for my next rival nice to beat this this guy starving to death somebody grab really sorry you want me to have a heart attack was watching a trial on my daughter threatened me somebody grabbed some Clippers fucking beard is weird I just spent too many minutes why some little videos a shitty wannabe rappers dissing me I have spent too many minutes why some little babies of the shitty wannabe rappers there let me start by saying didn't think you were the type to be a bitch bully bison JV behind I ain't the type to believe a bitch light on the trigger I'm twitching pitching a tent like I'm itching the farm peep down the scope of my pissed away fuck suck my dick in the tu-16 then take to its I don't give two shits Kells Crippen I'm just go up and fucking do wheel didn't burn her nails kitchen Mel Gibson you just rebel Wilson you like Richard Nixon I'm fucking Stewie Griffin 40 million copies and a Rexach game design of God and Roth ever was the shit we listen once and then we all forgot it rock star you fucking whores I'm a genius up up with docks man put the pencil blast off fucking again let's myself you finally tarnish a boy beat you don't know me Tony used to be an idol but that's not the way it's going on even in the next life we couldn't be homies humble Can I grab your bags welcome to hotel Diablo me oh shit that's how it's gonna be now you used to be a goat but now I'm at this you tell you see now terrorizing family and dog shit on every freestyle but I can't says what you get when you fuck with the crocodiie better but now the bullets murder you like the first blood of Rambo breaking your supercar faces his silence up the lamb bones piss on the double excellent take your shit on the dyad low on the slate but then I got the tango I'm a bun you like Tabasco can up a little rap like Hannibal no straps I'm an animal of wrath and I've had it with your raps I'll turn this bitch to dust like Dettol some go snap only time I'm saying no but you don't know me used to be an idol but that's not the way it's going on even in the next life we couldn't be homies apple Can I grab your bags welcome to haunt of the upload

37 thoughts on “HOTEL DIA-BLOW ME

  1. Like MGK says β€œALL THESE FAKE WANNA BE RAPPERS TRYING TO DISS ME” hahah point Proven ! You suck homie don’t quit your day job

  2. Not even gonna talk about the song itself.. What I will say tho, is that you talked about the reason you're so mad at mgk is cuz he dissed a rapper that helped you through shit.. Then shouldn't I diss eminem? I like Em and Kells, but MGK helped me through a lot of shit and a lot of other people too. Js

  3. I had high Hopes for this song until I heard it and you feel attacked homie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you'll feel that way now the article I read basically called you a wannabe

  4. The toilet in this album art complements the content of this particular "song"

    I know you're tired of hearing this from people, but it'll only get worse. This is on Google News and being advertised. Many people are gonna see this. I expected the song to be good.

    The audio is low quality, there's no flow, you freely add or subtract syllables that confuse the listener as they have no idea what the actual rhyme scheme is like, you overuse rhymes. Honestly it sounds like you wrote a half assed poem at 4 am, made a beat at the lowest quality sound and slapped the two together. The beat is also way to slow for your rapping speed, which is hard to say because your rapping varies in speed throughout the song at random points. In some points it sounds like it might revive itself but then it immediately lets you down with another 3 words to a line or minus two, or is just you using the same word like 4 times in a row.

    The worst song I have ever heard. Maybe study (a lot) and try again if you still want to try.

  5. I'm a Eminem fan and a rapper but I agree you should of came harder on this one and I think MGK album was alright but there's no coming back from eminem diss

  6. Sad part is I feel like this song is a better diss than Rap Devil, also notice how I said diss. Definitely not a better song.

  7. You need to expand your vocabulary. Plus you need a better following before you come at the throat of a legend.

  8. reading through the comment section I dont know what these people are talking about when they say this shit is wack. The bars are good, but some of the punchlines could use some work since they seem a little juvenile and dont pack a hard punch. I love the beat and concept though and think overall its a solid 8/10. Definitely gonna be waiting for some new content and best of luck to your career. Rap game needs more dope lyricists like you

  9. See this is exactly what mgk is talking about in floor 13 little shitty wannabe rappers …..eminem would be ashamed if he knew how lame and gay some of his fag fans are…

  10. As long as I'm shady you gonna have to live in my shadow and that's exactly what hotel Diablo shows him doing. This is a good dis track fuck the keyboard "warriors"

  11. This is dope!!! You just need better beats. Hmu. I got some on my YouTube for exclusive sale. One beat – One owner. Check in out

  12. Damn bro delete this, get Em's dick out your mouth and let em be his own man. your trash keep your day job cuz spitting ain't for you my G so just keep swallowing em nut ya fag

  13. Lol…this guy got guts..yow better u push an ice cream cart my aint in mgks league…m n m wanna be….let mgk n mnm do their thing …stay away

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