How Are Aucklanders Saving Water?

I feel I’d like to say disgusted, but I don’t know. I just feel that it’s wrong. Not the fact that we need to to do it. It’s the fact that we’re in that position. Buzzy, I didn’t think in a place like Auckland, as populated and as resourceful as it seems, it’s buzzy that it’s running out of water. Really but it makes sense. It’s been, what, 45 days without rain? So yeah, I guess it makes sense. With the amount of people that live in Auckland and New Zealand we don’t have enough resources and definitely we don’t have enough water for everybody. So we have to be smart about these types of things My son told me not to wash the car and don’t water the garden. It’s only me at home so I don’t use much water. I try and only do full loads of washing we don’t flush the toilet every time we use it, gross, but it saves water. Now that I’m aware I’ll be a lot more conscious of it, for sure. Probably in the shower is the worst one, no more half hour showers ay. Keep it to five minutes. Cold water showers. That’ll get them out of there real fast. For me it won’t be such a big adjustment and I think I can get used to it I think people also should because like I said though, this is very important. Well, if you’ve gotta do it. You’ve gotta do it. We’ll be definitely fine. We’re used to it. We need to be much more mindful. It’s been so hot And it’s been so dry the summer that even though when we turn on the taps water comes out there’s potentially still a couple more dry months to go. So if you don’t need it, don’t use it. Please. please don’t.

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