Geoffrey the Dumbass: Hanks vs. Cruise (w/Luke Kelly-Clyne!)

Geoffrey the Dumbass: Hanks vs. Cruise (w/Luke Kelly-Clyne!)

This is a HeadGum Video. So we’re hemorrhaging money. We haven’t been able to pay rent since the
last – Well let’s talk to Luke about his podcast first. Oh, sorry, what’s up? Hey, guys. So I wanted to chat with you about a new segment
we’re doing called, like, “Hanks vs. Cruise.” Wow. And it’s which Tom has the better catalogue. Oh, I like that! That’s fun. That seems like a quick debate though because
it’s obviously Hanks. See, that’s what you think it’s obviously
Hanks until you start digging in. Exactly, and I mean, I think Tom Cruise – Who? What? Who are you guys talkin’ about, is all? Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise? The two actors? Does he not know who Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise
– He probably doesn’t. Geoff, where’s your top lip? I told you, alright, I don’t know how many
times we have to go over this. It’s downstairs. Downstairs is where we are. Yeah. Oh. No way. Cool, man, well do you know any of the movies
that we talked about? Like maybe, uh, ‘Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise? That’s a big one. ‘Forrest Gump?’ Surely you’ve seen ‘Forrest Gump.’ No? Not even seen, have you heard of ‘Castaway?’ Have you heard of ‘A Few Good Men?’ “You can’t handle the truth!” Does that – What’s going on? That’s awesome, dude. It’s not awesome, dude. It’s frustrating, dude – Get his hands – Eh. How does he get dressed? Like, you see how sharp and, like, well put
together? That’s frustrating to me. Well he told me once that a bunch of birds
dress him in the morning, Cinderella style. Let’s try this way: what can you argue about? I could what? What can you argue about? Do you know what an argument is? It’s like a discussion, Geoff, when people
have opposing points of view. You’re pointing, but that doesn’t let me know
that you know what it is. Is that you thinking? Oh. How your face is different now? It’s so different to see. Where’s your jaw? Sorry, I was thinkin’ about some fond memories
from high school, you know, on the debate team, and such. What’s arguing? Wha – you were on the debate team and you
don’t know what an argument is? That’s arguing. What did you debate on the debate team? Oh, we used to make arg – we used to swim
cross country. Did a lot of theatre – So you had a lot of
extra-curriculars in high school but none of them were debate. It sounds like you did theatre and you swam
on a cross country field. Doesn’t make a ton of sense. I wanna try one more thing before I hop on
out and that is TV. This is more in my wheel house. Is it? I love the silver screen, the big screen calls
my name. That’s both feature films. Ask your question, just – Okay, I’ll just
ask him. So, TV actors, name two who you would think rival each other. Jason Lee, um – Name a show! Name a show you watch. It’s that one that’s like, ugh, it’s like
tightly scripted, you know? That’s what it’s like, its thing is that it’s
so written. Awesome, like a movie. Go ahead. ‘Whose Line Is It Any Day?’ Guys, I am getting out of here. Sorry about this, thanks, bro. See ya. I know he’s pissed so I’ll connect with him
later – Good friends. Nope. You guys seen that book, uh, it’s like, ‘Saving
Mr. Banks’ starring Tom Hanks? You are a dumbass!

75 thoughts on “Geoffrey the Dumbass: Hanks vs. Cruise (w/Luke Kelly-Clyne!)

  1. Curious as to how many times they have to do the scene over again because they crack up laughing or if they magically just hold it in hahahahaha

  2. The fuck? Now there's an Amir lookalike? Make a new series with both and format it like Jake and Amir just cuz you can 😉

  3. i wonder how long itll take until people instead of referencing old J&A vids will start to reference old headgum vids

  4. Let's put this fake Amir I mean come on this guy is one beard away from amirsville… with the fake Jake from the other episode and pitch a new show to trutV

  5. Luke: Guys I am getting out of here, sorry about this. Thanks bud, cya, I know he's pissed so I'll connect with him later.
    Geoffrey: Good friends.
    Luke: Nope.
    Geoffrey: nodes head

  6. Geoffrey has to be the most incredibly natural addition to these two jews, I'm in awe of the comedy chemistry here.

  7. If you were watching this series for the first time, you'd think it's just a bunch of white guys making fun of a brown guy, because he doesn't know American culture

  8. 2:29 Jason Lee shoutout! He's got the best 360 flips. Pro skater first, actor second. youtube video title for those of you who didn't know "Earl" skated > Jason Lee New Stereo Site Welcoming Tre Flip

  9. can someone please entertain me here? he is always dresses impeccable! he does use big words granted they may be in the wrong context and he was just about to say arguing when apparently he didn't even know what it was! GEOFF IS A GAHDAMN SNAKE OIL SALESMAN OF BEING A DUMB ASS!

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