Right, so we’ve made it to LA safely. We arrived
late last night. We finally got to our hotel room about 2:00 AM and the kids, we all just
crashed and slept until about 6:00 AM but we’re up now because of jet lag and we have
the most beautiful views, which is definitely helping how tired I feel. We’re staying at
the Marina Del Ray hotel and we have this incredible wrap around balcony and view of
the sea. And as soon as I opened the doors this morning it just smelt of seawater. And
it’s just really, really lovely here. So today, because we’re all pretty tired, we’re going
to take it slow. We’re going to go find somewhere for pancakes for breakfast and then walk to
the beach. I think we can walk to Venice Beach from here. And then there’s a swimming pool
at our hotel. So we might just say, have a chill one today, but I’m going to vlog my
entire trip. So I’ll take you along with us. I wish you could smell the sea water as well.
And there’s been people out rowing this morning, and then it goes all way over here as well.
So yeah. We’re starting this holiday off right. We’ve
come to IHOP for some pancakes. Strawberry sauce.
So we’ve come down to Venice Beach to have a little look. The boys are on their scooters,
it’s a beautiful day. So yeah, we’re just going to see what there is. I’ll hit the Muscle
Beach… Here, your Muscle Beach. Good one.
All right, so we’re done exploring at the beach now and we’re back in the car and we’re
going somewhere where the kids are so excited about. We’re going to Target. So we thought
we’d pick up some supplies, just stuff to have in the room because we have a little
kitchen. SO yes, we’re off to Target. Show them all the best places. Yeah.
There’s so much stuff in here. It’s such a shame that we only have suitcases because
otherwise we could buy a lot of stuff, but we can’t. Mass crying. Matt just went, “This
whole shop is bigger than Brentwood,” which is the town we live in. We’re going to Chuck E. Cheese in the night. You want to go to Chuck E. Cheese so badly,
don’t you? Yeah, at about 6:00 AM today. Oh, good. We’re going to do it in the night. In the night. Aren’t we? Yeah. I don’t know,
at 6:00 AM this morning Caleb was like, “Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese now?” And we’re going to eat pizza. That’s right. You eat pizza. Yeah. Play games, I think. Yeah, I’m slightly more
apprehensive about- There’s a hundred games.
A hundred games there? Yeah? I’m a bit apprehensive about Chuck E. Cheese because I watched Shane
Dawson’s conspiracy theory on it. Yeah. So I can do without it, but he’s so excited.
So we have to go. And then Fraser is on the hunt for a football,
aren’t you? Is it no good, that one? Daddy’s moaning about the cost of Doritos. I’s fine. It’s like $4. So it does suck a bit. But look.
Cheetos. Cheetos are the three pounds, 79. In the UK, they’re a pound. Next time we’ll
bring a suitcase full of Doritos. Oh my gosh. There’s so many beautiful baskets for storage.
I’m in heaven, but I can’t really buy any of it. Can’t get it in my suitcase.
Right. So we’re back from Target and we’re now going go swimming in the hotel pool. I
don’t know how, but the boys are still wide awake. Even a little Jackson is still going.
Really at home. He would have a nap by now, but while he’s still happy we thought we would
just take them swimming and there’s also a Tottenham football game on so they’re going
to watch a bit of that later as well. Are you tired?
You just swam the whole length of the pool. Oh my goodness. He made it. Yay. (singing)
So we’re finished at swimming and now we’re going to go somewhere that has been very highly
awaited. Where we getting Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah, we’re to Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah, he’s
so excited. He watches other children on YouTube. Go to Chuck E. Cheese and he wants to go there.
So I’m actually Canadian. So I used to go as a child. I had a birthday party there and
stuff. I haven’t been for like 20 years. Yeah. So yes, we are going to go tonight. Yeah.
The only problem is Jackson is so very jet lagged. He went down for his nap and we’re
pretty sure he went down for the day. He’s just there and he’s not waking up for anything.
Obviously I’m just talking in the room with him in it. We’ve taken his blanket off of
him. We’ve opened up all the windows. The boys have been making loads of noise, but
he’s pretty much gone down for the night. So we’re going to have to try and wake him
up. Oh, and Daddy as well. So yeah, I feel so me, you know. But if it were being cruel
to be kind, aren’t we? Look at these three. One, two, three. Don’t go too fast. Hold on Jackson. It’s going really fast.
So we’ve ticked the Chuck E. Cheese box. We’ve done that. I’m glad it’s over quick- Get on back. -and now it’s back to paradise. This is like
such an opposite from where we’ve just been. But yeah, the views. Beautiful, We think we
might even get a sunset here. I think that’s the sunset right now. Do we? I don’t know. We kind of missed it.
But anyway, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good morning guys. It’s day two of our LA
adventure and this morning the kids did quite well with jet lag. Like we went to bed last
night about 9:00 PM so they managed to last really well last night we went to bed with
them because we just knew we needed to get as much sleep as possible and Jackson woke
up at about 3:00 AM and then Caleb woke up at about 4:00 AM so although that is really
early, they still had six hours of sleep and so did we. So we’re feeling okay. Jackson
and Caleb are now both having a nap. So this morning we thought we would see a
few sites. We have a few things we want to do while we’re here. Because we are here for
like 10 or 11 days, we’re kind of just taking each day as it comes. I think we read loads
of blogs of people that are like how to do LA in three days Because we have much longer
than that, we can kind of pick and choose a little bit more. So this morning we’re off
to see the Hollywood sign. We knew they needed a nap, so it’s about an hour’s drive so they
could have a little sleep and then we’ll see that.
Right. So we found the Hollywood sign and we got out the car and had some photos taken.
I stupidly wore a dress, and it’s so windy today. So it’s been flying all over the place.
But where we’ve come to see the sign is actually such a good little find. It’s called Lake
Canyon, Lake Canyon something. Yeah, so there’s the Hollywood sign and then there’s all this
green bits where you can play. And then there’s this little bit for kids. Look. Caleb’s a
pro at this. Look at you. It looks effortless. It’s very short. Are you all right, Frase? Oh, mate, mate,
mate. Have a rest if it’s too hard. What is so special about these steps? I don’t
get it. What? Not they’re not. They’re just all boring concrete. It’s just so plain and
boring. Hold on a minute. I just don’t get it, mate. Come on, let’s go. Whoa. Pretty
cool. Right. So we went to the park, and then we
stopped at some rainbow stairs I wanted to see. Now we’re off to find a Sprinkles ATM.
Basically you can get cupcakes from an ATM here. So we told the kids about it and we
thought it sounded really cool. And there’s one not far away. So we’re off to find some
cupcakes. So we found the cupcake ATM. Here it is. So Fraser’s going to give it a go,
I think. So you just use a screen there and it just comes out in there. Right, you Ready?
Is it coming? Let’s see if it comes out. I can see it. Caleb look. Look, what’s going to happen?
Wow, that’s so cool. What’d you get? Oh my God, that is brilliant. Oh, Jackson’s
like, “Get me one of them.” Do you want one? That’s so cool. He’s going to spin you. And you’re mad. He’s
heavy. Good morning guys. Today is day three in California.
So we are off out for breakfast. We’re going somewhere called Killer Shrimp. Apparently
the breakfast is supposed to be good. I put it out on Instagram saying, “Where should
we go?” And that was one of the recommendations. So we’re off there, and then we’re going to
go to Santa Monica Pier. That was one of the number one places people said to visit while
we’re here. So I think there’s a few rides and it’s just generally cool place. Sorry
Jackson’s doing a vlog while I’m vlogging as well. But yeah, we’re off to Santa Monica. We don’t need screens. It’s going well today. A lovely view there of the car park. [ I’m going to try my first ever breakfast burrito. Shut the front door. I’m so excited. Breakfast in a burrito? He said it’s the most- He said it’s burr-eautiful. He said it’s the most popular. Bring Mommy some burrito. I’m getting a burr-eautiful burrito. it’s got to be good because then the cops
come here or they’re watching us. Make a couple [inaudible 00:14:41]. Because we’re bad parents. You’re not bad parents. [inaudible 00:14:49] Burr-eautiful? Look at all this food.
So I tried my first ever breakfast burrito and it was amazing. The portions of food here,
we can never finish the food that we order. And we were just saying the coffee is so good
in LA. I don’t know if it’s the same across America, but everywhere you go is like refills
all the time. So, so yummy and as tired parents, it’s very appreciated. So yeah. So now we’re
off to Santa Monica. (singing) Do you like that Caleb?
Yay. Catch you. I’ll catch you. Good boy. Look at this, this
is a school. Yeah, look, a riding school. Not a bad place
to learn how to use a bike. This might be for you.
Okay. So we’ve done Santa Monica beach and it was really cool. A nice vibe. And the pier
was so colorful and you may have seen the kids do the bumper cars and stuff. And then
we went for a little walk and got a lolly. It was a bit of a funky smell. People were
smoking from funky stuff on the beach. And it’s really sad. In LA so far we’ve noticed
there are a lot of homeless people. I guess if you’re homeless in the US LA would be quite
nice and warm place to live. I don’t know. But that’s obviously got the kids asking questions
and stuff like that. And we saw some weird guys that were mean. Yeah, we saw some homeless people and they
were swearing very loudly. So we were like, “Should we just go now?” So now we’re off.
We’re going to try and drive to a mural wall and Jackson saw a turtle, he’s like, “We saw
a turtle.” So yeah, we’re gonna drive. They have loads of mural walls here, which is obviously
a bit different from where we’re from that you can’t just paint on a building in most
places. So yeah. We’re going to go find some. No, Jackson. Peace and guns. (singing) [inaudible 00:19:39] Right. So we’ve been back to the room and
we didn’t actually end up going swimming. We’ve just been chilling out. But now we’re
off out to a park. We spotted one last night on the beach, so we thought we’d go to the
park and then for dinner and for dinner we’re going to go to the… he wants a lolly. We’re
going to go to the In and OUt Burger, because so many people have recommended it and it
started in LA, so we thought we would give it a try. Apparently it’s like a posh McDonald’s,
but that we thought we would go to it, and that’s why I put it on all this red, because
I was hoping to get a photo in there. Matt said it’s like a diner. (singing)
Well saved. Oh, that’s tough. You did it. Can I catch you?
So I got talking to a local lady and she said to get my fries animal style, which is a thousand
island dressing and cheese. So I’ve got that. The boys have got burgers. (singing) Daddy just saw a seal. Oh there’s one coming
look, look, look, over there. Look, can you see in the distance look he’s coming. Look.
Can you see it coming? Yeah. Mommy, it’s a seal. Momma. There’s one going round there, there’s three. Oh, look. There is three of them. They’re birdies. No, they’re not birdies. They’re seals. No, Jackson. There’s five. Five. It’s a family of seals. Oh, look. (singing)


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  8. Aw what a great vlog!! 🙂 We're really looking forward to visiting LA one day with our toddler. We're actually heading off for our full time travel journey in less than a month, and we make weekly videos documenting the process.

  9. Aw what a great vlog!! 🙂 We're really looking forward to visiting LA one day with our toddler. We're actually heading off for our full time travel journey in less than a month, and we make weekly videos documenting the process.

  10. Aw what a great vlog!! 🙂 We're really looking forward to visiting LA one day with our toddler. We're actually heading off for our full time travel journey in less than a month, and we make weekly videos documenting the process.

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