Hannah B Starts Her Bachelorette Journey! | The Bachelorette US

Hannah B Starts Her Bachelorette Journey! | The Bachelorette US

You are absolutely stunning I look
you’re the only one that I wanted to be the next match for Raph
and now that I’m here actually holding your hands in real life seriously this
is just blowing my mind and I seriously cannot wait to get to know you on a
deeper level and just go on this adventure with you for the next batch of
the right well I’m an accent so my name is Nelson I’m so nervous
right now it’s same but I wanted to do a toast and I know but you know I know
sometimes nerves can get in the way of a toast yeah and we just have to go yeah
just go through it so here you are okay all right so cheers to the start of a
wonderful beginning yeah blah blah blah blah an amazing journey
and for us to get to know each other and also hopefully us choosing each other
every single day love it cheers Cheers yours better trust me better very
Sangamon I’ll take that oh man hey there hey yeah so uh my name is cam
I’m from Austin Texas yeah keep it Ward so I just wanted to say when they said
it was you it was a pleasant surprise now stand here look you straight in the
eyes all the other dudes got me feeling so stressed so I say all aboard hot mess
Express I’m ready for log and I’m ready to feast
I want to felt with you like I felt the hand of beast so take my hand and let’s
go for a ride this is the only time an Aggies gonna say roll tide and uh are you doing so nice to finally
meet her and I was really excited to hear that you were the next Bachelorette
and for me in starting our relationship it’s really important that we’re on the
same level so having said that made this specially for you I want to use this as
a first step we’re seeing eye-to-eye with each other as we start this journey
together so nice if they’re all good how are you look beautiful thank you
yeah um my name is Luke that’s two looks I now computer what’s your last name
initial yes okay oh okay that’s that we got that in common yeah well I know
you’re from Alabama they’re all tied yeah yeah and I don’t
go down south often okay but for you I’d go down any time all right
it’s great to meet you what do you think I’m liking when I’m in
good so far right yeah yeah maybe he met the love of your life
maybe says so it wasn’t enough to just start your journey you said you know
what let’s hand out a rose there are no rules
so let’s hand out our first rose so welcome to your first rose ceremony
we’ve never done this before so it could be a complete disaster and by the way
usually at the end of a rose ceremony there’s only one to hand out tonight the
rest of you would be going home that’s not really fair so you’re not going home
the rest of you will still be coming to the mansion on night one so yeah so it
takes a little pressure off but do you think you know what you’re gonna do with
this first rose I think so yeah I mean you were out a few Rose ceremonies do
you even know how to hand out a rose do you know how to do this I had the gist
that’s good enough do you have a little more appreciation for what Colton went
through now yeah for sure y’all are all really cool but I’m gonna give it to
somebody here really okay okay all right okay well if you’re ready I’m
ready all right something doesn’t feel right Kenny can I get a little mood
music Oscar lights please
oh yeah that’s better yeah Anna gentlemen this is the only rose tonight
Anna when you’re ready this is new for me girl but thank you all so much for
coming out here tonight I know that was super nerve-wracking but you’re also
brave and I can’t wait to see you all again this is one of the hardest
decisions I’ve made this season but you know you were all great too the one who
doesn’t I don’t know when to pick this up actually to those of you who do not
get this Rose I can’t wait to see you all back at the mansion and you know try
harder but no in all seriousness y’all were all
so great and it makes me really excited for seeing you all again and just the
journey that we all have together okay just do this now don’t Marilyn Dean since less I also don’t know how to put this on
I’ll help ya maybe we can just put in the pocket no I don’t feel like that’s
right but I feel like this looks like they did it yes all except this way to
try it again let’s try it again oh yeah Kim would you
like to accept this rose absolutely we’re just getting started congratulations cancer you

100 thoughts on “Hannah B Starts Her Bachelorette Journey! | The Bachelorette US

  1. Wait, I’m new to this show and Colton’s Bachelor season was my first of this franchise. Isn’t it usually a limo exist outside the mansion? Or is that it? It looks like a stage…

  2. A lot of us speak in a way for others to easily understand with their head. I think she is easy for the heart to understand, she is very intimidating to fickle men like Colton who are incapable of discovering a love that transcends verbal and physical communication. I don't know why but the depth and pure quality she personifies intimidates a lot of woman too. She said in an interview that "I may have scared him". I agree, it takes a real individual to pick a part why she's so special and react with their heart not their brains.

  3. I was hoping Hannah B. would be the next Bachlorete. She poured her heart out for Colton, and he pushed her aside in the end. Hannah deserved this.

  4. Although Tayshia should have been the next Bachelorette, I do really like Hannah B’s personality and her awkwardness and realness!

  5. I'm not a hardcore devotee of either Bachelor or Bachelorette, but I did get pulled into this season's Bachelor and right from the get-go Hannah banana ticked every box for me. Ridiculously gorgeous, down to earth, funny, goofy! – and literally glowing with positive energy! She'd better have a good roster of fellas to choose from….. or I'm Benjamin Buttoning and coming down there 😁. Go get em Hannah banana!!!

  6. Most awkward live television I’ve ever witnessed. Worst bachelorette choice I’ve ever seen. Won’t be watching ✌🏻

  7. Three days later Second time watching this. Listening to Hannas every word. Realizing she is smart, just suuuupeeeer nervous. Btw this vid still made me laugh even the second time around. You got this Hanna.

  8. Omg I love how awkward and quirky and just all around realistic she is!!! It’s so refreshing seeing someone be 100% themselves! I wasn’t sure about this choice at first but she has COMPLETELY won me over!!! Can’t wait to watch you fall in love HANNAH BEAST!!!!!!!

  9. Since I am a country boy from Georgia never watched the show before. But my good friend Luke Parker is on the show and any one that has ever met Luke I promise is a Luke Parker FAN! Good luck bro I’ll be praying and hoping for the best for you. “Let’s GO!!”

  10. Picking Hannah is like picking Trump for President😨after her any one can be the bachelorette just like any one can be President,oh brother

  11. I had my doubts but hannah is so stinkin adorable and she so relatable to us I think they gave her a villain edit but she’s so sweet and nerves got the best of her but by night 1 I think she’ll be ok I’m excited for her 💓

  12. I love her, she's acting like most people would in this situation. I'm glad she's herself and I hope they don't try to change her to be more "polished"

  13. Her reaction to the guy rapping is so cute! I adore her! So natural, fun, sweet, and perfect for this! Can't wait to watch her!!!

  14. Dear Bachelor Production, With Special Shout Out to Chris Harrison! This has made me get back on board! I was so disillusioned with Colton " insisting" on Cassie and all the fights, for the first time I wasn't going to watch. I don't want to miss a minute! Great job on sneak peak!

  15. Honestly I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this. Whoever didn’t enjoy this lives a sad bitter life tbh!!!!

  16. Hahahaha when she handed out the rose it took her forever because she forgot his name 😂 you can hear her mumble "I don't know his name"

  17. The MEN in the bachelorrette are getting more and more uglyier by time for me. I know I cannot base this cuz of their personality, bc I don t know how they are inside.

  18. I'm obviously in the minority on this, but I just don't like her. For Bachelorette or just period honestly. I think she's fake and puts on a sweet facade, but really isn't like that deep down. I wish they'd gone with the other Hannah. 🙁

  19. In my opinion i wont be watching it this time. I think they cast the wrong person. Yes she is nice and sweet but i think this is going to be a very boring bachlorette. Colton season was boring also and this is going to be even worse

  20. I never comment on these videos but MY GOD SHE IS MY FAVOURITE BACHELORETTE ❤
    She is so cute and so excited like i just wanna squeal with her😍😍
    I hope she finds love God bless her❤

  21. I think i like the old entrance coz theres no viewers infront of them atleast they can do what ever they want coz its not soo much akward 😂😆

  22. I couldn’t watch Colton’s season, even during Becca’s season he never seemed genuine to me, irrespective of the virginity plot that ensued. But I’m hyped for this season, she’s a breath of fresh air!

  23. I am sooo glad that they picked, Hannah! She is so awkward and quirky and I think a lot of us see ourselves in her. Love her!!

  24. I thought she was an unexpected random pick but her personality is now showing without 20 other girls,n it's beautiful, m kind of liking her

  25. I hope that this girl would have already a speech coach in place after watching her awkward journey start.  She needs to learn how to respond better and with a better vocabulary beyond the giggles and yeah if she is going to be in charge of so many men.

  26. GO CONTESTANT #2 YOU GOT THIS STEP BROTHER. (Im still mad at you for not taking me to Las Vegas)

  27. Judging from the trailers and everything, I’d say Luke has a huge chance of being in final 4 or further into this. What he said might be a bit cheesy I agree but I think it was way more natural then serenading and rose throwing on a girl one knows for 3 seconds app. I dunno, maybe it is a pet peeve of mine..Anyways it also certainly was so much more appropriate then making a stupid and cringy “I’d go all the way down” joke (seriously…..). I think most people calling Luke fake do it because of his appearence and try to validly frame it using words he used. I know he looks like a new Chad or a playboy but people should not be labeled. Anyways, I have a strong feeling he won’t be the season villain.

  28. This woman is exactly me in a different body. Silence is my name, and socially very very awkward and nobody understands me

  29. First time noticing Chris Harrison's personality and he seems smitten with Hannah B . He wants a rose LOL .

  30. am i the only one who is kinda surprised yet nottt surprised by luke’s height?!? lololol def explains a lottttt about why he’s soooo obsessed with bodybuilding/ himself 🙄

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