Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Journey of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli

Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: Journey of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli

-Fred, I’ve — you know,
I’m lucky enough to know you. I’ve known you
coming up on 20 years. And I know that you are
a renaissance man. Is that fair? -Yeah, that’s fair. -Yeah, you don’t mind
that label? -I like it. Thank you.
-Yeah. You know a lot about everything. And I did not realize this. Because I knew
that you love films. And you love music,
but you are an art connoisseur. -Yeah, films, music
and, yeah, art. I love it.
[ Laughter ] -And you were telling me
you have an art historian’s knowledge
of every painting ever painted. -Yeah, every painting. -So I could show you any
painting right now and you would be able to give us details that
no one else here would know. -Oh, yes.
-Okay. This wouldn’t just be a thing —
and, again, please do not see this as
any kind of judgment at all. This is not a thing
you are just saying. And then you’re gonna
just make up a bunch of stuff? -No, this is real. [ Laughter and applause ] -Okay. It’s time once again
for our new segment “Art Aficionado Fred Armisen.” [ Cheers and applause ] This is Benozzo Gozzoli’s 1459
fresco “Journey of the Magi.” Fred, what can you tell us
about this painting? -This is a very,
very famous painting, one of the most famous ones
in the world. And the story goes, it’s painted
by — See, each individual that you see put in a request
to be painted in. [ Laughter ] The painter at first was like, “I’m doing one tree
in the middle of this canvas. And I can’t wait to be done. I’ll be done by 7:00. I’ll go out and have dinner.” So then there were very few
painters in this town. And then, like, each person
would come in and go like, “Hey, do you mind?
I am so sorry. I’ve got, like —
Like, could you just add me in? And add my horse and add my
camels and add some mountains.” So he was livid. This is a painting he was,
like, livid as he was doing it. Although at the end he was very
happy because it was complete except everyone
wanted to kind of, like, reach for it and touch it. And he was like, “This is wet!
This is wet paint.” [ Laughter ] -So as soon as he finished it, people who were in it
wanted to touch it? [ Laughter ]
-Well, you know, we laugh. But this is at a time where
people didn’t understand paint. -Okay.
-You know? [ Laughter ] -Right.
-So now, okay — -So, wait, the 1400s.
-1400s. They just want to reach in there
and be there. So they were,
you know, climbing — -So, wow. So what do you — Put me in the head
of someone in 1459. They see a painting and what do
they think is going to happen? -They think,
“I’m going that direction. I’m going to
walk up the mountain.” [ Laughter ] -They thought they could
just go into the painting? -How were they to know? -How were they —
Well, I mean, okay. It wasn’t the first painting. -It wasn’t the first painting,
but close to it. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You know, close enough. And, you know, in these
villages, painting was new. So that’s how this one was made. -So this is, like, this right
here, if we can zoom in. That’s just, like, his neighbor?
-Yeah, yes. That’s famously his neighbor,
yeah. [ Laughter ] -Thank you so much. Give it up
for Fred Armisen, everybody.

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  1. Stop with the not knowing shtick Seth. We LOVE this series and we’ve already established that you know.

    It’s all good don’t worry 👌🏻

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