Hitbox Doesn't Work Anymore! - Best of LoL Bugs #603

Hitbox Doesn't Work Anymore! – Best of LoL Bugs #603

I think them so when I'm not young I have to dodge this arrow Oh what not hit me are you kidding me what I'm facing this way what I'll listen to in a sec hold up oh I need to kill stuff like how can these interactions just be like that why are these interactions like that eyes I'm sure g2 will be sad to learn that they still can't mute their comms in pro games where's Cathy yes areas good verse Kat oh my god that was fucking clean how does only goodbye rise to be that so lately I've playing ton of TMZ somebody hungry for fucking blood their souls – please thank you Oh what also for azor do it in pussy I love this game so much it's just so fun it's just such a fun game isn't it guys Miney it's fine I need the Deaf dancing I didn't need that dance I didn't need it oh that was kind of nice huh don't want to that's bad life see another look at this one I think you were right small screen for me to see if it looked like it was the back end from the bloomerang play that caught whip oh he fancies his chances he turns around looks for the counterfeit because he could just walk it out right now no he wants he knows that this is his chance to shine waiting for this Oh hey my god that was fucking dirty I got it boy sorry we taught email Ramos oh sure what use this there we go where I got it ha ha ha ha baby yeah baby fuck you Annie oh my god am cleaner for the auto and the new ultimate partner may be able to have enough time a little VIN stuff please get a stay okay okay kill this guy already hey we did it okay optic walks up aggressively and does whatever they want and here we go again the combo started the fight is here Mika has to try the hosta this time along with the watch good auto-steer and even a decent candidate although but an absolutely massive old again by dog he's gonna give him another triple Johnson may be the recipient of the quadruple ablaze all cannot leave for too much longer that's gonna be for do they try and chase the quarter or the Penta for Donnell it's set up the going for an attack he does get in a pentakill to cap it all off and end the eighth game sliders optic upset

25 thoughts on “Hitbox Doesn't Work Anymore! – Best of LoL Bugs #603

  1. C O N T E N T S ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ :

    0:00 Makariagaming

    0:07 i0ki

    0:22 Shiphtur

    0:35 TF Blade

    0:51 Jankos

    1:05 Sepekuu

    1:19 Wingsofdeath

    1:40 Tyler1

    2:15 Dchoi2ac

    2:29 Elite500

    2:47 Brokenblade

    2:58 Bustin

    3:11 FM Jayce

    3:44 AdrianRiven

    4:07 Tyler1

    4:24 Brokenblade

    4:34 TF Blade

    5:01 Riot Games

    5:18 Brokenblade

    5:32 AdrianRiven

    5:51 Elwind

    6:00 Impact

    6:20 GP

    6:36 GymRat

    6:51 Karasmai

    7:14 Illaoiabuser

    7:24 Igorbonebusch

    7:37 Tyler1

    7:59 Jackspectra

    8:16 Spaceaidz

    8:28 Riste

    8:43 Mrospf

    9:00 TF Blade

    9:23 Riot Games

    All stream links in the video description, enjoy!

  2. idiots call it hitbox
    people who have a brain know it's the lag compensation that's causing this and they're downgrading servers? 🙂

  3. 4:00 "I didn't need Death Dance"
    Of course you didnt, you just needed this shield that is at least triple than your actual health

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