street or even frontier land until you get past Pirates of the Caribbean and this is also the case from Park to park so Orlando is very very flat you can't kind of use mountains or Hills to hide parks from other parks and so when you are in Epcot World Showcase you may look across the world showcase lagoon at the Morocco pavilion and you will actually see Tower of Terror peeking up behind the Morocco pavilion they designed Tower of Terror to be the same color as the Morocco pavilion in the same basic architecture style so even if you're standing in the middle of I've got looking across World Showcase Lagoon looking at Morocco and you see that Tower of Terror it blends right in with the sight line it's really really cool so Disney uses particular colors and textures of pavement so you know where you are in the park for instance the pavement in Frontierland is brown like dirt and in Tomorrowland it's gray we've even heard some cast members names with the red sidewalks in Magic Kingdom were chosen because they go really well with the blue of the sky and they will pop in photographs who noticed this at Epcot – speaking of colors Disney also uses something called go away green or no seeum green and it's a very specific and secret shade of green that Disney uses to paint things they want you to ignore like utility boxes cast member doors backstage areas and sometimes even construction projects apparently this color is so bland and blends in so well that you look right past it and you don't notice those boring everyday things because Disney doesn't want you to think about how the park runs they just want you to see the magic so let's head back over there to Magic Kingdom and talk about one more thing that Disney does to kind of trick you into staying in the Magic when you are there and having a magical trip when you're there there is an urban legend that Walt Disney was walking in Tomorrowland and Disney and actually saw a cast member from Frontierland walking through Tomorrowland wearing his costume from Frontierland and Walt Disney felt a little bit jarred that that character should not be in Tomorrowland and so when he was planning for Walt Disney World he decided to build tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom called utila doors that would allow cast members to not sort of tread into areas where their specific character didn't make sense for the people there now that is an urban legend I don't know if it really happened I don't know if it was Tomorrowland and Frontierland or some other combination of lands but regardless Magic Kingdom is actually built on a series of tunnels where a lot of the day-to-day activities take place so that the only thing the guests see on stage upstairs is the magic a lot of people don't realize that the Magic Kingdom really is upstairs it is the second floor because Orlando's water table is so high you can't really dig under the ground there to build sort of a basement of utilities so the utilities are the first floor and the Magic Kingdom is actually the second floor of that particular area so those utilities house the trash dispersal system that's where all of the cast members go to get from here to there around the park there are actually little vehicles going around under there delivering things where they need to go and that's of course where the characters get ready so there's a lot going on under there that Disney doesn't want you to see they don't want you thinking about it they just want you thinking about the magic that's happening up on the second floor these are multiple ways that Disney actually kind of tricks your mind tricks your eye into having a magical vacation and being someplace other than your real life while you are in Walt Disney World all of this stuff is happening all the time Disney's very cognizant and the Imagineers are very cognizant about designing attractions and designing parks and designing resort hotels to keep the guests this magical vacation instead of thinking about their real life and the things that they have to deal with back home it's a smart trick it's an appreciated trick from guests like me keep going back over and over again to escape real life right if you guys have any examples I'd love to hear them please let me know in the comments you're examples of Disney sort of going out of their way to micromanage reality to make sure guests have the best time they possibly can in the park there's definitely a lot of thought that goes into it behind the scenes so we hope you like this video I love doing research like this and learning stuff like this about how Disney World tix and how they work as always this is AJ for Disney food blog thanks for listening thanks for watching and we'll see you real soon

27 thoughts on “How Walt Disney World Tricks You Into Having a Magical Vacation

  1. Living in Florida we know of really good days and month to go where we have 30 min 20 min to 10 min lines. And pay much less then out of State people being a Florida resident.. We laugh at how much people pay for this place in the summer and how long it takes to get on a ride.. We say to our self's SUCKERS. We have gone on rides like 3 times in a row sometimes we even stay on the ride and don't get off.. It's slow season time.. And most all people live in Florida it's kind of nice and the workers know it they can relax more. There are no complaining New Yorkers to piss them off.

  2. Love Disney's Magic. Can't travel as I use to, but loved Disney parks. Use to go every three months. Wonderful memories.

  3. Me and my grandma were on frozen ever after and it broke down and we had to do a in show exit and we got free fast passes for Epcot

  4. So, back in the 90s (not sure if it's still a thing) we would go and our parents would sign me and my sister up for one of the kid "workshops". I did the entertainment one, and we started at the studios, got to tour the costume warehouse, learn about BTS and stuff like that. Then we'd go to the Magic Kingdom, and we got to go under the MK. I did it 2 or 3 times over the years, and my dad is still super jealous that I've been under the MK and he hasn't, haha. We got to stand under Mission to Mars (I am so old, y'all) while it was in session, and then I think we went on it after. We also would take a ride on the peoplemover and one time we wound up at EPCOT to learn about the performers they had at the Wonders of Life pavillion, ending with a ride on Horizons. It was amazing! I'm sure if they still do something like that, it would cost a FORTUNE, but we got a lot out of it. My sister would do the animation one, when there was still an animation studio. She got to meet animators and stuff like that. Anyway, long story, just wanted to share that I have been under the MK and it is one of my most magical memories. 🙂

  5. 7:50 I actually don’t like that. Honestly, my favorite part of splash mountain-my FAVORITE RIDE IN DISNEY WORLD-is the top of the drop where you can see EVERYTHING in the park, from castle to space mountain. My favorite part of Expedition Everest-which is my second fave ride at Disney-is when you’re going up in the mountain at the start where you can look left and see Tower of Terror, Epcot geosphere, Disney springs, water parks, EVERYTHING. And you can turn around and look at Cinderella Castle and Magic Kingdom. I ADORE this. When you’re in Mexico in Epcot and you look at Morocco, one of the buildings that you see is actually Tower of Terror. This is so cool and one of the Disney gems that I wished they exposed more of.

  6. I am in the car driving home from Disney and jungle cruise closed cause it was raining so we went to haunted mansion and they took the fast pass for the hour later so we used our fast pass for splash mountain

  7. I am in the car driving home from Disney and jungle cruise closed cause it was raining so we went to haunted mansion and they took the fast pass for the hour later so we used our fast pass for splash mountain

  8. I am in the car driving home from Disney and jungle cruise closed cause it was raining so we went to haunted mansion and they took the fast pass for the hour later so we used our fast pass for spash mountain

  9. I am in the car driving home from Disney and jungle cruise closed cause it was raining so we went to haunted mansion and they took the fast pass for the hour later so we used our fast pass for spash mountain

  10. We had a fast pass for toy story mania and it broke down for half the day. Then we just strode our fast pass for rockin. We loved it and Disney let us ride it again since we had that loaded fast pass on my Disney experience

  11. When we went we were unfortunately late (like almost an hour) for our Be our guest reservation, and they still seated us. Even though it was our fault they were extremely understanding and accommodating. Had great time, and after 20+ years of being a huge beauty in the beast fan I finally got to try the gray stuff! It was a small thing, but definitely something that stood out.

  12. i got stuck on the ride on Dinoland and they give me a Fastpass, i couldn't use it for pandora, but i used it on expedition everest 😀

    sorry for the messy english asdasdasd

  13. My friends and I went to California Adventure and we were Disneybounding, a cast member saw us and asked if we wanted a fastpass to the ride in Cars Land (sorry, I’m not as well versed in Disney but I do have a good time whenever I go). We were said yes and she explained that all we had to do was be the first “family” to ride Tower of Terror. It was also Friday the 13th, so that was fun. We got a private trolley ride with Chip and Dale (who happened to be my friends favorite characters), got to take so many pics w them! We got to sign the guest book, take pics with the cast members working the ride, and be the first people to ride it that day. So much fun. Never expected anything like that to ever happen.

  14. On my 29th birthday my fiancée and I went to Disney world and he lost his keys on Big Thunder Mountain. I was already sad at the birthday because I felt old but I was absolutely gutted because we weren’t planning on staying so I had no clothes no toiletries NOTHING. I was absolutely BAWLING on Main Street because I was so tired and sad and I didn’t know what we were going to do—we couldn’t get into our car to go home!

    A very kind cast member helped us out and gave us vouchers for new shirts so we wouldn’t be so stinky the next day, a treat of our choice at a sweet shoppe, gave me a handmade Baymax pin, and helped us get 1/3 off our room at a budget Disney resort because we couldn’t get the keys until the next morning.

    I often think of it. This is why I keep going to Disney time and time again as an adult with no children. It truly is magic.

  15. I was on a ride that broke down and Disney gave me and my family a free fast pass for the multi experience. I did use it in Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. However, I do not think we were supposed to be able to use it on that attraction. It was one of those right Cast Members and the right time.

  16. Actually, the ONLY thing that's made me want to go back to a Disney property… well, the only two things actually, are that someone I care about is a Disney fanatic, and Galaxy's Edge, which is the first really new and innovative element at Disney since.. mm.. 1971? I mean, even Epcot is mostly a ripoff of Canada's Expo '67 world's fair (seriously – compare photos).
    Otherwise, it's a loud, expensive, crowded theme park that's obsessed with the 1940s and 1950s (which only makes 'Tomorrowland' – by which they mean the 1980s, even more ironic).
    But hey, if living in a celebration of merchandising is your idea of fun, enjoy.
    I'd rather go to the Kennedy Space Center and touch actual moon rocks.

  17. Yeah. They really hid the construction at Fort Wilderness 2 weeks ago when they decided to rip up the blacktop on the loop across from mine at 7am. That was a really magical day for us. Was supposed to be a sleep in day but nope, nothing like the sound of grinding asphalt to get the juices flowing.

  18. I was staying at the Caribbean Beach resort when it was under construction and they gave me $250 worth of gift card money

  19. We stayed at Coronado Springs in fall 2018 with the construction and I got the letter in the mail that the main pool would close our second day. I thought it was nice to get the heads up. We got the pins. Also, our next door neighbors were up screaming at all hours of the night, playing a guitar, singing. At like 2am. So we went to the front desk on day 3, they said that family would be there for the same duration as us and they could move us. Moved us to a quiet corner room with no one around us and gave us a free fast pass for the day. We went to MK, Mine Train was excluded.

  20. I was in the Magic Kingdom in 1979, when I discovered "I hate paper straws!" I'm all for my waste turning back into dust, I just wish it waited until I finished my drink. That was the first time I'd ever experienced that.

  21. “No see-um” green. Those of us who were in the military are very familiar with that shade. We called it olive drab.

  22. I overheard a cast member telling a child that there was a "dragon attack" on Sleeping Beauty's castle instead of saying it was under renovation.

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