How Does NASA's Curiosity Rover Work?

How Does NASA's Curiosity Rover Work?

on the Curiosity rover we needed to put a pattern into the wheels so that we could watch the wheels move on the surface and keep track of our progress we call it odometry we had a choice of putting any old pattern in there so we put the letters JPL in Morse code representing the Jet Propulsion Laboratory the place where she was born when we build our spacecraft we give him one arm because frankly we can't fit more than that on the front of the rover and the rover has no one to hug we have a rover compute element we refer to it as the RC II it's an old PowerPC 750 chip out of a g4 Macintosh your compute element controls everything on the rover but your computer's gonna have to be radiation hardened and survive hopefully for a few years on the surface of Mars levels of cosmic radiation on Mars are much higher than on earth and we're destroying normal computer electronics so your rover's computer must be made of radiation resistant materials like sapphire and depleted boron each circuit board costs $200,000 there's two ways we communicate we communicate directly with earth Earth's of very long ways so we can only put a little bit of information down to earth but thankfully we have some science orbiters in orbit around Mars they're very close to us and so we can put on a lot of information up to them and then they can beam down to earth the Curiosity rover has got 18 cameras cameras looking forward from the top of our mast cameras down low to make sure she doesn't run into rocks cameras in the back to make sure she's him back into rocks a camera on the end of her arm I'll make sure I just do that right – for 10-12 needs – again I just wanna make sure I get that right cuz I'll hear about it back at the lab 13 14 18 but the 17 are actual cameras and the 18th is a telescope that goes to a CCD which I'm gonna count as a camera I still count on my fingers we have a science instrument called Sam sample analysis at Mars you could almost think of that as the mouth we put rocks in and swirls it around a bit on its palate almost like tasting wine so it's looking for certain types of gases like methane and it's looking for carbon and it's looking for signs of water recently we had this fantastic discovery these dark streaks we see on the surface of Mars aren't actually briny salty water flowing on the surface of Mars today the idea that there's liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars is tantalizing to the question of whether Mars could Harbor life our rover Curiosity is kind of perfectly named she's standing in for us all of us our collective curiosity there's many cool things about using robots to explore they keep going as we get tired or sick we go to sleep those robots just keep on going and going and going

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  1. How did this rover sent to mars? On a rocket? How did this rocket oassed through the firmament? Is mars within the firmament? Or outside? Im confused.and how are they controlling the rover? Through radio waves? Millions of miles away? Really?

  2. why dont you show us control panel i m pretty sure that i can control dat shit with a joystick why re you all soo dumb / or why you soo dumb actually in both way you re dumb hmm.. i don t think dat you re aliens.. you re dumber than us but acting smarter

  3. This guy knows everything, but at a presser cannot, as a project manager, tell us things that he would have to know about the project. Controlling the rover at 33 million miles?
    Real scientists call bs.

  4. The Mars satellites should not be really closer by any significance if they are orbiting Mrs, that is stupid, were missing info here

  5. So like I'm just a dumbass teen but like, how tf do u drive/control this rover. Like I remember my RC Car, I couldn't be more than 7 meters away from to control it. How tf u gonna drive that on mars. Not only that but wouldn't there be lag. Like when I watch streams on twitch, the stream is like 30 seconds behind. Imagine a live video from mars. Shit would take 10 minutes. Imagine that, that's like playing with 1 bar on cod mw2. The craziest part about it is that these robots were made back in 2003. How you make that rover in 2003 back didn't make the fidget spinner till 2017. That's crazy to me. Yea ik there's satellite there to boost the signals and all but still, unless it sends information at the speed of light, idk how they drive them rovers. Then again I'm just a dumbass teen.

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