How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair MD

How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair MD

hi everyone and welcome to biohackers lab I'm your host Gary Cohen and on today's episode I have dr. Philip Blair dr. Blair is a family physician and consultant in disease management for workers insurance programs he is also a retired US Army colonel who was a combat physician in the Gulf War and retired after 29 years in uniform since 2014 dr. Blair has been consulting treating patients and lecturing about CBD and how it can improve serious medical disorders Phillip thanks so much for coming on to the episode today hey great to be here I'm wonderful to be tapping into the UK and all of your affiliates and whoever you talk with yeah so yeah I'm based on a little island called the island man which is just off the UK but so yeah I've got a lot of UK listeners but also a lot of American listeners so you know we were transatlantic we're going to cross and even down in Australia in South Africa there's a lot of different people were going to listen to you today well I love to talk to those people as well and part of my international consultancy on cannabidiol actually takes me to South Africa Australia and New Zealand in addition to Japan and even Korea Wow so you know that's what we're talking about today's why is CBD not being used more and more widely and it's great to hear that yet loads of countries and people around the world want to use it so I mean I'm I'm excited I know you're super excited about CBD and and all the other cannabinoids so just sorry for listeners I'm gonna get a bit tongue-tied on that stuff today but the the reason I've just to give people a little bit of background I recently just got a little tub of it myself little spray to put on the tongue and from there I decided to sort of geek out more about it and I got to watch the scientist documentary about how it was discovered and that dr. Michelin and how in the story that he goes through and it's fascinating and so to sort of get us into this for people who don't know anything about it could you just explain what is CBD what are we talking about okay but let me first say that I am a family physician primarily that was my graduate training after medicine so I've been I did the whole nine yards delivered babies did vasectomies took care of infants children adults and geriatrics the whole thing and I was I was practiced that for the entire time that I was in the military until I retired in 96 then I went I started doing disease management starting in 2000 and then I'm trying to figure out mechanisms and ways to to hack the body and try and trying to get the outcomes that we should be seeing from current medical therapy but we're not really achieving those and so that's that's part of my course and and how I've been there now moving back to a cannabidiol this is a substance and it's commonly referred to as CBD and it comes from him now if we talk about the hemp plant there or the cannabis plant it's really of two varieties on the one hand you've got marijuana that contains THC on the other hand you've got the heme sometimes called industrial hemp that doesn't contain any significant amount of THC but it has most of the cannabidiol so THC makes you high CBD makes you healthy and fundamentally that is the principle that's behind it okay yeah so I think that's what I always like to just bring that up in the beam because it seems like that's the most common misconception like myth breaking number one is that it's not marijuana it's not the stuff that gets you high when you take the spray could so I can tell people no I didn't get high by spraying this stuff under my tongue so you mentioned earlier there too about industrial hemp do we get different types of hemp then well there's several different species well they're not actually species are called cultivars and there we sometimes separate them into cannabis sativa or one of some of the other varieties but it's and a lot of people will focus on that I don't focus on that the sativa is the most common variety and has the highest levels of cannabidiol and there are cultivars that come from the industrial hemp that or from the marijuana plant that provide different combinations of other substances what dr. mushy lumps calls the entourage and these are also very important there are the other cannabinoids that are in the plant is probably about a hundred that are in just this plant alone and there's many others have found in nature but there's also terpenes and these are small fat molecules that contain I have a different blend then the terpenes are the things that you are have strong odor that you encounter so such as pine scent or lemon or grapefruit they actually are some of these compounds these fragrant essential oils that are commonly used that have stimulating properties on the body in addition so within the plant there are also flavonoids and other substances and fight halls that are quite valuable to the body we just haven't really drilled down into these biologic substance in the advantage now the important thing and I want to get across is that that entourage that those extra substances are very valuable in terms of how the CBD is working within the body because that's part of that entourage that makes the really good effects that come from it so yeah it's we don't just want something in isolation completely we want it the other natural forming chemicals around it I guess it's the same as when people say you know eat real food because there's a different effect when you have real food versus a supplement for example and you've just got me thinking there then so when we try extract it you know the the CBD from a hemp plant then we are drawing in all these other entourage chemicals where we and it's not just somehow it depends on how the extraction goes what people that I've been working with the election oil company has been using a supercritical co2 extraction so they're using carbon dioxide as the solvent to pull out the cannabinoids and the fight halls and the flavonoids that come from it and that process gets the the greatest and the fullest extraction of that entourage at the same time whereas it doesn't contain any alcohol or toxic substances that are going to be irritating or cause any problem it's also very healthy for the environment as well ok so that's the top tip there already is look for co2 extracted CBD oil that's the what people need to look for I think that's a key and important thing but the other point that they need to look for is they need to look at the certificate of analysis that's done by a third party that examines exactly what is in the product that they're looking at so you want to know certainly how much cannabidiol is there you want to know if it contains any THC which it should not you want to look at perhaps some of the other cannabinoids that are present in it you want to make sure it doesn't have any toxins or solvents or any biologic substance though so that it has bacteria in it or heavy metals or pesticides and that should all be available when you're looking for a product so you know exactly what's in and then you're not going to cause additional damage as a result of it I just want to go back to I didn't and talk about cannabidiol the molecule it's a it's actually a small molecule it's a small fat molecule it's 22 carbons and so it's not a whole lot different than some of the oils that we take in like medium chain triglycerides or coconut oil it's very similar and the body processes through this fat metabolism mechanism and as a result of that it's it's you seeing a system that we haven't learned a whole lot about but it is key and important to the body's overall function in fact on some of the other molecules that you may be familiar with like omega-3 fats that are DHA and EPA are actually very very similar to cannabidiol and some of the other cannabinoids so that's fascinating way that I know that you're a fan of the low carb diets or the ketogenic diet and that's another reason out I I wanted to get you on because the reason I got interested in the keto world was because of seizure patients and going Wow okay so these these fat molecules these ketones all these ketone bodies they seem to be good for our neurology for our brain and what you're saying here is that the cannabinoid can have been oh yeah okay the cannabinoids in avonlea in a bird's they are sort of following the same pathways and that's you know I'm going to get onto that in later into our discussion about some of the common things to use the CBD oil in but you know for seizure patients so it's it's yeah I want to delve deeper into sort of that field later on into the discussion for sure but just pulling back into then just to finish off with the quality aspect before we get into that so taking hemp oil on its own is not the same as just taking CBD oil so do you I guess are you going to get a much smaller percentage of CBD in hemp oil if someone had to take it as a supplement or is it or the to the same right just if it's if it's considered it's it's hard to say depending it's what the manufacturer really wants it to be so if it's just hemp oil then it's not a whole lot different than olive oil you just you have to look at the individual ingredients and very very low concentrations of any cannabinoids that our president lots of good things there are some omega-3s but it doesn't have a high concentration of any of the cannabinoids that our president now oftentimes we so you have to look very closely at the label because some of the cannabidiol the CBD products are actually being labeled as hemp oil in order to probably get around restrictions and legislation and negative aspects that people associate with hemp so that it's more easily available and I can only explain it that way because you have to look at the label to find out how much cannabidiol is actually located in the product mm-hmm okay so talking physiology stuff again when I watch that documentary I didn't realize that the human body makes can Anna KITT Kenneth can Anna Boyd sorry I told you I was gonna get some guys on this one but yes if you could just explain for handling cannabinoid like molecules it's incredible this was discovered in 1992 and it's it's a comprehensive system appears to be a master controller for many of our other body systems and we really weren't aware of it unfortunately even though we have thousands of articles about this system over over 8,000 articles within PubMed on medical literature we still don't have an awareness by physicians and by the general public about how comprehensive and how important the endocannabinoid system is in our lives it controls and it regulates so many things are our appetite our emotions it handles the neurotransmitters our immunologic system and it's all regulated with a complex system that has its own synthetic material to create the cannabinoids and it has the degradation it also has transporter molecules and it has a number of boosters that work within the synapses of the muscles or in in the in order to make the cannabinoids work differently it's it's controlling the neurotransmitters it's it's regulating the immune system it's working on the hormones and of all places it's working on the gut fabulous in terms of regulation on normalizing the gut when we fast we turn off the endocannabinoid system in terms of that stimulation that may cause some disturbances it's also working on cellular metabolism it's actually shifting cellular metabolism in a very similar way as ketones do okay yes so we do produce them then the body produces a natural amount on its own and that's and a good example for people to visualize that is in breast milk apparently that when the baby's feeding on it and that's when they get that sort of breast milk i when they're so happy afterwards and they didn't they unlatch it's because if the mother has given them a good dose perfect example and you know the canal and the endocannabinoid system controls the implantation of the egg in the uterus as well so we're getting down to the very smallest fertilized egg and the impact of this endocannabinoid system but you know we can get it in the foods that we eat as well and I'm not just talking about cannabis I'm talking about chocolate and truffles um probably other foods as well and it's found in flax the flax cloth actually contains cannabidiol specifically – and that improves healing if you use the flax cloth as a bandage Wow okay I don't know that's a flax cloth for bandaging that that would be quite novel so we've got these these receptors all over over multiple systems our body as you said the gut the brain muscles all over the place and I do find it fascinating because when I when I studied physiology this system was never brought up at all which I find amazing because it is so influential as you said so I guess in what decade was that very I graduate in 2004 so that was the early 2000 so as you said in 1992 it should it I should have already been hearing about it at least reading about in the physiology textbooks that's right you should have and you should be hearing about it now but less than 5% of medical schools in the United States are teaching or informing any of the physicians or the medical students about it at all in fact most of the physicians that I talk to have no clue about the endocannabinoid system and yet it's so highly regulatory as what we talked about the neuro transmitters yeah and I think that comes back to why you're so excited about this whole system because you have a substance now or a range of substances that you can administer to a patient and get different physiological responses I guess out of them which is what we're going to lead onto in it later in the discussion right and what it what turns out Gary is very interestingly is if we can have an endocannabinoid deficiency in fact deficiencies of the balance of the receptors and the agonist have been found in almost all major diseases so if we're talking about depression anxiety PTSD different types of cancers Crohn's disease Huntington's disease all of these diseases actually contain disturbances in the endocannabinoid system whether it's low levels of a an endocannabinoid busy as the agonist or it's high numbers of receptors whatever the balance is it's dysregulated and the thought is that if we could rebalance on that system then we might be able to restore health to the body because the main purpose of the endocannabinoid system is just to maintain homeostasis just to maintain normal not to make you a Superman in any way and so is there any risk of toxicity like taking an overdose of CBD like I take too much and I get a a negative side effect from it all is the body just going to eat reject and eject sort of excess levels if I had to ingest it no there is no toxicity no no person has ever died or have been seriously injured as a result of using cannabidiol can you get side effects from it they're rare and and only on high doses yeah if you look at some of the human studies that were done as much as 1,200 milligrams were used in adults with for example schizophrenia and it had no significant adverse effects whatsoever it's certainly no toxicity it's potentially it could interact with some other medications going through some of the liver pathways but it I haven't actually seen that as the normal doses that I have been recommending for people and I can I feel like I can use normal doses that are less than 200 milligrams of CBD when you use a high quality product that has a full entourage a full spectrum within it and not using isolate type of compounds so money mentioned medications there that that would be one of my questions because any listeners here who are taking it or they might be taking other forms of supplements or medications potentially are there any sort of common interactions that are known about or that that sort of hasn't been highlighted or studied as yet well there's been a lot of questions that I get about and if but if you look at the science on it you find out that there is a relative interference through the livers and cyp or cytochrome 450 system for metabolizing drugs and it has a potential of interfering but only at high doses well over 200 milligrams that's when it starts to to result in that there's only been a couple drugs that have been identified as being changed as a result of using cannabidiol most of those drugs have been associated with epilepsy so you have are using neurotransmitter modulator type of drug like clovers am which is a common drug that's used for epilepsy that can raise using CBD and Clopas am can either raise the level or decrease the level of Clopas am and then it goes the that's true for some of the other anti epileptic types of drugs and i it's and it's also true for some of the neurotransmitter types of drugs that we use for schizophrenia and for parkinson's disease you know l-dopa is essentially is a neurotransmitter dopamine a substitute to give to people if you combine that with CBD you could potentiate at the neurotransmitter level so there there is some synergy that happens with on the other hand there is some very positive interaction as a result of using CBD with some other drugs like low dose naltrexone it actually amplifies the effects of in a complimentary way not to make it excessive but complement antidepressants SSRI type of drugs for depression on it compliments of those particular drugs although it's my firm belief that CBD can correct for my depression in a very short order within a matter of days and then the SSRIs are don't need to be used at all yeah and that's that would be exciting again just for patients here because usually again especially if we're talking antidepressants when someone gets put on them they tend to get put on them for quite a while not just a couple of years so and that's exciting for you too to say like no here's another six more even more Gary and it takes as long as six weeks for an anti depression to work whereas I see changes in people immediately by taking CBD they don't have to wait weeks they can see it in the same day changes in their mood and their behavior and their overall outlook on life fantastic you know and it's a natural substance again at the end of the day which is which I like and so just moving away from medications than supplements would when we were talking earlier about MCTS and other sort of fat soluble vitamins would we're taking CBD with supplements enhanced their bioavailability do you think so I'm just wondering this system is endocannabinoid system is it going to sort of wake up my selves that they're going to be more receptive or sort of yeah I'm just wondering is there going to be a synergy by taking this in combination with other supplements for example I think it CBD is essential that you're taking in Omega threes Omega threes are part of actually are incorporated in the endocannabinoid system they're modified and that's what their real benefit is and so combining them is really important but the to work synergistically and getting better effects in in other types of supplements you know I I think it's important that we supplement with vitamin d3 because we're just not getting the amount of sunshine that we need to the other is iodine we need to be taking that in a popular culinary approach is to take salt and take that the not include the iodine for taste factors but if we're not getting iodine from some source like kelp or seaweed then we're really missing on the essential need for iodine within our bodies it does appear to complement some in some diets particularly a ketogenic diet because it it looks like the two mechanisms seem to overlap and to amplify the benefits from both of those processes right down to the level of the mitochondria and shifting the metabolism in the mitochondria making it more efficient and less reactive oxygen species that will cause inflammation so your top tip earlier was taking a fish oil a good omega-3 oil with your CBD because they those two seem to work very well together and but since you brought up the ketogenic diet and working together that's what it takes me into that the the concept that CBD oil has has made the headlines purpose of recently in the UK with mother who had I don't know if it was just CBD or maybe in CBD plus THC I'm not aware but she had the government basically confiscated from her at the airport and her son required it to stop his seizures and you know they've made the headline news and everything here but when I did my geeking out and research about it I was just blown away like how effective it is for seizure control I mean children who are seizuring every 20 to 30 minutes you give them this oil and suddenly they can become seizure free it's just it's incredible and that you know and that's why I got interested in the ketogenic diet too about seizure control so I guess my first question is that as you said about the synergy between the two do you think there is a neurological like a brain benefit if someone was using heterogenic diet to have better neurology better brain health and taking CBD like the two together the ketones plus the CBD are going to just really help heal your brain well I do I mean I think there's pretty good evidence for it we know that the ketogenic diet has been used for centuries and we just haven't recognized it the number one has been talked about for weight loss and in the mid-1800s but it's also been very effective for diabetes epilepsy as we talked about but there's also evidence for multiple sclerosis in you and Alzheimer's disease and autism I mean all of these conditions respond to a high fat type of diet low carbohydrate um it turns out that when we make ketones we actually signal the body in certain ways we reduce inflammation the signaling of ketones goes right down to the mitochondrial level and to the DNA and modulating and epigenetic changes to the jinnee DNA to shift it to an anti-inflammatory manifestation within the body within the brain it does seem to improve functioning of the brain as I mentioned with MS and Alzheimer's and aunt too and it's using some rather unique pathways and it turns out that CBD CBD is actually working on some of those same pathways so you really are amplifying the maximum benefits that really a fret affect the cognizance the the clarity of both the thought process as well as what I've seen is actually visual improvements that that go along with gamma dial yeah and so you know but I was talking the extreme cases like I watched in the Ted TED talks with the seizure control but you know I think there are going to be a group of people who are on a low carb or ketogenic diet for just general preventing brain fog and just general well-being and that cognition effect you know I want to think well as I get older to and protect my brain health and so you're saying that here you think it would be good to sort of take like a maintenance dose of CBD oil if you want to also protect your brain for the long term I do I think it's essential for diabetics too but you we have inflammation in our body that gets turned on and doesn't turn off we've got to control that inflammation otherwise we lead to things like Alzheimer's and dementia or Parkinson's disease or diabetes worsening diabetes or kidney disease and eye disease all of these things have a basis for as inflammation within the body using CBD could regulate down play down regulate the inflammatory in the immune system such that we don't face those complications I mean a classic is atherosclerosis that is inflammation within the blood vessels and around the blood vessels if we could stop that process based on and based on what I've read and I've looked at it the CBD could stop that particular process and block atherosclerosis in the body and prevent heart attacks as well as preventing stroke okay so the main mechanism here that people will be benefiting from Suns like all these receptors are getting stimulated by by taking in the CBD oil and it's this massive body-wide anti-inflammatory effect that's going from your blood vessels you know near your heart to the back of your eye to in your muscle is and that I guess that comes into where the reported benefits of it art is for things like pain control and and joint pains too because it's that anti-inflammatory effect well that's part of it but it's also the neurotransmitters we have a mechanism where we we respond to a stimulus of some sort we released neurotransmitters the cannabinoid the natural endocannabinoid receptors are there that actually signal the the cell that is releasing the neurotransmitter to signal it to turn down the volume decrease the amount and it's called retrograde type of stimulation and modulation so it turns down the amount of neurotransmitters that are being produced and it reduces that the height and the intensity that's going on so it regulates and it's supposed to modulate the body in a proper way and and I want to just go back to something you said that you talked about stimulating the body it's not always stimulation sometimes it's blocking no it's quite a concert in terms of stimulating on this side and and depressing some other areas and so that's why I like to use the term modulation and so if you've got the endocannabinoid system being modulated and regulated then you can get closer to homeostasis and get away from these extreme cases where you have inflammation or you have irritation and you brought up a really good point about pain so particularly pain there's really two components you have the analgesic effect so this that's neurotransmitters that are going on but you also have the inflammatory phase where you have macrophages that are going into an area that are releasing cytotoxins or cytokines that are irritating and promote inflammation so CBD is actually working on both those lines number one you get that handle jisuk effect from the at the neurotransmitter level and then after a couple days you're really moving into the anti inflammatory area so that you're going to stop the inflammation that's going to lead to disease progression fibrosis and other damage to the organs and so that's small at the at the sites of damage so if you cut yourself at that area there's a whole lot of chemical activity going on like a chemical soup and that exactly and I did read I believe there was a study that was even looking at sciatica so this is now your nerve pathways from your spinal cord down the route and even in those cases there was a benefit from what I if I think I did did read up properly but that's that would also be amazing that we're looking at like central pain pathway so within the spinal cord and the neurology is is is is that been studied yeah I don't know if that is true what I want to read oh well it's being studied but unfortunately there are issues with getting the studies done in humans and and many of the review boards have not allowed human studies and having difficulty getting particular products it's being looked at it's been looked at in animals and there's a lot of what we call preclinical studies but there's not very many that are going on in humans everybody's waiting for a pharmaceutical product to be produced but typically a pharmaceutical products are isolates they're dealing with just cannabidiol and as we talked about before you really need a full spectrum in order to get the balance that you would like to have and the enhancement from the other substances that are located with the cannabidiol hmm and when you were mentioning earlier that when you when you ingested it's going to stimulate or raise the activity of certain chemicals but your bodies also can potentially use it to dampen or quiet down certain chemicals and that's just amazing to hear again that so we're taking this substance in and it is helping regulates helping at homeostasis that their balance that fine balance the body is always trying to and again just to think it's doing that over many systems you know cardiovascular system hormone system gut system so many systems which trying to allow the body to go right okay I'm I'm making too much of this or no I need an ad the tissue level right down to the cellular level so for instance CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory great the terrific anti form and it'll protect the normal cell from damage as a result of toxins of heavy metals or from injury from chemicals but at the same time if we're dealing with certain types of cells like cancer cells it kills and it promotes the death of cancer cells it an amazing intelligence some people call it an adaptogen something that adapts to the particular situation and Institute and the right kind of response that we need for homeostasis maintaining balance in the body and maintaining health and when I watch that documentary I mentioned earlier the scientist that was the one study was brought up there about how effective it was for children who are undergoing cancer treatment and they just didn't have the the massive negative side effects so in that case their oncologist the cancer doctor was giving them CBD oil and she knew which was placebo or not is what they said in the documentary because she knew like oh wow this this group is just not vomiting and they're not going through all these terrible side effects but this group still is so she she said she needed mmediately which group was taking CBD so wasn't completely like randomized double-blind but it's much more than just um you know holding controlling the symptoms what I've seen in a number of patients is an enhancement of the killing effects of the chemotherapy along with the CBD as well as protecting the normal tissues I've had dozens of patients with cancer using cannabis aisle I really promote people using it during the time they have chemo or radiation because it's going to protect the normal tissues against those side effects with those side effects but also the tissue the normal tissue and it's going to enhance the killing effect of the cancer out of the chemotherapy on the results so is it accepted by oncologists are they either recommending it or they're happy for patients to take CBD oil I don't know of any who are recommending or are using I'm trying to get my foot in the door and talk with them about my experience but so often they're looking for double-blind controlled studies that which are very hard to produce and really require a pharmaceutical company with the deep pockets in order to do the kind of studies that they would be looking for on the other hand I try to I talk to patients and I try to empower them with the understanding that this these substances are food products and that they're safe they don't they're not toxic they don't have any significant adverse effects to them so that if they're taking a food nobody's really going to object to the food result with using a food and try to empower patients so that they are doing the research finding out from themselves for themselves and maybe bring in and definitely bring it up with their doctor but not succumbing to the the negative information that might come from a lot of physicians particularly even in the oncology area unless they feel that there is some sort of possible interaction but even then I've not seen a negative interaction with oncology and with the chemo and radiation therapy that of any concern on the other hand I've seen some great remissions people doing very very well recovering and maintaining a remission for a number of years well any patients are a little bit concerned or cancellations I guess they can maybe somehow contact you just to find out for some more information because yes people then that's why I went sit interview you know it's people like yourself to help to educate listeners and to educate people who are on the Hunts they're on their own ending equals one sort of research discovery of what they want to do with their own body and their own health so we've talked about seizures we've talked about cancer I mean these are all you know big medical events – and that another common one which you already touched on earlier was the SSRIs you know the antidepressant drugs so I see a another common form that why people want to take it is for anxiety and depression and you would say that it is good if you if you're prone to to those symptoms then a dose of CBD oil will be a part of your journey to help you recover oh absolutely you know I love to talk to people with anxiety because in 95% of the time I can control it and regulate it or they can using can dial and it happens immediately then I don't have to wait a while I mean they can get away from the benzodiazepines that the valium type of drugs that people are using that can be addictive and can have some significant side effects with it so using the CBD you have to adjust it according to your particular need but like with the product that you're using you probably need to adjust it according to your symptoms and then what I tell people is to titrate it or just increase or decrease the dose according to how you respond with it there is no toxic dose you can take as much as you want it is a food product primarily so use what you need to control your symptoms and conserve where you want to conserve for expenses expense wise and know that there are long-term benefits not only the immediate but there are long-term benefits that are going to happen physiologically within your whole body and yeah we haven't gotten to the dosage stuff I want to do get I do want to get into that because yeah when whenever it comes to a natural substance I always trying to think of what is the clinical dosage that's needed you know if I'm a big guy this is a small lady do we need different dosages or different situations as you meant and how we respond to it so what for the extreme cases I'm calling them extreme but you know for these children that were having these multiple seizures in a day what kind of dosage level are we talking about there so for kids and for seizures I have a general guideline of about 1 milligram per kilogram and and this is a bit of the exception I usually don't go by the kilogram weight because everybody has a different level of endocannabinoid deficiency and if they're deficient if we can replace that or modify that then they'll get back to normal however in this particular area it's really common to use the per kilogram so for most kids even adults one milligram per kilogram is a great area a great target for a therapeutic dose that I find 70 percent of people do respond to some respond less than that some respond require higher levels in certain types of syndrome they may require as many as 10 milligrams per kilogram but those are exceptional and I have only run across those on rare occasions and so it is not very very prevalent but for everybody I want them to start with and I recommend you start with the standard serving whatever is on the bottle and then but under it but but double the dose if they're not feeling like they're getting control of their particular symptoms and then double it again until they find a therapeutic dose that makes them that they can feel that they feel some of the changes it changes like a relaxation over the face and their muscles of the face irax relaxation of the voice where the voice will drop down an octave they might start talking faster they'll show some humor and conversation they'll be more socially inclined there'll be a rising energy that they'll have as well so a lot of the and there's also the analgesic effect if they're in pain you'll see a diminishment of the pain to some degree I also like to have them check their vision because um consistently I see an initial and dramatic effect with a sharpening and improvement and a clarity of the vision um as they're viewing distant objects so looking at trees and leaves in some distance out of window the colors seem to pop they go into more detail with it and there's not only clarity of vision there's a clarity of thought where memories improve a sharpen their thoughts are quicker and physiologically we also see changes in performance where they're able to tolerate an aerobic type of exercise much greater able to hold their breath for a longer period of time and diminish any type of soreness –is that you have from working out yeah so I listen to one of your previous podcast episodes and you brought up the vision aspect of lat – and you know I've only been taking my CBD oil for 710 days it's not really that long but the vision thing I actually think there's something to it I mean I've been looking into the distance you know over the summer now I live near the sea and I said I do notice that the mountain range across the ocean from us looks clear and when I look at the the fields and the animals and the fields it's there's something to it and I think you're aren't you you're definitely onto something there were you saying that it has a vision component to it so even if anything and yeah if you've got some visual issues why not just give it a try just just see what it does so you actually I call it the high High Definition mode so you go into HD into your visual now it doesn't last necessarily for all day but you do see some improvements and I've had to caution people about um you're correcting their lenses changing their glasses while they're on CVD because actually they tend to have to go backwards to their previous prescription because their eyes have improved yeah again just to think because your eyes are an extension of your brain and so here's the substance again that's helping the neurology the brain you know the retina whatever is happening in there from this chemical effect is endocannabinoid system I just find that fascinating or what we want good visual health so if you go good visual house it's it's doing something – neurology I just love that idea so but what about sleep how have you done with sleep have you noticed an improve sleep quality yeah my I would say I've got I wear the the aura ring for tracking and I would say my Bren is is is definitely better and less turning at night too so I've got two young kids and they do wake me up very early because they like to wake up early with a light but no I you know looking at that I would say to ya and more peaceful sleeps or less less sort of wakefulness during sleep and more REM are the two big things I think are basically what people report to me consistently now it doesn't put you to sleep in fact there's another one of these paradoxes is that it can actually be wake you up if so if you take it when you take it you can actually get stimulated so that you're alert your mind is going and moving but then it also improves your sleep so it's quite a paradox I ask people not to take it right before sleep within two hours because it can have that activating effect and maybe stimulate them so that they don't sleep another thing have you noticed vivid dreams this is a common affective CBD yeah and that well I think that comes into the that REM component I'm yeah my dream so I'll pretty good I'm normally a good dream or too so hard to say if that's different but you know that the data is showing that yeah REMS looking good so no sleep quality I haven't had not normally a bad sleeper but there's definitely something to it there too and I feel good in it you know my I'm so new to but that's what I'm so excited about the stuff to just as you eyes I don't know it's in seven to ten days I I think I can feel quite a nice different in my body and it's not a an extreme change either it's just this good feeling and you're just getting back to normal I mean he's getting to you you get to be all that you can be and your relationships with your wife and your children are really positive you're not blowing up you don't have the tenseness that goes on you're conversing you you want to talk to people you want to interact with people very very positive events that are happy you just you're just being human and what about what about empathy have you noticed yourself being particularly empathetic for people who are suffering or having difficulty normally empathetic because that's just my nature but you know what I would say is that so I did a neurofeedback training experiment earlier this year too and so there was also learning about meditation and and trying to put yourself in that better place you know the empathy place in the gratitude place and so you you know with meditation you're always trying to train to sort of be oh aware and know when you're being in that place and I would say the CBD oil enhances that practice so I would see a benefit of adding CBD oil with your meditative practice or if you were going through a neurofeedback training protocol we had the EEG on your head it would help enhance your neurology I'm seeing the benefits here to that effect I would completely agree I'd like to see more some studies done on it and like to hear more reports like yours because I I'm very I feel very positive about it it could make a big difference for people you know people who also with post-traumatic stress disorder have a lot of behavioral disturbances that they go on and CBD used at the same time of those experiences could block many of the adverse effects that come along with PTSD it actually blocks this reconsolidation phase that's involved with this broken record effect of remembering these little experiences at the same time they people with PTSD can't forget they have a broken mechanism for extinguishing bad feelings and with CBD that opens it up and so combining CBD with therapeutic in engagement and reliving those experiences could could dampen that block those PTSD back the effects and actually put these people into remission and so with your background in the Army PTSD is a big thing and I mean you've served in Wars too so it I don't know if you're allowed to say about is the US Army experimenting with CBD to help veterans oh and they've been experimenting with on PTA for PTSD in a number of different ways but there there is some limited studies that have been allowed by some of the universities on the East Coast particularly I believe University of Pennsylvania is doing some studies on it but there are not real vigorous studies going on and they look like they'll be years before they'll be able to be used in some way on the other hand I've got my own study that I'm doing for veterans in my area and we're using CBD and we're finding those particular benefits that I talked about where people are able to get their PTSD under major control in very short period of time a couple weeks and actually put them into remission so that are more functional in their society and their interactions and they're healthier all the way around so with your interest in the ketogenic diets who have you ever seen anyone taken exogenous ketone assault or an ester and take CBD oil so I'm just wondering if you can take an exogenous ketone and take CBD and get a little boost of some sort well I think you can nothing elaborate but looking at MCT so most of the exogenous ketones are in usually from maybe an MCT derivative and that can be used as are you using some shorter change or some saturated fats that enhances the absorption through the gut it goes into the lymphatic systems and as you know the lymphatic system doesn't go first pass through the liver so you avoid the first pass effect there's less degradation of CBD in that particular process but you're also providing the building blocks for ketones and you've got that particular benefit arm what's called the there are nuclear receptors called the P power receptors and the ketones are working on those in the developing ketones from using the MCT along with using CBD which is also going to activate and stimulate these people receptors it's slightly different variation but there both working on that nuclear component making epigenetic changes that really enhance metabolism and cell function while reducing inflammation and then with people who are doing fasting for tougher chief for cellular cleaning would you recommend they take CBD during fasting even though it might break fast I don't know or what they take it after fasting well I think it actually is in is enhance the CBD effects are quite enhanced with fasting on the CBD mechanisms seem to improve I noticed that when I'm fasting that there seem to be accentuated in terms of the particular benefit so lower doses are needed you're getting you know when you go into a fasting state there's actually a kind of a high that you you get with fasting a a change in your metabolism and you the speed of your brain processing and function probably it related to some of the ketones that are going on but but overall functioning and there's a dampening of the endocannabinoid system in in the gut and in the brain so that everything's working in in a very effective way in an efficient way and so combining those two does seem to show an enhancement and sensitivity and so you could be a major benefit and then adding some exogenous ketones or saturated fats could have the advantage of making that even more effective with the endocannabinoid system and using cannabidiol so what are your recommendations when are the best times to take it should I take it with a fatty meal or before a fatty meal or after a fatty meal it sounds like having some sort of fat is gonna help with the absorption level better exactly I believe that should be taking with fat saturated fat may be best so you get something like in butter or cream and then you but it also could come from MCT oil you're going to get an effective better more effective sorption don't have to take a lot that just perhaps a tablespoon is all all that might be needed in order to stimulate that improved absorption pathway and that you know I don't tell people that it needs to be taken at a very specific time or in a very specific schedule I mean practically speaking I like to help have my patients kind of figure out what's best for them what fits within their lifestyle if they have to go to school and they're away then they're going to be taking it when they have a chance to and I also want them to as a food product to take it as often as they need to to control their symptoms rather than sticking to a rigid rigid schedule so getting away from the idea that this is a pharmaceutical drug that needs to be taken on a specific schedule and then the combining with feet with fat some some saturated fat or some fat with a meal small meal but don't take it with a large meal unfortunately there with the relaxation that occurs where that can sometimes relax the esophageal sphincter that could allow for a little bit of reflux during that mealtime okay yeah well I've just experiment a little bit and just anecdotal stuff but taking it just before having some good coffee seems to me the coffee feel nicer too so I don't think it combines with the caffeine and it's working amplifying the the hormonal effects and the neurotransmitter effects that can caffeine stimulate hmm so when I was looking at all the different products available they a lot of it looks at percentages like I've got a 3% substance and luckily its co2 extracted too but could you just explain then as a consumer what what should I be looking for if I just won't say General Health is 3% and Apple should I have a 5% and 8% how do I know which percentage I should aim for I just focused because all the products are different they're packaged different you've got to do calculations to figure out how many milligrams of CBD so generally I'm looking at the number of milligrams of CBD and counting those and so and but it does make a difference in terms of the product because some of it is more bioavailable than others for instance the election all liposome product is is structured so that it has an improved bioavailability that maybe as much as five or seven times what you might find in an oil tincture and so you have to consider that so you start with the serving size that is recommended on there but double and triple in order to get the effect on the control of your particular symptoms you should get those effects and those benefits right away so if you're not getting those benefits you're not seeing any changes in yourself then you you've got to increase the dose or you may need to find in the product and from what I understand that it seems the best way is sublingual so underneath your tongue yeah do you get immediate effects by doing it that way I say main it is probably the most effective in through the the oral route um you get really good absorption through the mucous membranes and then then the gut is sort of second but you can also this can also be vaporized in the vaporizing delivers 95% efficiency and vaporizing there are capsules available and they take a little bit of time take a couple hours before you feel the effects of those particular capsules and then there's different forms that you're probably maybe using a tincture of some sort that's mixed in with another oil whether that's olive oil or MCT or mcg yeah that's what's on the bottle here and one other way you can use it as topically and I frequently encounter people who have an injury or burn or a laceration or painful area and I have them rub it right into that area of pain and get relief within a few minutes yeah well I actually have been doing that where I have a little mark on my skin here and after I've sprayed there's a little bit of residue and I just take dinner and I've rubbed it and I've noticed a change that was random I was speaking with my wife today but then she's like are you really seeing something I don't know you just you know you talked about your vision thing and now your skin and you know that's that that's the common thing that I get feedback is they say whiz this is this placebo effect you told me I might feel something like this I I think it's Bo it's it's just my imagination that these things are getting better I don't completely understand that when you have symptoms before and then they're go away after you take this food then why wouldn't you attribute it to the food but more often I get placebo that I've hypnotized them into thinking that they've made these improvements mm-hmm so it's good to know then so just coming back to understanding with the dosage why's that yeah I can play with the different dosages there's no problem I mean we're not you know the biggest dosage I think I saw but does it go up to something like 20% or 40% a tincture I mean are those only really use for those seizure patients those cancer patients is that what they need to take well there are some but I don't use I don't recommend high doses of CBD for cancer patients and the epilepsy I there are a few that have – hey take some high concentration but I always recommend a full-spectrum product and you don't usually get the full spectrum in those really really concentrated product so I'm I'm not enthusiastic about that and there's that's so rare I don't see those cases very often and but I do make I do just continue to adjust the dosage and maybe use some compliments compliments to the endocannabinoid system like the Omega threes or maybe some of the other cannabinoids that are available like baby carrier phlegm and which is actually it comes from broccoli extracts I mean correction that comes actually comes from hops and basil and oregano so it's one of those oils that we get in a lot of the foods stuff now in the study that I'm doing here we're combining it with whole body vibration so that it's a exercise stimulation that also goes into it so as part of the improvement of the individual they need to be considering all those healthy aspects like exercise diet sleep quality meditation all those things that we've known about and a good healthy diet hopefully incline people towards a ketogenic diet but you people have also had great success using a a vegetarian diet that excludes modified products that are have been adjusted or fabricated in some way so it you know this it just is good to know then so it doesn't mean the the stronger the dose that a company might sell the the better is going to be for an individual for general health they don't you don't have to think like that you can go for those lower percentages and and as you said just adjust and titrate and just see how how you respond and how you feel for whatever you're achieving so I just the last one I want to ask about is just diabetes then because that does seem quite exciting I mean I've had a lot of guests on the show who've talked about different about insulin resistance and diabetic control in there and so how does a CBD oil help someone who's got say type 2 diabetes or my question was even type 1 diabetes I was asking it some type 1 diabetes patients like with this insulin resistance do you know anyone who's taking CBD oil who's he's doing like a continuous glucose monitor check or something that what what does it actually do to their body well I dunno I have an eight-year-old child who's using CBD and he has had some dramatic improvement his blood Sugar's have dropped at 30 points he's general he's gaining weight after being depleted he has type 1 but he's in the honeymoon phase meaning that he still has some insulin production and he's been able to cut out his long-acting insulin and he just uses short-acting insulin along with a ketogenic diet because diabetes is a carbohydrate disease and you got to stop the carbohydrates in order to control the diabetes now obviously if you're taking insulin you're gonna have to be careful about that but any diabetic whether it's type 1 or type 2 should be reducing the carbohydrates to the lowest level CBD acts as to improve the signaling within the body and reduce the the inflammation and protect different cell types against damage from elevated glucose so it's protecting the eyes is with kidneys on the liver on the brain all of those areas are being protected whereas it's also shifting the metabolism so that there are actually more glucose receptors on the muscles that are active and taking up more glucose and leaving less behind inside the bloodstream there's a number of protective factors that go into this and I think that they are going to be enough to reduce the complications of diabetes that we would normally see even including atherosclerosis and you touched on that earlier about the research component and it's not really been tested in humans is this more the legality issue that in different countries that cannabis itself even if it's hemp or marijuana is being blocked at a legislative level that that's the reason these human studies aren't being conducted well in the United States it's actually being blocked at the administrative level the the current administration is blocking the law actually blocking the laws that an attempts to legalize the use of of hemp and hemp products that have come from the Congress Congress has actually passed two laws that said basically you can use industrial hemp with very little amounts of THC forever whatever you want to use it for and the Department of Drug Enforcement Agency is blocking that and reinterpreting the legislature law now they're not supposed to do that but that's what's happening at the present time and the DEA is insisting that Congress be more specific in their laws and congressmen have written the DEA said my goodness we have told you very specifically we don't understand so there's a barriers that are within the administration it's less so within the legislature is just getting those two areas to understand the the huge potential benefits for helping patients as well as the financial saving because if we substitute cannabidiol for a lot of our health care problems we would be able to take care of the opioid epidemic we'd be able to solve Alzheimer's disease and dementia we'd be able to preserve liens from traumatic brain injury get people back to work and functioning for PTSD and a host of other problems yeah well I think anyone who's been listening up to this point hopefully they're excited about it as we are and yeah I I would suggest to anyone listening to this try it out you know see how it goes I've had a very positive experience so far the the information you shared dr. Blair has been amazing you know that the documentary I'm going to share in the show notes too it's just mind opening to say that yeah this is a safe substance it's not something that's going to make you high and this the only seems are positive which you know it's like it's a no-brainer and it says just try it out see it's not going to do you any harm so just coming to the end of our conversation there what are the best ways that people can follow you keep up with the information that you share do you have any specific links you'd like to share for listeners at this stage well I forget I'm on youtube and I've got quite a number of lectures 40 lectures that are being discussed up certainly on Facebook and I do postings occasionally it's quite there's a number of followers in that area in addition I do interviews and podcasts with people like you Kerry and I'm always trying to get the word out I also go to a number of different conferences and talk to bail and I take consultations and somebody wants to do a consultation if they go through the election all company then I'm a medical adviser for them and they can actually engage me for a few minutes and a dialogue to get a protocol that they might want be using and that's the election all company is e Li X Ino and there's a UK version so they're active in the UK as well as South Africa so those are places that go and I I have my own website but it's M it has some limited information on it at dr. Blair MD at and then probably if you want to find out more about cannabidiol one of the best sources that i recommend for people is project CBD dot org it's important that you have the org and not the dot-com in that okay fantasy and again our link to all of those resources in the show notes for listeners I just want to say dr. Blair thank you so much for the information you shared today I've been enlightened a lot I feel like I've learnt a lot so I understand more about the products and I look forward to just seeing what else it can do for me terrific it's been a pleasure to be talking with you about this amazing substance you

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    Iffland K, Grotenhermen F. An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies. Cannabis Cannabinoid Res. 2017;2(1):139–154. Published 2017 Jun 1. doi:10.1089/can.2016.0034

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