Harry's Hotel in Pattaya -- $15 Include Breakfast With Girls

Harry's Hotel in Pattaya — $15 Include Breakfast With Girls

yeah hotel room coke hotel room can she saw me hotel room just I don't see a room you can show me some I bring customer for you many customer yeah yeah exactly a separate business okay okay I see this what name bar what name Harry okay nice rings how food – I just just to see room video about I make video for ya but I want to find new I know I don't move it this is Harry's Bar and restaurant located on SOI Diana 400 you know Wi-Fi is free this is a 700 baht room have cable TV there's the TV they're very soft bed so if you guys like soft beds this one's a good most usually they're hard you have a balcony overlooking uh okay so this is 700 okay you send me a magnet magnify that include bit okay yeah include breakfast yes here that guys includes breakfast yeah it's like a us breakfast her American coffee okay what about one month how much your boss Harry your boss has Harry and Harry your boss Harry honey Harry people wonderful of the about four months yeah okay say hi camera watch they got me nearly equal to mine for about 10% discount you 15 min okay I also have 500 baht it's a smaller tomorrow nominees than your fire department was over this IP window big ball for this I get back at me seven o'clock okay very good okay thank you very much what's your name ah okay guys if you need to talk to sow a business card okay okay I give so business card and you can talk to Sasha she take care of you very good good lady Ohio okay okay bye thank you thank you about right this place is on a soy Diana next to soy blue cow it's next to a Nemo's guest house and eat in massage shop they have a two-for-one special on our foot on our oil 300 have any customer come see video and you have another place here called even massage this is a Robbins guesthouse this is a pretty pretty big hotel it's a very close to SOI bukai over there and so LK metros right there you're right in the middle of the SOI bukata nightlife if you left so we'll cow if you come stay here prices aren't too bad good thing is I got free breakfast with this so it's a nice place to it's nice par if you stay here you got free breakfasts and you're right in the middle the ash

25 thoughts on “Harry's Hotel in Pattaya — $15 Include Breakfast With Girls

  1. Belechick and the NE Patriots skipped the white house and went straight to Thailand after winning the super bowl.

  2. Great Dish, burnt as hell? Drunken company, sore stomach, Constant insect Bítes, no money to pay, So will make run fór it in 3…2…1……….

  3. I am staying at this hotel now. EXTREME VALUE!! I booked thru agoda at 1260b for two nights. No free breakfast. Prime location off of soi diana and soi buakhow. Great deal.

  4. Nice place city Pattaya and Bangkok of Thailand country , so I will travel in Thailand surely in future ..👌

  5. Stop the broken english, it’s annoying. I noticed that the girl did not want to go with you by herself so that is why she wanted the other girl with her too.

  6. Good video, but if you need to sleep before 4am each day stay else where. South Pattaya has less noise.

  7. Looks nice !
    Should`ve got a couple of rooms here ; i was in Pattaya earlier this March and the hotel was by far the worst i`ve been in .

  8. Hi charlie,m from india,please make sure when u verify every hotel is this its guest friendly or not.plzzzz

  9. I am from India. I have to stay at your hotel. Tell me something right about booking what is right for your hotel booking and what is the process

  10. Seems very good value as it included breakfast. Room seemed clean. Bathroom would have been good to see. 700 baht is around 31 Aust Dollars. Cheap as !

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