First Time CRUISE Visit to Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Certainly Worth A Visit!

First Time CRUISE Visit to Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Certainly Worth A Visit!

(mellow synthesizer music) – She loves me filming her, really. Come, sweet girl. We’re gotta get down to
level five for our excursion. Did you like the shirt by
the way, that she bought me? Hang on, let’s have a look. – [Girl] Bank of Dad. – Isn’t it a nice Christmas present? – My kids think money grows on trees. – Isn’t she lovely? (mellow synth music) – We finally made it off,
and we’re just about to try and get into… What is it? Philipsburg,
what’s the name of this boat? – Philipsburg. – Philipsburg in Saint
Martin, Philipsburg. So what are we gonna find, I have no idea, but we’re actually on dry
land for the first time in three days. We’re stayin’ inside the yellow line. (steel pan music) Amazing, that you walk off
a boat, into a main mall that is built for the boats,
for the all the people that come off that walk
literally through this mall. No one would be here
unless the boats arrived. – Yeah. – This is tourism to a whole new level. (mellow synthesizer music) Get the impression that this
is only made for tourists. – Yeah literally. (mellow synthesizer music) – This is a lot like Europe,
we’re not used to this where you have all of the
chairs stacked up on the beach in front of the Ocean,
for people to swim at. We’re not used to this,
we’re nowhere used to this. We’re actually used to
just being able to turn up the beach, throw your towel
down and it’s nowhere near as full as this. It’s hot, it’s crowded, but
we’ve never been here before. They serve beer at the beach? We could have beach beers,
well I can, he can’t. – The air conditioning dad. – You actually go into
stores, and you find the air conditioning, and
you find a spot to stand. So we’re looking, what are
we lookin’ at right now man? – Oh we’re definitely looking at… – We’re looking at… – Velvet Milk.
– Sun cream, sun cream. We’re looking at the sun
cream really intently. Primarily because the air conditioner. This is such a good place to stand, you’ve no idea. (mellow synthesizer music) The sand is… Schult. What do you think Sam? I feel like I’m in, we didn’t
feel like we’re at bay. – I think we are. – Anyone who’s actually
been to Bali before this a place called Kuta, and
it’s absolutely jam packed with people, especially strands, but here, because it seems like
there’s a lot of Europeans and some, but it’s just
as jam packed, you know, people selling things on
the side, but there’s just so many people to be honest,
like, I don’t like it. The people are lovely,
the location’s lovely, but I really don’t like it. (mellow synthesizer music) But first I think we’re gonna
be going back to the boat, the rain’s coming and it’s
just so full of people. But the people at Hard Rock were fantastic by the way, fantastic. Four by fours in the middle
of town during traffic. Ah, no thank you. (mellow synthesizer music) The boat’s actually leaving
dock at about four o’clock we gotta get there on boat time. Because you can’t go by
the time of your location because that’s different,
I think it’s an hour behind where we are actually. So we’re gonna make sure
we’re back at the boat at three o’clock. But it’s time for us to
walk back to the boat, and get on board and
get out of these crowds. (mellow synthesizer music) We’re about to get back
onto the dock, and then we have to show our ID,
passports, our tickets to get back on board so they
know we’re supposed to be on that boat, but to be
honest we’re actually really glad to be
actually back at the boat. Today was great, Hardrock
was great, going and seeing somewhere new was great,
havin’ a look at the different types of sand,
the location, the people were great, but to be
honest, right here in in Saint Martin it is way
too touristy for us, way too many people,
not enough to do for us. But we are looking forward to tomorrow, ’cause tomorrow, we go ziplinin’. So hopefully tomorrow’s gonna
be a lot more adventurous than today, but to be
honest, I’m lookin’ forward to getting back to that
and gettin’ back into my air conditioned room. – I agree, I can’t wait. – Totally. If you have a look behind
us here, it actually gives you the idea of how
big the ship actually is. Holding over six and a
half thousand people, it’s 13, no sorry, 16
decks high, and it is just a massive ship that’s
something which we are really happy to be back to. Does anyone feel like we’re
going back to a party? – [Family] Yes. – It’s them sayin’ good
job you survived a day of heat and hell. – Correct, it’s perfect,
we’re coming back to a lot of good music. (upbeat house music) The best part of the day is comin’ home. It’s a long ride all over again. There’s our line, we found our line. (liquid gushing)

19 thoughts on “First Time CRUISE Visit to Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Certainly Worth A Visit!

  1. Iโ€™m from st.maarten and I must say itโ€™s very different if you stay some time on the island, as philipsburg is so touristy and the beach there is the worst on the island.
    Fun to see it from a tourists perspective for sure! Nice vid ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  2. I'm from SXM. You visited on a day where there were too many tourist boats in and you were in the tourist hot spot. There are a lot of other places that do not have so many tourist. Anyhow loved your video and hoping to see you back.

  3. Should have checked out Cupecoy, Maho.. Still on the Dutch side and close enough to the ship, but far enough away from the chaos.

  4. SXM during high season! Crowded beach's and bars is totally expected. You have to stay for more than a few hours. Ideally not from a cruise. I've been 5 times to SXM during high and low season. The more the merrier for them! Something folks seem not to understand. They rely on tourism 85%! I love seeing it crowded its better for them!

  5. I feel like it's really only that busy there about one day a week. There were a lot of cruise ships docked. Greatest destination in the Caribbean!

  6. i live in St Maarten and as a "travelog" video, you are very far off the mark. Perhaps, if you would consider returning to our island then you and your family would see and experience far more than a walk around searching for air co….

  7. I've been to Philipsburg and Sint Maarten twice (stayed on the island, not via a cruise) and the Island is FANTASTIC if you can be there for a week! 1/2 French (the cuisine at Grand Case), where the beaches are clean and a nude beach! Then there is the beach by SXM Airport (Maho Beach) on the Dutch side, as other Dutch beaches are awesome. Yes, the "Boardwalk" is too touristy, as it was designed JUST for cruise port visitors, mostly Americans and Canadians who are on the ships. Europeans fly in from Paris and Holland so hopefully, you enjoyed the 2nd day better! I saw some hurricane-damaged buildings behind you in one shot so I see there is still a lot of post two-hurricane clean up yet to be completed!

  8. NOT ENOUGH TO DO??? You didn't do anything.. Lmao.. Get away from the port and discover the island..Been to St Martin 30 or more times and never on a cruise ship.. Ship people should grab the first local cab driver they can find and say show me your island. ( i have to be back by four lol).. That is how you will see an island, not going to the port and crying "this is toooo crowded" ..

  9. Lovely video and lovely country. Visited St Maarten for my birthday in June of this year. What camera did you use ?

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