100 thoughts on “FORD RAPTOR ROAD TRIP!!!

  1. Dumbass truck. Runs on Premium fuel. Empty your bank account to fill it. Just to look Cool in the parking lots called freeways in California!
    Hope they borrowed it. Or rented.

  2. Thats Def not the Ranger Raptor, Ed would never fit in the back of that. Not a Ford Fan but I do like the F-150 Raptor.

  3. Can you collab with dr matt carriker/demolition ranch? Overlapping vlogs from all of you would be fun to watch. He has a pink raptor so maybe you could drive it. He's a vet so you could talk about dogs. Then shoot guns at his outdoor gun range. Then have a drone flying contest to see who gets the best texas sunset view.

  4. Love ❤️ when you and Justine do vlogs together!!!! you both remind me of Me and my sister.. Awesome!!!
    ROTFL Justine thought it was a big german shepherd!!!🤣😂🤣
    Maddie has gotten so big, he’s sooooo cute.. Hi Maddie!!!

  5. I love the way you editor your video on YouTube and You make an amazing video on YouTube and I love watching your video on YouTube I am your biggest fan

  6. Poor car will never see any off road if Justine bought one. Also I don’t know why she doesn’t just trade he car in for one, it’s cheaper than her merc.

  7. Those zombie are an acquired taste. This way you can tell who's a talker and who's human. Cause you don't want them to turn full on zombie.

  8. "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" lol! omg I died lol Don't tell Justine I said this, but I like your channel a little better because you're a little more down-to-Earth than she is. Tell her not to hate me lol But your personality is so relatable. She's a little too optimistic sometimes and you're usually a little more "well this is life" lol

  9. this is going to make me sound super lame like i have no friends, but i want to be friends with you guys!! i miss the days when i'd go on trips with my friends and we'd just revel in each other's company and go on adventures. now everyone's married and has families, and i'm over here with my dog like, "let's go on a road trip!" 😐

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