I'm gonna be paying for things today with nothing but pennies we got an order the Coulomb Oh No dig in we should get going can we get the check thank you very much you can't just like freaking piggyback if you want to take it you know what am I gonna do with this what give you a trip where you should give me a credit cards I don't know there's nothing wrong with this so so it's because it's pennies if they were dimes and be fine those times I'm taking how are you come in here you're a snake and I take the stake I put in the blender and I give you a stake in the bullshit is that a snake why don't you go back in the kitchen because you're not helping the situation this is my restaurant this is absurd what is so crazy about me trying to pay for something with money because this the only reason $1 is $1 because it's worth a hundred pennies what is so dumb about this


  1. this is scripted. if you want to see the real thing, look up the guy who paid to get his car out of impound with all pennies. now that's hilarious

  2. @balla32636 I know this is an old comment, but I wanted to say it's incorrect. Businesses (and anyone) are legally allowed to refuse any form of payment and not serve you. However, since they already served him the food, thats a problem, because if they already served him he is required to pay. I would say they are required to accept it only because there was nothing posted or mentioned about them not accepting pennies. So I agree with you, but its not always the case.

  3. I did this in a Mcdonald's drive through. The people at second window were asking what was taking so long, and the guy in the first window actually said, "He's bustin' open his piggy bank over here." I got my food for free because there was I line.

  4. @donniedarkodevotte actually a lot of times regular people make these videos and then companies like Office Max will buy them for a fraction of what it would cost their own marketing division to come up with.

  5. It's an Office Max commercial and they are ALL acting. LAME. Fuck Office Max and their assorted variety of staplers and copy paper.

  6. Hey Girls & Guys, do you know where I can get the trumpet tune at the end, or what it is called…..It would be an awesome ringtone….. Happy 2011 to all!

  7. When I worked retail we would've been excited, always running out of pennies, dimes, and nickels. Can't change a five with a twenty.

  8. @shuffleknuckle5 Actually, he already ate the meal so it is now a debt. A penny is legal. The only choice they have is to take the pennys or forgive the debt.

  9. @shuffleknuckle5 you are pulling a bunch of bullshit out of your ass, they may have the right to ask for them to be rolled, but the only reason stores and such can deny the pennies is because they can stop them from buying something all together, in this case he has already eaten the food and the restaurant is left with little choice.

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  11. @ShadowXII You can't have him arrested he's doing nothing illegal.Usually you have to commit a crime to be arrested.They have to take the money weather they like it or not it's legal tender it's illegal to refuse.So the guy could have they owner arrested for refusal of his money.Ironic huh?

  12. money is money but sometimes larger is better especially when i comes to change banks will gladly exchange smaller amounts for larger ones in equil exchange. there is not a reason why that man cant pay with pennies but i understand the anger and emotion that the manager and cook had in the fact that he wanted to pay with an unmanageable currancy such as the penny. i realize why the man did it. it was to make a point good on ya man

  13. Fuck you idiot, this is complete bullshit and you know it. the penny is less than worthless, it shouldn't even exist. it cost more to make a penny than a penny is worth. someone should shove you in a blender and serve in a glass. i'd pay a bucket of zimbobway dollars for it.

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