How To Start A Weight Loss Journey In 4 Steps | You Need To Watch This

How To Start A Weight Loss Journey In 4 Steps | You Need To Watch This

does this sound familiar to you you
decide you want to start a weight loss journey so you go online and you start
looking up different ways to lose weight so you think okay on Monday I’m going to
cut out carbs I’m gonna cut out sugars I’m only gonna eat lean proteins and the
fresh veggies and on top of that I’m also gonna go to the gym and I’m gonna
workout then you’re weighing yourself every five hours throughout the day you
still haven’t lost very much weight so then you decide now I’m just gonna order
a pizza instead this isn’t working yeah me too until about two years ago
when I feel like I finally figured it out so I’m gonna be sharing with you
guys the four steps on how to start your weight loss journey I want to lose
weight I am finally doing it hey goalies squad welcome back to 70
pounds of life my weight-loss journey to lose some weight my name’s Marissa
Dunn and I am currently down 90 pounds and Counting since I have been I would
say pretty successful at my own weight loss journey I thought that I would go
ahead and talk to you guys about how to start your own weight loss journey in
four steps not 20 not fifty four these are all things that I wish somebody
would have laid out for me and my weight loss journey when I was first starting
so I figured I would help you guys out throw you a bone and give you some of
these tips the first step and I know this may sound cliche but I promise you
I’m not gonna say it and then just move on without telling you how to actually
do it but the first step is going to be getting into the right mind space or
mindset for your weight loss journey step number two no I’m just kidding
so what I mean by getting into the right mindset is and I was the same way when I
first started my weight loss journey I did not think that I could actually do
it I knew that I had set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight but in my
like back of my head subconsciously I was thinking man I really hope there it
is hope that I can reach this goal instead of saying I am going to reach
this goal I didn’t believe in myself so what I mean by getting into the right
mindset is believing in yourself stop wishing stop hoping that it’ll work out
and just start believing in yourself that it will happen now you’re probably
thinking Marissa well I just I don’t really think that I
can do it so how do I start believing in myself don’t worry I have some tips and
I’m gonna tell you first things first and I’ve talked about this before you
need to start using a positive self-talk using positive self-talk can look
different so you can do morning affirmations which I have a video where
I talk about that linked it for you guys you can do you
can write out your goals for the day you can say out loud to yourself what you’re
going to accomplish the second thing is to stop giving the fear of failure any
type of power take that power that you’ve been giving to fear that I hope
just that sentence I hope that alone like there’s fear hidden in there it
sounds super positive because hope is such a big word instead take the power
that you gave to fear take it back and give it to yourself because you hold the
power to make the changes in your life that you want to make which is my
tagline at the end of every video but seriously you do hold the power and if
you set this goal you absolutely can do it and if you feel like you can’t do it
go watch my very first video yeah I was about 90 pounds ago guys it is possible
I’m not special I’m not some superwoman I didn’t make a
wish to a genie and then it happened no I had to absolutely believe in myself
and I’ll be completely transparent with you guys when I first started my weight
loss journey I didn’t really think that it was possible but something inside me
just held on for like two weeks cuz usually I would start my weight loss
journey and then quit like two or three days into it but I held on for two weeks
and then as soon as I started seeing results that was the confirmation that I
needed and from that point on it was no longer I hope it was I will so
guys seriously getting into the right mindset is so important because if you
don’t want a hundred percent believe in yourself then why are you gonna give 100
percent does that make sense yeah the last part of getting into a positive
mindset for weight loss is to leave the past in the flippin past so what
happened last year or two weeks ago it doesn’t matter if you failed at a weight
loss journey 100 thousand times and it doesn’t matter
because the past does not hold any power over your future got it okay let’s move
on to step two this is a big one and it really really worked for me and there
are a few like sub steps to this step so let’s go ahead and start talking about
it number two the second step is to create a plan what’s that quote failing
to plan is planning to fail yeah that’s real so another reason why I was so
successful on this weight-loss journey is because I set a plan for myself now I
don’t mean to jump in and change your diet and start exercising like 100%
throwing all of that into the cookie jar at one time because that’s too much
going on that’s too much you need to go ahead and focus on one or two things
the two biggest parts of weight loss are where are you going cainy babay the two
biggest parts of weight loss are one your nutrition and to exercise right in
my opinion and it’s also been proven through studies nutrition is the most
important nutrition makes up about 80 percent of your weight loss the other
20% comes from working out so between those two things you need to figure out
what’s right for you either you’re going to start with nutrition or you’re going
to start with working out I would recommend starting with nutrition
because this is what’s gonna happen if you try and do both at the same time so
let’s say it’s Monday and you change your diet and you remove the carbs and
you remove the sugars and whatever you’re doing right well your body is
gonna go through a detox you’re going to feel shaky and jittery and agitated
maybe a little weak you’re gonna feel hungry all of those things are going to
happen to your body that’s what happens when you change your way of eating you
clean up your nutrition you’re gonna go through a detox right so then you’re
going through all that like you’re having a great day right
you’re going through all that and then you’re like okay yeah now I need to work
out because those are the two things to lose weight working out in nutrition so
then you go to the gym while you’re jittery and shaky and agitated and when
you’re at the gym you don’t know how to work the machines and you don’t really
know what to do with like the dumbbells and the barbells and like what’s the
difference between the dumbo and a barbell like what do I do with that
right so two days of this are going on you’re weighing yourself every morning
and you’re not seeing a difference well one you’re not seeing a difference
because it’s only been two days and then secondly you’re just overwhelmed like
that is not sustainable right so conquer one thing at a time
so yes make sure that you’re choosing one thing to focus on either you’re
gonna focus on your nutrition you’re gonna go through that detox and all that
bad juju and then once that’s done and over with then you can add in your
exercise or you’re gonna start with exercise you’re gonna get used to
exercising and then you can gradually start changing your nutrition I
personally would suggest the first option which is focusing on your
nutrition first you’re really just gonna sit there that’s a thing okay so we’re still on step 2 right
creating a plan the next thing that I would advise you to do is to get a
weight loss journal or just like a spiral notebook where you can create
your plan so if you’re focusing on nutrition first then I would advise you
to plan out maybe four days of meals breakfast lunch dinner and snack plan
out what those meals are going to be then create a grocery list from those
days of meals let you planned out and then schedule a time for you to go to
the grocery store now when you’re planning your menu for like those few
days don’t get crazy don’t be extra don’t do that be simple
like make it as simple as possible if that means that you’re gonna be eating
tuna or grilled chicken and asparagus for the first few days then that’s what
you’re gonna be doing you can get more creative than that by the way weight
loss is not just grilled chicken breast and broccoli like there’s a bunch of
different options that you can research but when you’re first starting out just
keep it simple because you are going to have to be cooking your own meals so if
you’re not cook used to cooking your own meals that’s gonna be a learning curve
for you just try and keep it as simple and basic
as possible now if creating a meal plan is too much for you then make it even
more simple make it a goal to have five vegetables a day and to drink eight
glasses of water a day and then for the next week make the plan even bigger and
more detailed and then the following week after that and make it more bigger
and detailed after that as well does that make sense so I have a video where
I showed you guys how I make my own weight loss journal and in fact I
actually made a real-life 90 day weight loss journal that also has some
self-love prompts in it it’s on sale if you guys want to buy it you can but you
feel more than welcome to make your own like in a spiral notebook you don’t have
to buy a weight-loss journal but if you want to you can alright we’re still on
the part where you’re making your plan right so then the next thing that I
would do is I would go through your refrigerator and your
country and remove any foods that are not a part of that plan now I understand
that not everybody lives by themselves you may have kids and a husband or like
other people who are living with you that’s perfectly fine put all of those
foods that are not on plan somewhere that it’s out of sight out of mind let
your family know hey mom’s doing this for the next few weeks your snacks are
gonna be over there so it’s out of sight out of mind for you now we are going on
to step number three measure your starting point so that means taking
measurements with a measuring tape of your bust your neck your bellybutton
your hips your thigh whatever you want to measure you measure it just make sure
that you are being consistent like if you measure your belly button just make
sure that you know exactly where you measured it so that way the next time
you measure it’s consistent know what I mean also make sure that you’re taking
photos you can get your BMI you can get your weight if you want to I do think
that it is good to get your starting weight
III don’t think that it is necessary for you to weigh yourself every week listen
do not weigh yourself once a day your weight is going to fluctuate like crazy
and then it’s just gonna get you in a negative state of mind so my advice
would to be to avoid the scale I would use measurements to track your progress
if you can as well as photos and lastly step number four find yourself a support
group some type of accountability and don’t forget to celebrate let’s talk
about all of those things so find support if you need some type of support
the Internet is a thing nowadays there is so many support groups on Facebook
that you can join I have a personal support group for goalie squad members
and if you want to consider yourself a goalie squad member and you have
subscribed then go ahead and go down to the link in
the description down below you do have to request to join this group and you do
have to answer the questions in order for me to accept you into the group let
me repeat that you do have to answer the questions because I don’t just accept
anybody in the group because I don’t want it to be spammy and salesy so
answer the questions accountability you need to find some type of way to hold
you accountable for me I posted about my weight loss journey on YouTube that’s
not for everybody and I know that even posting on Instagram isn’t for everybody
but maybe once again getting a friend who also wants to do this with you and
having them be your accountability buddy checking in with each other sending each
other photos of meals and then celebrate if you accomplish something that may
seem like nothing to you I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people
message me and they’re like Marissa I only lost a pound this week it’s so
frustrating and I’m thinking like what you lost a pound that is amazing
imagine if you were to lose a pound a week in ten weeks that would be ten
pounds down now you’re thinking 10 pounds in 10 weeks guys don’t put a time
limit on this there is no time limit on your health right so if you’re losing a
pound a week that means you are heading in the right direction
stop celebrate and acknowledge that you’re headed in the right direction
please do not get upset about not losing you know more than if even if you lose
half a pound a week there’s times in my weight-loss journey and it’s here on
YouTube where I only lost half a pound 208 point 8 pounds so I’ve lost point 7
ounces and I was in the mindset of you know there’s not a time limit on this so
even when I lost half a pound I was still happy about it because that means
I was going in the right direction so make sure that you’re celebrating the
small wins no matter how small it may be when you’re writing in your journal look
to see what happened last week and what you can celebrate I hope
these tips were helpful for you guys if you have any questions I do my best to
respond to every single comment within reason if you’re watching this a year
later probably not gonna respond but if you guys have any questions comment down
below let me know I will do my best to answer your questions as much as
possible if you guys need help creating a plan please feel free to reach out to
me i’ve run monthly challenges where i give you guys number targets to hit with
your calories workout programs accountability support weekly check-ins
community a bunch of really great stuff so if you feel like you are needing that
extra help email me down below there might be a slight waiting list for the
next challenge but i promise you if you put your name on the list you will get
into a challenge don’t forget if you are interested in the weight loss /
self-love planner that will be linked down below as well that’s all that I
have for this video I really hope that it was helpful for you guys remember as
always you hold the power in your hands to make any changes in your life that
you want to make please if you liked the video don’t forget to Like comment and
subscribe it is very helpful to me and to the channel for me to keep creating
content for free for you guys like this hope you’re all doing well and amazing
on your fitness and weight loss journeys and I will talk to you guys next time
bye guys say bye okay there it is bye guys

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