Hilton Hotel Manager Vs Customers (Full Clip)

Hilton Hotel Manager Vs Customers (Full Clip)

is asking why please please please do ignorant nation is not in my system warning me away from my counter whoa this is so unnecessary using are necessary and call conference to the state trooper please never I'll never see another body I'm gonna go from zero to two anyway like I said I came here so I can so I can apologize to you and tell you that I eat your ice elegy I need you to step away and I'm dying and they're gonna be illogical right now I have been teaching two big duties all your customer and great and internet ready to please and think that's fine but this is there's I'm gonna try to customer service I mean yeah yelling at you I'm gonna ask me to get your belongings or that we're not yelling at you it's not even checkout time we lose about an hour and Jess you get your things we don't have an hour so please don't air so please do not enjoy but what are we saying though I mean we're not yelling absolutely anybody we can learn uh yes try to be very respectful no one said we wouldn't leave they want special treatment darlin I've never been treated like this in my life anybody's the same thing as I lied on this one up it's a relationship yeah but I don't know how yeah I don't know okay that's all of that before I was like calm down I wanted to talk about it they'll be here momentarily thank you then they're gonna ask you to leave what do you think you're gonna accomplish by standing here I don't get it I hope you do take this poor friend I mean I'm gonna use this as an internal thing when I fly back to Miami I cannot wait and ignorance is when somebody first off it was your business you should have sent someone beside your sister if it's on your card secondly I am the GM I'm telling you internally I check your reservation was canceled by a third party which is not on our end nor is anyone in the system one of you whoever booked it what she said she didn't know which would fall on whomever that might be would be one of you so so how is our hotel here there's nowhere else to put you you're lucky you got in a room for what we did do for what my girl had last night she contacted me and I did check internally last night but ignorance is Glinda think you guys are just blazing this morning and then to ask for a cop that's four out of the hotel one swipe in you're not welcome no we do not have your names and so what do you think should happen you think you should stand up here to place the business and call and complain and handle yourself right there's the business office and you have corporate complaints walk yourself right in there huh I'm not afraid I don't know what you people think well first of all I do not want to talk we would argue with a bowl do you understand everything quick I know you got a chance are we gonna have a conversation answer or do you just have time do you understand the law is coming you've got an hour to get your belongings and leave my property do you understand can I make myself more clear discussions went out the window an hour ago when it took you 20 minutes to tell what actual problem was when there isn't one as hazard even better now right no I wasn't trying anything I didn't say that either I did not say that we have been from the beginning miss crystal have I ever at once she's reading my answer your question remember nobody called anybody in your lady no she said oh she said that you called them with her staffing pump I did not not at one time did I see that the young lady was very nice to us last night and I think I said that too soon she did the best she could it was very nice to us last night and we appreciate that she was she said that there were a lot of issues that's what she told us she said there were a lot of issues and she was trying her best to try to take care of it and she did accommodate us and we appreciated the fact that she accommodated us and you're right I should have been the one to come and talk to you she just wanted to handle it because she is she does work with Hilton so she wanted to just have me have the best experience possible so I wasn't asking for a refund I was asking like she had told us she told us last night she said you'll want to come downstairs and ask for the rent the room that I had actually reserved which was a two queenly so that's what we were attempting to do was just be able to move to our cleaning like I booked weeks ago through the Hilton app and so and I had even checked into my room already I checked in the room 207 was the room that I had had a requested and then when we get here we find out that it was canceled so to our surprise our room was cancelled so no one knew that it was canceled until we got here so all we were trying to do was try to make sure figure out what was what was the issue and every other hip hotel I've gone to we're able to talk through it and get accommodated just not even not even not even no man I want to talk to is you yes ma'am and I understand that and that's in the dictionary this is the one I chose because this is nearest to my grandmother's house because we came here to for a for an event for my for my grandmother so we have someone to be able to mediate this conversation is okay you don't have a reservation we accommodated you to the hill I asked you to check out into the Levin miss Lauren if you need to make your things miss Lauren we don't allow that Calvin we don't check out the checkouts not till 11:00 cuz now you're taking it to another level you're taking it just be calm and never miss right this is a joke and if you're with corporate how do you think this is okay how do you think this nominate a woman and you're the two most pathetic things I have seen this year in its geography not educated you don't fool me I work for a company and ask for police escort back into your job we did not absolutely sex or no but you're about yours knowing you're the only words in there and you're thrown just because you work for company and cause issues with other people we're not causing idiots who came to call actually pop an issue even Cory you don't know and you have no idea here at Michael are you I might get it that doesn't have already made that clear that we people would not be in your circle yes so we get that right you're you're above the people here because we're incompetent no no I never wanted my own things well why is it that you're not able to go like this she came and she spoke with you I apologize that I wasn't the person to you so then I come over here and I say I'd like to which is why I left her I said you had an issue let me deal with my oh no no no my sister I told my sister I said you had an injury issue these are not my hotels problems you people act crazy that is what I'm trying to do but you know well when did I are creating in that house taking Romans wind and iron crackling when did I act crazy we can tell the cop that when he gets for all the talk explain why you won't leave you can just get up great when did I act crazy you don't care oh my god when I stepped here you already went off on me what I need to do is to be here where I owe the cop is here sir could you please ask these two ladies to leave which we've tried to do the past hour so check out it we've asked them kindly to remove their belongings and leave my property they caught it thank you

29 thoughts on “Hilton Hotel Manager Vs Customers (Full Clip)

  1. What happened before this?? The video shows only the manager upset… Sounds suspicious.. I've seen this exact thing.. the guest started race baiting and started recording and acted all nice and tried to Sue but luckily it was already being recorded and their lawsuit was thrown out…

  2. Hilton y'all best get rid of that mgr before you have lawsuits coming out your butt that mgr was on you tube saying racial words & begin disrespectful I work for your chain & we would not be able to work there with her attitude her saying you ppl & ignorant y'all hired a racist she was fired from her last job Hilton stop doing back ground checks & start doing Facebook, IG & all the other sites if you really want to find out about how a person really is

  3. Wow I can’t believe this employee is really disrespecting this customer like this, this is unreal and unacceptable and I absolutely do not believe that bs “The customer is always right” but she’s wrong on so many levels. How many times did she say “you people” who the F*** is you people??? PLEASE PLEASE tell this idiot was fired💯💯💯

  4. Really? Pulling that racial card shit! I agree with the white woman. These ladies came looking for trouble even taping it in advance. They planned it.

  5. Classic uppity liberal black women misrepresenting themselves intentionally aggravate southern white
    women, AND THEN start recording. The MSM jump on it like a dog on heat, and ouila we have more fake
    news. Yep, seen it already and America isn't listening anymore.

  6. What a nasty white bit*H! Shes what makes me sick of my own color…😫😨YUCK!! HER SAYING YOU PEOPLE DRIVES ME WACKY AND MAKES ME WANT TO HUNT HER DOWN..!😁

  7. She was so unprofessional to the two guests . She needs to write a 1000 times “the customer is always rite”

  8. I am white mixed indian ,irish,and German. But that white trash female behind the counter running het mouth should be fired. Because I hear her racist remarks and her tone of her voice.she.not being helpful and not making an attempt to.a solution.

  9. Why is she so irate?? She should be fired!! There is no way she should be able to keep that job with this type of customer service and attitude! Disgusting behavior!! Calling them “you people” “ignorant” “fools” “stupid” I mean the insults go on and on! Saying get off my property like she owns the building. She got some nerve!!!!! I’m proud of these young ladies for being so calm because if it was me Honeyyyy I wouldn’t of been so nice!!!!

  10. This is absolutely horrible… so horrible. These ladies (the black ladies) are SUPER decent looking, very proper and well spoken and have such amazing manners. They were the most absolute calmest of anyone I’ve seen in videos like this. However, this white lady is embarrassing me since I’m also a white lady… this is just embarrassing. I just can’t believe the way she’s acting. Not only does Hilton (the actual Hilton’s who own Hilton hotels) have a specific image they demand all employees abide by, but this woman is going even beyond that. I’ve stayed at Hilton many times and I’ve never seen any employee act like this- even the ladies in the hallway who push the towel carts, if you were to stop them and ask them a question they are the kindest- calmest and most professional people I’ve ever seen in my life even if they don’t speak English they will go out of their way to grab someone who does to help you and answer your question with a huge smile on their face! I’ve never seen someone act like this. And then she tries to act like she doesn’t care she’s talking to a corporate worker – but she needs to care because that woman is over her head and she needs to have respect. If someone came in from corporate I’d be on my best behavior especially if I was a manager! How disrespectful. No offense to this white woman but she seems the type who goes home after work every night and has several glasses of liquor and a pack of cigs and is single with no kids, no grandkids and just a cat to keep her company. Who thinks she’s uppity and more special than anyone else in the world. I’ve seen her kind before… and she won’t even look at them while they’re talking to her which is her way of not even showing them basic respect. She is so wrong for this. And i hope it’s true that she was fired immediately because nothing would make me happier knowing that. I don’t even know these ladies and I want to apologize to them for how they were treated. This place made a mistake and they need to fix it plain and simple. The woman had a reservation so figure out why it was messed up! In any other situation the manager would reinstate that reservation and make it right or upgrade their rooms for no additional charge or make it right somehow with a million apologies. But this woman… this woman needs some serious help and I feel like honestly from the deepest part of my natural instinct that the help she needs to start with is Alcoholics Anonymous- I mean she seems drunk on the job even. I mean I could be wrong and I’m not going to just judge someone who I personally know nothing about other than her behavior in this video… but she’s sooo being such a cliche with that flimsy loose danky dress she keeps adjusting and the way she wears her hair and that jewelry, she’s the male equivalent of the most egotistical tool I’ve ever seen. She is almost dressed inappropriately in my opinion and needs to be more professional not only in her actions but her attire too. Then she laughs with the other white ladies as if they are listening or even care and they clearly don’t and are ignoring her… no one backed her up. They didn’t want any part of her tyrant of abuse. So I’m gonna pray for this woman God help her she needs Jesus. I wish that I worked for Hilton or any hospitality place like this, because if I did I would make it my mission to always be very respectful to anyone no matter what, and I would make sure to always carry myself with such respect too, as well as make sure that I always address people with kindness and calmness and respect. Just the way this woman made such horrible smirks and faces at these ladies upsets me! I would make sure to keep my facial expressions friendly and calm, and if the conversation warranted a long “talk” with the guest – then I would say “oh my gosh, I’m so sorry this happened, let’s step right over here and have a seat and sit down and talk this out and figure out how we can fix this for you promptly” and I’d take them over to the lounge area if need be, where they would be comfortable while I try to figure out a solution for them, I’d call my own manager and whoever I could to try and find a solution. In my 30s as a mom of 3, I don’t work anymore and my husband is the one who does the working and providing so that I can be a stay at home mom, and he’s so wonderful for that! But it’s situations like this that make me wish I did work and in a very public and customer service way, because I just wish I could be the one working the desk like this so I could make sure to treat everyone with the same respect as the next person no matter the color of their skin. This makes me so sad. There ARE kind good people in this world like me who wishes I could just undo the actions of people like this woman, but I can’t… all I can do is speak my mind about it and hope that at the end of the day my words make a difference for those who were harmed by such behaviors. Blessings to all.

  11. The fact that she said “you ppl” I would have said who is you ppl I don’t understand what you mean

  12. Can you believe this woman is so unprofessional, I wonder if she is still employed at this motel chain , if so God help us all

  13. notice she says "no one behind this desk cares"

    none of the other employees were talking but that was a tactic she used to implicate her colleagues (trying to influence them to say something, come to her defence etc.) in this event so that she was not the only person at fault

    a similar example albeit more extreme can be seen with the purge against Saddam's regime. dozens of plotters were sentenced to death and he implicated other members of his party in his crimes by ordering them to carry out the executions

  14. Ummm… I take a marketing class, and the number one thing that my teacher drills in my head is "the customer is always right", especially when it is a service. A hotel manager being that rude to a customer over such a minor issue is unheard of in the business world, so for anyone who says that the manager had a right to be angry knows nothing about basic customer service training.

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