How To Make Vacation Juice from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

How To Make Vacation Juice from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

let's get turnt animal crossing style with vacation juice this cocktail starts with a syrup in a small pot goes sugar and water next great in some lime zest just about half all right take your grade at half and then squeeze in the juice – all right weenus holding to a boil and then take it off the heat strain the whole thing into a bowl and refrigerate it until cold now in a measuring cup pour in 3/4 cups of seltzer then add enough ice until it measures 2 cups displacement I love it pour it into a blender carafe along with some of that syrup you made blend until smooth all right to make the layered look we're gonna make this drink in three parts fill your fancy glass with a third of the way up of this kind of basic color that we've got right here cool alright now add some blue drink mix to the rest of your mixture and blend alright fill it up another third of the way up lastly and a little bit of blue gel to the rest and blend now you can tell if you're less see the color kind of bleeds down and it looks pretty cool alright garnish with a lime slice a flower this is actually dried pineapple and of course a maraschino cherry don't forget a cool straw on a hot summer day it's mighty refreshing don't let animals drink it because Oh Charlie get away oh oh he bout to do it vacations you sketch your animal friends turnt look at him go yummy no butter boys are harmed in the making of this video if you like that check out my other animal crossing treat videos there's a whole playlist also be sure to LIKE comment subscribe and request stuff that you would like to see thanks for watching see you next time ie

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  1. Perfect for when the New Horizions Direct comes up! 😀
    (Cause we know it'll be a thing at some point.)

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