How to Travel in Fiji | The Perfect Tropical Getaway

How to Travel in Fiji | The Perfect Tropical Getaway

– Hey, guys!
– Hi! – Welcome back to Fiji. If you’re just tuning in, we’re currently on a
little bit of a babymoon. We kind of realized that the puff pastry is growing way quicker, time just goes so fast.
– Mhmm. – And we’ve kind of realized there’s only a few more trips left in 2020 when it’s just gonna be me and Jess. – It’s actually the last
time in what, 18 years, that it’s probably gonna
be just you and me. – Oh, yeah. (laughing) – So we have to take all of this in and I think Fiji was the perfect decision. – So this last week has been so relaxing. If you want one tip on coming to Fiji, just come here to relax. We’ve been jumping from island to island, from different resorts, jumping into the ocean,
into the sea, snorkeling, drinking way too many coconuts. – [Jessica] Yup. – Before we came to Fiji, we weren’t actually too sure on how to actually travel it. – Yeah, we weren’t sure
how people got around but I found out the best way to actually
go from island to island, is you just book flights with, was it Fiji Airways?
– Yeah. – They’re on a hundred
Australian dollars each and each airport is only
around 50 to an hour away. So it’s like a very
short, very scenic flight. I feel like instead of paying
for a scenic helicopter or flight tour, you’re just doing these– – These little domestic transfers because wow, the views from up there. – Oh my gosh, they are amazing. Ready for another scenic flight? And speaking of flying around, today we had quite the journey. So we woke up this morning on our little private island down the Suva and we had to catch a boat. – [Jessica and Stephen] Bye! – And then a taxi to get to the airport and then from there we
flew all the way to Taveuni and from there we were picked up in a van and then taken to another boat. (boat revving) And now we’ve arrived at Qamea Resort. It is so stunning and when we arrived–
– What’s this? – I know. When we arrived they gave us coconuts. And I’m obsessed, I also stole Stephen’s. So had two coconuts. And it’s quite cool because they don’t have a jetty here, so when we arrived, they brought the boat
right up onto the sand, stepped off, and we had entered the resort. – [Stephen] And if you’re
wondering what type of vibe your Fiji holiday is, you book your beach hut, you get yourself a coconut, and you just relax on the beach. All right, you guys. It’s finally time. Let’s show you around our
little beach bungalow. This is gonna be our house
for the next three nights. – [Jessica] Our final house. Our final Fiji house. – [Stephen] I’ve kind of been
really enjoying this trip. So yeah, if we come through here, we have an outdoor day bed, looking right onto the
ocean, which is so nice. It’s kind of like a little cabana. You can always just close the curtains if you want some privacy. If we step up into the first balcony. Oh yeah, I already decided to make myself a little cheeky coffee. You have a hammock, so if you just wanna sit here and relax and watch the sunset ’cause the sunset’s just over there. And then let’s show you inside. – So in here, we have a four-poster bed and a little area to lounge. But best bit is the bathroom. Come look at this. – [Stephen] This place is massive. – Yeah, when you walk in, you don’t expect how big it is.
– I know. It looks like just a small
hut from the back there. – And then it keeps on going. But if you come to the bathroom, firstly, I love this. It’s like a double vanity skin. And they’re kinda made out of stone. Yeah, they’re almost
look like custom pieces – Yeah.
– Like they’ve just got a stone and then just–
– Carved it out. What’s cool is the rest of the bathroom is actually outside. You come out here. – [Stephen] Both of these open up, and you–
– Oh yeah, I should just open them up right now. And then if you come to the right, we have an outdoor shower. If you’ve been to the tropics, if you’ve been to Bali or if you’ve been somewhere where the humidity is next level, having an outdoor shower– – Is so nice.
– The best thing ever. – But I think my favorite
bit of the whole villa is we have a little outdoor plunge pool and it is a little bit
heated and it has bubbles. So I think this is where I’m planning to spend my first day here in Qamea. ♪ Baby, we’re made for a time like this ♪ ♪ Counting each breath
so we wouldn’t miss it ♪ ♪ Don’t close your ♪ ♪ Don’t close your ♪ – Honestly, I think, at the end of each day here, a little kind of private pool
is gonna be our favorite spot. – Oh, yeah.
– It’s so nice. Just the way that they’ve done it, just hidden away in the rainforest.
– Feels like you’re in your own private jungle. We’re continuing with our–
– How can you have more coconuts? (laughing) It’s all gone.
– Thanks for the offer. (laughing) So one thing we’ve actually
discovered at the resort is that it’s everywhere dining. So you can pretty much just pick where you want to eat your dinner. – Not a hard choice for us. – [Stephen] Not at all, because we literally walk
straight out of our bungalow and he set up a little table for two. What’s on the menu? I kinda forgot.
– Oh, I remember. We’re having lobster bisque and then we’re having fettuccine. (laughing) (water sloshing) – [Stephen] Well, this is super nice. He’s just pretty much brought
out our entire meal for us. So we have our lobster bisque with some, oh, some homemade bread.
– Homemade bread. – [Stephen] Which is so good and then he kind of just leaves the rest of the food for us. So we can just enjoy a little
private romantic dinner. – I think this is how
I wanna eat every meal. – [Stephen] I think once
you do it one night, you’re just gonna wanna
do it every other night. I mean, why walk to the restaurant, which is a minute away, when you can just walk from there. – Hi!
– Nice to meet you. – [Man] Oh, nice to meet you. – [Stephen] Oh, nice to meet you. – We got our own band.
– That’s unexpected. – Oh, that’s so nice. (singing in foreign language) (package rustling) (water sloshing) (clinking) (scratching) (clicking) (coffee sloshing) – [Stephen] So we just woke up with a little knock at our door saying that breakfast is ready and they’ve just served up a feast for us. I swear, this is our favorite thing here. – You didn’t even need to get dressed. – [Stephen] Guys, literally,
you don’t pay anything extra. This is just your included breakfast. You just pick where you want to go. (laughing) (waves rushing) – [Woman] I’m happy to help. Teach you a couple or whatever, you certainly book that. – [Woman] And so expecting, you go to the, there’s only one little– – So I actually didn’t realize, we’ve kind of come to the
more untouched area of Fiji, and this is the place I didn’t expect any of you guys to have come to and we had so many people, once we put our Instagram stories up, say you’re in Taveuni, you have to go to a waterfall. So this morning, we’re
listening to you guy’s advice. We’ve jumped on a boat, come over to the main
island, then onto a van, and now we’ve come out to some waterfalls. We’re gonna go see two today and it’s perfect ’cause
the weather is ideal. First one’s a 10-minute walk, go for a dip, next one’s a 40-minute walk, go for a dip. And we just do it on the way back. Couldn’t think of a better
way to spend this morning. (gentle guitar music)
(water rushing) – Oh my goodness, the
waterfalls here in Fiji just keep getting better and better. We’ve come to Bouma Falls, and the drop is so high. Okay, I’m going in.
– Okay. (laughing) Aww. That’s so refreshing. Wow. And this isn’t even the biggest one. ♪ Sands and an endless sky ♪ – So our guide was saying that the locals come out here, and you can actually
come behind the waterfall and then jump in ’cause it’s so big. So I’m braving it out for you guys. This cave is massive! All right, let’s do this. Oh, wow. You really don’t realize how big it is. (water rushing) If I break my legs, this is for you, guys. Two, three. (laughing) Woo! (underwater bubbling) ♪ Breaks ♪ ♪ When it crashes down around you ♪ ♪ Exhale ♪ ♪ The fire in the lungs ♪ – You have to do that! You have to do that! ♪ I’ve been waiting ♪ – 40 minutes later. At the second waterfall. And Bubs has already jumped in. ♪ Waiting my whole life ♪ ♪ For this ♪ – So the local name for this island is the Garden Island and I think I’m starting to see why the locals coined it that name. (pleasant music) Yeah, let’s jump in! Okay. (underwater bubbling) (upbeat music) Wow, there’s so many dolphins out there. Oh, wow. (vocalizing) Oh, they are right here. Whoa! ♪ We’ll never get old ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ We’ll never get old ♪ (splashing)
(underwater bubbling) ♪ We rolled through town ♪ ♪ With our music too loud ♪ ♪ We sang out of tune every note ♪ – So straight from the waterfalls, down into the reef. (vocalizing) ♪ Don’t grow up too fast ♪ ♪ ‘Cause one day you’ll look back ♪ ♪ And realize what matters the most ♪ ♪ Don’t ever grow old ♪ – So a couple of resorts ago, Jess did a prenatal massage and I kinda sat that one out and then she had such a good massage, I was like, “Nuh, next time we come “I’m making sure I get a massage.” So we booked us both in for
a little couples massage. She got a prenatal massage. Was it good?
– Mhmm. I fell asleep.
– She fell asleep. (laughing) – [Jessica] Drooled all over the pillow. (laughing) – And I got a nice little back rub. – [Woman] So you’ll be having your massage today.
– Okay. – Excited?
– Yeah, very excited. – Baby girl or boy?
– Girl. – Girl?
– Yeah. – Aww! I just had– – Oh gosh, that was so cool. So we asked that we could have, have dinner in our room tonight. And then they dropped it off, “Oh, could we sing you a song?” Just came and sang a song
while we were in our villa. This place is so cool. I’m gonna miss Fiji so much. – I know!
– Oh, that was amazing. And now we have amazing dinner. That was so cool. It’s the coolest little touches here. Don’t you think?
– Yeah. – Who orders room service and gets a song sung to them? – [Stephen] No one. – That was so cool. ‘Cause we’re chilling in bed and we totally forgot that
we ordered it as well. Oh, that was so cute. (singing in foreign language) – So we’re just sitting
here with our bags. It’s officially the last day in Fiji. We’re now flying back to Australia. – I don’t wanna leave. – I know it’s been good. – Oh my god.
– I don’t why we haven’t done this early on. – I know, and now it has made me wanna see more of the South Pacific. We need to go, I wanna go to Tonga, Cook Islands.
– Yeah. If you guys have been.
– Vanuatu. Tahiti.
– Let us know where we should go. – [Jessica] Hi! Hi! Oh, I like your necklace. – I’ll still never get over how small. This is the whole airport. This is it. Check in, departures, arrivals. Last little plane, Jess. – Last little. I don’t wanna go. It’s a sunny day today as well. (laughing) We’re heading off back to Australia. So this Barrel is where they
make Bundaberg Ginger Beer. – [Stephen] This is like
the Australian Disney World. So we’ve just arrived at
our tiny home here in Nusa. And–
– I realized, we’ve actually never
properly explored Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. So, we’ve rented a car. And we’re going on an
Australian road trip.

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