Want to know an epic place never thought to travel but should this is no tourist destination It is a traveler’s paradise Hi guys, I recently took a trip around Tunisia. And in this video. I’ll be sharing with you things You should know about traveling to Tunisia for one week Including highlights on where to go what to do how to get around and other useful tips. I learned along the way While most tourists flocked to Egypt or Morocco Tunisia stands untouched by mass tourism This may be a small country in North Africa But the amount of vastly different landscapes and ancient history prime it as an exciting underrated destination from the beautiful Mediterranean Coastal beaches to the desert dunes and arid mountains you can explore the country in just a few days The country itself is not difficult to travel to find accommodation or get transportation all the necessary Infrastructure are available So in total, I spent almost three weeks in Tunisia, but the road trip only took less than a week So this itinerary is like a seven day guide However, you do have more time to extend then I recommend that you stay in the capital Tunis longer So you have extra days to walk around the city and see more Overall planning a trip to Tunisia is pretty straightforward We start our trip arriving at Tunis Carthage International Airport and the capital Tunis You’ll have no issues getting through immigration Unless you do what I did and you bring a drum so side note do not bring a drone into Tunisia because there’s absolutely no way they will allow you to have it in the country in order to have a drone you have to Apply for a permit which has to go through two to three different bodies of government Which makes it near impossible? To obtain this permit. I clearly didn’t do my research beforehand Plus I was flying in from a different place that I already had my drone after the whole drone thing Getting through the airport and out to the taxi stands is a breeze It’s a small airport and connects to many other major European cities and throughout the Middle East Tunis is the capital and pretty small and compact you could even explore most of the city on foot There are countless streets and avenues with various restaurants and cuisines if You’re looking for hotels the majority of the three four or five-star hotels can be found around and close by the medina in Downtown Tunis the hotel’s range between $100 to $400 a night So if you’re looking for a more budgeted stay you can also look into Airbnb. –zz quick thing about Airbnb s lately I’ve been hearing a lot and reading a lot more about the price of Airbnb use and how expensive they are that they can pretty Much compromise your budget. I know it’s true in some cities. But in tennis, it’s pretty affordable. We were able to find a beautiful Three-story Airbnb with a rooftop terrace in sidi bou Saeed sidi bouzid is a small town overlooking the mediterranean right next to tunis I stayed in a private room with a bathroom for $40 a night and even though it was a shared space I ran into one other guest only once during my entire week stay there So, this is our neighborhood that we’re staying in for the week here in Tunis So public transport was a little bit difficult for me because I don’t speak Arabic or French and there were no signs in English there is a tram line a bus system and another form of public transport called Lu Lodge which are large fans with fixed lines the locals use low ages Because they travel fast but the difficulty is they have no fixed departure times And as soon as they are full they set off There are no ride-hailing apps but the best way to get around is to take a taxi They are very inexpensive And have a meter one thing to note about taxis Whenever you get into a taxi always be advised that the meter has started and that they’re using the meter Especially as soon as you arrive at the airport on the other hand If you’re ready to brave the roads of Tunisia and outer cities You can rent a car If you do rent from a franchised company renting a car is the most efficient way to see the country there is public transportation To the cities outside of Tunis that I’ll be talking about later but it could take weeks and just to maximize your time the most efficiently I recommend that you either rent a car or hire a personal driver So next I’ll go over a list of highlights that you can see in Tunis in a day or two You could even make it a weekend getaway. If you like. I wasn’t able to make it to all them So please everyone that is watching I would be delighted if you commented below places that you think everyone else watching Would be worthwhile to visit in Tunis So day 1 in Tunis You can start your day off going to the Bardo Museum while I wasn’t able to visit the Bardo Museum This is a treasury of ancient mosaic art next up We have the old medina take a walk to downtown Tunis passing restaurants shops and open Street cafe’s we just took the this like shuttle bus system from her place from her apartment into the downtown of Tunis So we’re walking through downtown to head to the medina as you come closer to the entrance of the medina You can check out the cathedral of st. Vincent de Paul built in 1893 Walk a little further down and arrive at the last standing piece of the wall the entrance gate to the medina Bevelle bar Then enter the medina and embrace winding alleyways of the Suk’s Haggling rules do apply here when you get hungry for local Tunisian food. I challenge you to find the restaurant fond duke el Terrine and order the fish and couscous katie has been leading me on through these alleyways and we walked into his beautiful restaurants very relaxing like nice music The menus seem to always be easier if you use it like this, so they bring the easel over to you They keep ezel here for a while and you choose what you want. So we’ve got tuna here. What’s up? love radishes So somewhere in here is a runny yolk Waiting for it to burst and it just bursts Next up is the fish soup that always add some lemon and the main course couscous and fish Katy you’re absolutely right. This is the best food person. I’ve never had While you’re downtown you can also check out the market which was my personal favorite in Tunis I loved walking around the vegetable stands and most definitely hearing the chaos of the vendors selling freshly caught seafood of the day We took a wonderful three-hour tour of downtown Tunis But the man named hot tub which I recommend you do for yourself because it’s worthwhile to have a local guide escorting you around downtown Tunis He took us into buildings in areas that I would have never walked into on my own He was so full of knowledge and passionate about Tunisia culture and history Free you history lovers check out the carthage ruins smack dab in the middle of neighborhoods The ancient city of Carthage was the most powerful civilization until it was destroyed and taken over by the Romans It’s a long and exciting history that’s worth the trip to see the scanty ruins. Still standing Lastly while you’re in Tunis. You must visit City woo Sayid. It’s a beautiful blue and white game town located on a steep cliff overlooking sparkling blue views of the Mediterranean coast I recommend getting here before sunset to take a stroll around the cobblestone streets and gawk at the elaborate front doors of the homes While you’re here, you must try a BAM balloon. This delicious sugary fried donut like twist Alright now I’m going to talk about the cities we visited outside of Tunis on our road trip There are plenty of cities and areas to go explore around Tunisia You could spend weeks traveling around the country But this video is going to focus on cities south of Tunis now It’s time to hire a car as the remainder of this Tunisia itinerary cannot be done without warning. Tunisia is not difficult to drive It’s just Tunis. That’s a bit hectic granted. I didn’t do any of the driving So shout out to my friend Kevin who drove the entire time we set off from Tunis at 8:00 a.m Driving south on our road trip. Our first stop was an old berber village that sits atop a hill called tuk Runa This is an easy pit stop off the main highway and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk around and maybe have a coffee Our next stop was Cairo on Kada Wan is the fourth most Holy city of Islam and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site If you have a general interest in history culture and architecture Which I would imagine you do Catalan is a fascinating place We walked around the medina while Katie was on a mission for a Tunisian rug So we were led by one seller after the other down the maze of alleyways into a traditional rug shop Which was incredible so we are being led down all of the alleyways to this Well, this place that we would have never realised was actually selling carpets. Katie is looking for a carpet This is amazing, I didn’t even look up One more thing we needed to get before leaving Ted Juan was our crucial road trip essential this mouth-watering honey soaked cookie is everything We left kettle on and made our way to Tozeur oasis where we would be staying for two nights and making day trips out from there You booked a dormitory room for the four of us at a hotel called dar. Hi We just arrived at our hotel in tozeur tunisia And we are the only four people at this entire hotel. Look we have this entire place to ourselves entire hotel to ourselves This is our room. We’re staying in it’s kind of like a quad dormitory It’s got a very Star Wars s feel to it and you got these space Star Wars looking doors We are experiencing some serious luxury this morning and I don’t mean like expensive fine things luxurious travel luxurious I’m talking we’re the only people at this hotel and we have so much privacy and alone time in quiet space Yeah, this is what we’re looking at. By the way, this is what we’re looking at while we’re eating breakfast right now Only people in the hotel how many times have I said that so it looks like we’re on the edge of the oasis on This side zoom in and if you can see the other side of the Oasis right there The next morning we headed to the Oasis in the mountains Shameka. We just arrived at the shemika Oasis We are getting started on the hike out There are also a few hikes out into the mountains, but we took it easy and leisurely walked around the Oasis Today is really all about Star Wars nostalgia because we are going to the Filming locations and the sets of one of the first of a new hope the very first Star Wars film that never came out We went back to da Hye during the afternoon to wait for it to cool down before we headed to the next site Some of you watching may be more familiar with the planet Tatooine than the country Tunisia, but actually they are the same place I’m walking through The Star Wars set. You know, what’s funny? I love how it’s basically like basically a berber village Look-alike and then to make it Star Wars II you just add space looking things The next day we drove through the el-shabazz salt flats and arrived in mata, mata Mata, Mata is known for the Berber communities that live in underground caves to escape the heat We just walked into our guest house and it is paid The next day it was time to say goodbye to our roadtrip buddies they dropped us off at the bus station in gothis and Katie and I took a bus from there to a ferry port on our way to Djerba Island Okay. Okay. We’re in a mad rush right now. We got to make the bus because it’s a half hour early and they’re leaving and They don’t want to wait so we got to go Okay Wait, where’s Petey? Where’d you go? Oh, my goodness got meat ain’t gonna make it our eighth We trotted such a good thing that we came a half hour early because they’re leaving have to hurt Forget 10:30 departure. What time is it? It is 1011. All right Or a bus leaving that early it’s only two actually sure about okay, we’ll see see thank you the bus has now Driven onto a ferry because we’re taking a ferry across to the island. We’re gonna see if we can get off and walk around We just got in a taxi and strapping Area of Djerba island right now. It’s really pronounced Judah by Katie’s handling all the Airbnb you Logistics in accommodations are all that stuff. Does she speak Celine? We all have those so so so much easier travelling in this country when you have someone that speaks everything Turba is known for its white beaches and turquoise waters It’s a special place because it’s also known as a mainstay of coexistence The island is home to the last Tunisian Jews with one of the largest and oldest Jewish Populations and the oldest synagogue in Africa. Another fun fact is in Homer’s Odyssey This island was known as the land of the Lotus Eaters We stayed in an Airbnb in a quiet neighborhood called Airy odd where vibrant mural paintings are everywhere. I Admit we spent more time in the Airbnb than we did outside of it It was the most beautiful Mediterranean villa with not one but two dipping pools four separate rooms with bathrooms and the ever-present aroma of Honeysuckles growing all over the open spaces pity and I never want to leave this villa We don’t want to leave we came to this island. There’s a beach out there There’s a lot of fun things to do out there and we are just happy not leaving the walls of this villa I’m probably gonna go shopping and just a bit after we do breakfast this breakfast by the way was made By Fatima the woman that led us in yesterday in Djerba I also ventured out to the Suk’s to do a little shopping and haggling for my share of personal souvenirs All right So I’m leaving our villa and I’m gonna go out and walk around the souk Area and the medina area here on jota katie is gonna stay back and she’s got a lot a lot of work to do this afternoon answered Wi-Fi I’m going to go out just for a little bit do a little bit of shopping and then come back to our fill up because There’s really nothing better than this than this Beautiful villa we have all to ourselves So we just hackls for like the last hour maybe Going back and forth with this man, and he finally got my price. We got it we got he priced me at like the highest price point you could ever imagine and I was like Mmm, that’s not happening. That’s not happening you Hag Ling and bargaining can be can be very Very like tennis. I said I have done this before we did it And the bargaining process being difficult is a good thing and another one bites the dust Just kidding. We just hackle and We got a good prep. Well, I got a good price and he was he had a little trouble with me but He agreed. Anyway haggling is a very fun process as a to use process It’s a little bit awkward at first If you haven’t bargained before it can be you know If you’re not if you’re not like a little bit aggressive and a little bit pushy Then you might back down and just get that like really high price. So anyway, this is haggling in Tunisia. All right, cool. Yeah We stayed in Djerba for a total of three nights It was so peaceful and we had nailed down our routine of going to the market every day Taking strolls to admire the mural paintings and just relaxing as much as we could while we were also working This is a really special night for us though because The owners of this Villa came and they had a Ramadan dinner, and we’ve just been upstairs working But they were so kind Because they cooked so much food and they told us that they really wanted me to try us to try it while not knowing Kitty Has been living here, but they really wanted me to try the Tunisian food. And of course the best couscous in the world is here in Tunisia and They have prepared a little poolside Dinner for us. They cooked so much food. So they were like we want to share it with you so This is Katie and my last night here in Juba and we’re spending it having our own little special romantic Ramadan dinner cooked by Fatima which has been the woman that has been kind of Caretaking around this place. So looks kind of new looks like I haven’t tried some of this stuff yet. There is mounds of couscous on this carrots looks like some sauteed green leafy stuff and then of course you got the beautiful fluffiness most delicious perfected Tunisian couscous right here, and I know not to eat couscous with a fork now Thank you to all of the comments that I read to my video I am NOT going to be eating couscous with a fork ever again Time to eat on day 8 of our trip instead of driving the 6 hours back to Tunis We took an early flight from the airport in Djerba. The airport is so small in Djerba It only has one waiting room and the flight back was in less than an hour We ended up preserving the same Airbnb in sidi. Bou said for our last night in tunis The currency is called the tunisian dinar I recommend going to tunisia with a bunch of cash to start out and Exchanging your cash personally. I don’t travel with cash unless I absolutely have to and so when I got into Tunisia I didn’t have that much and Getting cash out of the ATM’s was pretty challenging. There was a time I had to try five different ATMs to get the equivalent of like a hundred and fifty US dollars So it’s always good to have some cash on hand ready to exchange just in case Anything like that happens in terms of clothing and what you should wear. So Tunisia is a Muslim country and I will always recommend Respecting the local traditions the local customs and the religion So while Tunisia is not very strict about showing skin I will still recommend that women that you dress modestly Always have something to cover your shoulders just in case there were days where I was wearing a thicker tank top But I was always carrying something around like a shawl or something just to cover myself if you are a female traveler with no male companion then you may experience cat calls or Constant stares in general as female traveler. I recommend that you wear a gold ring This is a silver ring. But yeah a gold ring on your ring finger Make it look like you’re married To avoid unwanted attention that doesn’t necessarily mean the catcalls and the stairs are gonna stop that’s everywhere in the world I don’t know why men keep trying it It’s never gonna work and they’re gonna keep trying so just ignore the cat calls and the possible remarks Okay, so this seems like an obvious thing to do, but I feel like I have to say it Anyway, eat the food eat all the food. You can possibly get go out to a restaurant. Ask the server What’s the best Tunisian dish in the restaurant to order? I had some of the best couscous I’ve ever had in my entire life I’ve said there’s so many times to people when I got back from Tunisia. The seafood is always fresh They have great mint juices kebabs salads refreshing mint teas Lots of French bread even local wine. Yes. It is a Muslim country, but they do serve alcohol. I must say though that the best Tunisian food is home cooked because it takes hours and hours to prepare. It’s very laborious so if you do happen to know a local Tunisian Then try and worm your way into having a home-cooked dinner at their house one last thing about the food it typically comes with this amazing chili paste red sauce called harissa If you are not inclined to eating spicy food at least order it on the side and try it I added so much harissa in all of my sandwiches and kebabs that I had that the Server’s had to ask me if I was certain I wanted all of it. So I even brought some home This is a country of haggling. So if you go shopping in the soups or the markets always Negotiate the price down as a visitor. You should always be wary that You’ll be priced at the rate of being taken advantage of I would start with Haggling half the price as you saw in the video earlier. I’m a little bit difficult when it comes to haggling Which means I stick to my guns that wasn’t the right way to say it as an American I meant which means that I don’t back down a little bit more general travel advice is just always know we’re going while Exploring Suk’s or neighbourhoods or any part of the cities in Tunisia You might be approached by people who try to act like your friend who want to show you around who want to help you They’re often looking for a tip to show you their shop So just smile walk past them and look like you know where you’re going or just know where you’re going Hey, thank you for joining me on another adventure all of you who are watching especially all of you people in Tunisia I had such an amazing time in the country. It was epic for everyone else who’s watching I hope that I’ve inspired you to maybe think about going to Tunisia one day comment below what you guys thought comment below any other Awesome comments that you have about this country about traveling around Tunisia. You can start a conversation with me below I always respond to the comments Unless they’re not nice. Ok. I’ll see you guys later

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