Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.05.06]

Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.05.06]

(Episode 1) Hello. Hello. Here. Oh, my. You shouldn’t have. I made a little extra as I made my husband’s. Green veggie juice is good for stomach troubles. I see. Thank you, ma’am. Sure. Dad, the weather is nice today. Yes, it is. Is your back okay? Hey, kiddo, I’m still… Whoa. Whoa. Easy. Easy. Be careful. I’m fine. What is that sound? How pretty. How pretty. Where is your mommy? Are you hungry? Would you like me to bring you milk? You are so pretty. It’s coming up, right? What is? Oh, the exam result? Yes. Why the lukewarm response? It can’t be due to the lack of confidence. Why do you think that? You already took the college entrance exam. Why? A level-7 civil servant won’t do it for you? Are you still hung up on the entrance exam? No. Or do you still want to go to law school? I swear it’s not that. Then what is it? Did you like being a civil servant, Dad? I did. There was job stability. They paid my salary on time and your tuition. Why? It doesn’t appeal to you? Well… Alas, it can’t be helped. You’ll only suffer as your mom finally came to terms. You go ahead. What about you? A salon chair is broken. I must earn my keep somehow. Then I’ll come help you. I’m all set, kiddo. Go on. I’m off. Geez. Did the shoot go on all night? Yes. Shouldn’t you get a manager? Later. You poor thing. Put this here. I’m home. Mom. Mom, are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. Mom! I said I was fine. Mom, it’s not that Fire. Fire. Fire. What do we do? Oh, no. Fire. Fire. Don’t just stand there. Oh, no. They’re burning. There is water right here. Hurry up. Hurry. Hey! Mom. Mom, I’m sorry. Move. Move, move, move. Hurry. Hurry. It’s out. It’s out, Geumdong. It’s okay now. It’s okay. Goodness me. Such madness first thing in the morning. Mom, here’s something to calm your nerves. Thanks. That stupid plate couldn’t have cost much. Plates these days don’t shatter. It wasn’t about the plate, was it? Then what? Mom, it will work out this time. Don’t worry. I hope so. What? You are so aloof. Geumhui’s procedure was yesterday. IVF. Oh. Did it go well? She got two implanted this time too. So you thought it would be luck if the plate shattered? And you made all that porridge and bulgogi for Geumhui? He has no appetite too. It wasn’t just for Geumhui. But I’m eating just fine. I don’t have an appetite. You didn’t think of me? You’re on a diet. I really hope it works. How many times has it been? Is this the fifth or sixth including IVF treatments? I don’t know. Is that important right now? Of course it is. Do you know what that does to a woman’s body? Mom, it apparently wreaks havoc. How could it be good for her? So if it doesn’t work this time… Hey! You startled me. Why say it won’t work? Why? You will scare her baby away. Hey! Okay. Did you just get back? Yes. I’m exhausted from the all-night shoot. One might think she is a superstar. Mom, she will hear. I did hear it. Geumdong and Geumhui aren’t your only children. I’m your child too. What’s your dad up to? So this works. This is the problem. I’m in trouble. Did you go somewhere? Just to the guard house. I had to do something since he had surgery. You tossed and turned all night. How do you feel? Oh, no. Did I keep you up? Who cares about me right now? Do you have bloating like last time? Your stomach is distended. I don’t know if it’s stomach bloating or swollen ovaries. Let’s get you hospitalized. Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as last time. And the doctor said some bloating is a good sign. My poor dear wife. I don’t mind so long as it happens this time. Our baby. It will. Don’t stress about it. Okay. I’ll bring you your juice. Your shot first. It’s time. I’m lucky though that I can get the shots at home thanks to you. I’m glad I can do this at least. All set. It’s okay. I’ll do it. Everyone at the online infertility cafe envies me. It’s hard going to the doctor’s every day for the shot. Of course it is. Wear this later. When did you get this? You looked old on TV. Are you going straight to the TV studio? Yes. Much better. You look like a young bachelor. Blinded by love. Don’t women hit on you? Sure they do. All the time. I get asked out for coffee. So? Do you say yes? Should I? I suppose it’s just coffee. Should I get “I am Wang Geumhui’s man” tattooed here? Don’t make me laugh. Are you okay? Yes. Drive safe. Bye. You must have just moved here. Yes. Last week. You must be newlyweds. Oh. Do we look like newlyweds? No? No. We’ve been married for over 10 years. Oh, my. I thought you were newlyweds. So are you pregnant with a belated surprise? Pardon? Oh… The seven-year itch must not apply to you. What? Seven-year “pitch”? Did you just say seven-year “pitch”? It’s just a feeling I get. Know how to say it first. Hey, Ju Sangmi, don’t slight me. You got terrible grades in high school. I would have done very well too if I had tutors. Geez. It’s seven-year itch, not “pitch.” When a couple becomes bored with each other. See? We’re not married or in a relationship. I suppose not. Seven-year “pitch.” Let’s stop seeing each other then. That’s not what I meant. Now that I think about it, you did bore me last night. Oh, please. I did my best. Geez. You are so testy. Aren’t you hungry? Should we get room service or go down for the buffet? Whether it’s room service or the buffet, knock yourself out alone. I have to pay rent too. Excuse me? Niece Sangmi, were you out all night? Good day. Busybody. What is the world coming to? Good grief. Ow. Excuse me? Are you saying it’s my fault? That’s what you’re implying. What kind of agency are you? You should send properly trained people. This one didn’t even know her place… What do you think you’re trying to pull? What are you trying to pull? What did I do? What’s this? What is that? I’m asking you. You’re putting gemstones in salad now to waste money? Oh, no. I got it done just yesterday. How annoying. Why did you force me to make breakfast? Why can’t you be a better boss? How many has it been? I’m so desperate I could dig her out of her grave. Lady Jeonju. Not as desperate as I am. You said this housekeeper was okay. She got upset and left because I doubted her. Did you apologize? Why would I apologize? You didn’t apologize after doubting someone? It didn’t warrant an apology, Dad. Right? Yes. Did you see my earrings? I left them here, but they are gone. “Didn’t you clean this area just now?” That’s all Mom said. But? The housekeeper said Mom may have misplaced them. Right. Didn’t you misplace them? Yes, she did. Mom was confused. So you told her you found them, right? Shouldn’t that have been the end of it? Exactly. But she asked me for a formal apology. I didn’t say she stole them or did a body search. Demanding an apology over a few words? It was like she were the boss. But you did doubt her. So? I’m sure the housekeeper sensed it. I get what you mean, Dad, but Mom said she found them at the sauna with a bashful look on her face. Shouldn’t the housekeeper have known Mom’s words and expression were an apology? One should read people’s intentions properly, not analyze them however one wants. Exactly. Never mind. Enough already. Have a nice day. By the way, should a young lady stay out all night? I’m a divorcee, not a young lady. Move out if this is how you’re going to be. I’ll be too lonely alone. Then remarry. I’ll think about it. Good grief. Good grief. Get to work instead of badgering the poor girl. I should leave this godforsaken house. Exactly. Why does he want to state the obvious? After a night out, come back after your dad leaves so I can avoid his nagging. Okay. Where were you? What’s it to you? Mind yourself instead of staying at hotels and starting rumors. I can’t stay at motels though. I’m not kidding, child. A scandal will ruin your marriage prospects. Don’t be such a worrywart. Aren’t you going to remarry? You said you’d think about it. I will think about it. I must marry and have kids before it’s too late. That is why you should mind yourself. Mom, do you know any “SMM”? SMM? A self-made man like Dad. What? When I think about it, it won’t be too bad living like you. Rather than be slighted by rich or famous in-laws, wouldn’t I be better off doing the slighting? Do I look happy to you? Maybe not happy, but aren’t you doing okay? Look. My face is drooping. Should I really look for an “SMM” for you? I think it will be fun. It’s me. I’d like a facial today. When can I come? Are you upset that Sangmi was out all night? Get me an abalone porridge to go after you drop me off. Okay. Why did the latest housekeeper leave? Did you look into what I asked for? Pardon? Oh, that? Of course. He is held in high regard, especially in facial contouring. Really? Are you going to recruit him? Find out Han Junho’s schedule today. Hello. Hello. How are you? Great. Thank you. Your appearance last week caused a big stir. W-Why? Our rating hit over 10%. Wow. That’s amazing. We invited you again as the director sang your praises. Thank you. Okay. We will begin the shoot. Applause. Cue. I’m Lee Jeongmin of “Good Doctor: Your TV Physician.” Today, we will learn all about facial contouring in our second anti-aging episode. Plastic surgeon Dr. Han Junho joins us again. Hello. Hello. I’m plastic surgeon Han Junho. They say these days beauty comes from the shape, not the individual features, of your face. How is contouring different from other procedures? Facial contouring changes your overall look rather than piecemeal changes blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty brings. Geumju. What is all this? Why didn’t you call for me? That chair was close to being fixed… Who can I blame but myself for mentioning that chair? Geumju, get down here. What do you want Geumju for? So she can take these to Geumhui. I’m sleepy. Can’t you have Geumdong do it? Yes, Mom. I’ll take them. You can’t drive. What if you cause an accident? Dad can take them then. Yes. I’ll do it. No. She’s probably not feeling well, but if you go, she will bring out fruit at least. Really? And someone’s coming to do the walls in the small room. Why did you hire someone instead of asking me? You can’t redo the walls. You even broke my chair. Redoing walls is different. How much did they ask for? What did you agree on? Take these to Geumju’s car instead of babbling. Okay. I can replace the wallpaper though. Hey, Wang Geumdong, if you fail the exam, be my manager and practice driving. That wretched girl. Tell her to put the kimchi in the fridge tomorrow. Geumdong, your exam is over. Why don’t you go out with your friends? I will. Do you need spending money? It’s okay. But… Here. Get a drink with your friends. It’s okay. I have money. No, you don’t. They say be successful if you feel slighted. I’ll show Mom. There’s definitely something. But why won’t it come to me? How odd. Why won’t it come to me? It’s coming, coming, no. How odd. I should have started it differently. What in the world? Hey, mister! Hey, homeless man! Darn it. Oh, come on. A bum? No way. Geez. Leave them. Right? Why is there a bum in an apartment complex? He could be dangerous, so tell your security guard to be on the lookout. Okay. But what’s all that? Perilla porridge and “bulgogi” beef. Oh. Mom said to put the kimchi in the fridge tomorrow. Why did Mom go to so much trouble? Mom is really hoping it will work out this time. I’m just saying. Oh? What are you knitting? Baby cap. Do you have a good feeling about this one? I’m just knitting it. It will take this time. Mom and I both have a very good feeling. Thanks. Hi, Junho. Did you just get done? Geumju is here. Mom sent perilla porridge and stuff. I’m okay. You too. You two amaze me. Why? How are you guys still so in love? You must be envious. But there’s always betrayal in the reenactments I do… TV is just TV. Don’t you know I’m Junho’s one and only? He certainly is crazy about you. But there can be temptations. Junho won’t fall for any temptation. Yes, Professor Ju. How many times do I have to tell you? It just stalled. I don’t know. What is your name? Yes. Your name. Mr. Jo Yonggi, This is the basement parking lot of YJ Plastic Surgery, and I know nothing about cars, so send someone here right away. Understood? You need to move. Hi. It’s me. It’s me, Ju Sangmi! Yes, Sangmi. Underground parking lot? Why? This isn’t a good time. Okay. I’ll come down. What’s going on? Who is it? It’s Sangmi. Her car stalled, so she wants me to… You should call an auto service center, not bother my busy staff. Be quiet. Bye. Hurry up and move. Can’t you see the bottleneck you’re causing? Hey. Aren’t you going to move your car? Hang on. Someone is coming. Are you kidding me? Can’t you see that I’m in a rush? Not my problem. What? Did you just touch me? Why you little… Stop it. I’m Ju Sangmi, the director’s daughter. Do you have plans? No. Then would you give me a lift? I’ll drive you. Your dad will be the death of me. I can do a better job than them. What’s with your voice? Any news on her? Your birth mother. Why are you suddenly bringing her up? Byeon Myeongja, you will get it from me!

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