EXCEPTIONAL singer BLEW COACHES AWAY in The Voice | Journey #67

EXCEPTIONAL singer BLEW COACHES AWAY in The Voice | Journey #67

It was bang on the money.
Well done. What is your name?
Where are you from? My name is Lauren and
I’m from Weymouth. My name is Lauren Bannon I’m 27 and
I am a musician and student. I live in a very cute little seaside town
called Weymouth with my wife Becky. I met her in a night club, you know,
smokey room, bad dance moves. So I was like,
she’s my kind of girl. She is my number one fan.
Sadly, Becky’s not gonna be at the Blinds but… I know she’ll be there in spirit. So here’s to all four of them turning. I started singing as soon as I could talk.
I’ve always kind of performed and sung… and my family have always kind of believed
that this should be a carreer for me. They’ve never told me to go work in a bank. Allthough I did work in a bank
for one point of my life She was very young and she wanted to sing.
She’d be walking around with a little hair brush… and humming into it.
This is her chosen thing. Today is massively important. I think
that I have something to prove to myself. I wanna do this. I don’t want to life with regrets if a coach
turns…it would just…it would make my life. Your voice was so pure and clear.
You have such great control. So I was surprised to see how animated
you were when I turned around. Which is impressive…
– Oh, she was animated? Yeah!
She was like… and like really into it. But her voice stays steady the whole time.
Which means she has amazing control. That’s awesome.
– You know what I mean! Mmhmm.
– So uhh… Oh my god,
Jennifer Hudson just complimented me. You’re awesome! How old are you now?
– I’m 27. That’s a great age. No, really, really.
Because if I knew that you’d been singing… for some time. Because you had found…
the way that you want to present yourself. As a singer. And it sounds beautiful.
– Thank you. What can I say, I was the first person
to turn by the way. Just FYI. I did notice that, I did notice that.
– Thank you. And we had a moment, I could tell that.
I could see that. Your voice is incredible, it really, really is.
You guys agree with me right? It was amazing. Did you have anybody in mind? I mean, I like to produce as well.
I’m a student producer. So I kind of you know,
got vibes for Will. But ehm, you know.
Like you”re all amazing! Olly, I want to be on your team. Lauren, you will go head to head against…
Debby. Hey girl!
– Hey, These two are probably the
two best singers in my team. And this is gonna be a real
heavy weight vocal belt. Debby and Laruren, I didn’t get
the burgundy memo. I mean you could’ve told me about it.
It looks like it was planned. You look great, how do you guys
feel about being together? She’s really good.
– She’s reaally good. This is one of the reasons
why I put you guys together. Because, I think that you’re both gonna
bring out the best in each other. The song I picked for you guys was
originally done by Fat Boy Slim. But this is the Hannah Grace version,
And it’s Praise You. Like I should? It’s really cool, it’s a soulful kind of vibe. When Debby’s there,
you just gotta up your game. Like it’s making me wanna…
I’m like, ooh. So different…my pen oh sorry. I was a bit excited, wow. I mean both you just now,
that is a very quick rehearsal. Lauren and Debby just took to it and
it was just amazing. But it’s gonna get even better than that. Wow, like you have a sound
that’s all your own though. And it’s quite amazing. And both of you together was like,
that was a force. Ooh child, what you gon’ do. Olly, who is the winner of the Battle? Well… My heart is telling me one thing,
my head is telling me something else. So, the person that’s gonna stay… is Lauren. So the first three performing
against each other are: Lauren. Kade. And Holly. Oh my god, hello!
– Hello, this Craig Craig, Lauren. Hi, Craig! He did smell really nice. Good to meet Craig?
– Really good! He went to my Uni by the way. Oh yes, I got a little doctor there.
I’m Dr. now. You know bonding, bonding.
– We’re already connected. What did you study?
– I’m doing music production at the moment. But I actually put it on hold as of now. To put all of my energies and
effort into The Voice. I wanted to make sure in this round,
that everyone got the best song. So I’ve decided to go with
Imagine Dragons – Believer. Yes, I love that song!
– You love that song? Yes! She really needs to carry her performance.
There’s also a part… where there’s kind of a rap section
that’s in the song. You could easily stumble over that,
cause there’s a very fast section in the song. Just need to make sure that the tempo
of the rest doesn’t make that part like… Oh man, it’s like…
– Yeah, it doesn’t…it can’t be rushed. I have got massives of work ahead of me. It’s by no means an easy song.
It’s practice, practice. So this is the first time Lauren
has got a proper performance. She’s gonna be on the stage,
she’s gonna walk. She’s gotta use a mic stand. Don’t leave with this, leave with your leg. It’s like: So this whole performance is all
about moving, it’s about putting… the mic back in and taking the mic out.
Oh and then you still gotta sing good too. Yes, Lauren. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, Lauren! You better sing! That was incredible, Jennifer? You almost sounded like a recording.
I was watching you as you were planting yourself. You seemed like you were really nervous
but I didn’t hear like a inch of nerves… in that performance, or see it.
You slayed that honey. Thank you so much! That performance is a record within itself.
Like it sounded fabulous. Oh, thank you so much. I thought it was great. You lifted the whole
room up, we all felt that. Right from the beginning. Oh my god. Olly? Absolutely loved it!
I absolutely loved it. Like Will and the guys said, I feel like I
was watching someone come back to the show… and do their single. That was what
it felt like for me, it felt like you were the star. Like your record. It was bang on the money,
well done. Please give me the name of the singer that you want
to take through to the live Semi-Finals. The person that’s going through… Is Lauren. it’s the Live Semi-Finals, we need to pick a song
for you that is gonna bring them votes in. Yes. It’s a big one.
– Okay… Phill Collins – In the Air Tonight. Okay, yeah. You know what, when he first said
that he wanted me to try it… I wasn’t sure, but I sung it.
And I love it. If you what you just did then,
you have to be in the final, one hundred percent. Behind every singer there’s always great support
And I love that Lauren’s got that from her wife. She’s been amazing, she’s always backed me
and always known that this is… That this is what I was supposed to do. When she’s on stage she always just
looks and sounds incredible. I just couldn’t be any prouder of her
right now. We’ve only been married a year and a half.
But it was an emotional day. She’s my world, she’s given up
quite a lot to be here. She’s postponed Uni.
I know she wants it so much. Becky and the family
have been so supportive. They’re gonna be in the audience
watching so now I just… can’t wait to get out there
and do my thing. Ehm, Olly? Yes, Lauren! That was amazing! You really wanted her to do
that song didnt you? I so wanted you to do that song,
because I knew you’d smash it And you know, there’s raising the bar,
but you just smashed every bar. Because Lauren, you… You have been so consistent
throughout this whole competition. You need to be in that final. Without a shadow of a doubt,
you need to be there, you have to. You are, you’re amazing. You are amazing. The second singer, through to the final is: Lauren! When found out I was through to the
final, I was like aaah. Look who I’m with. This weeks been absolutely mad. Here we are this morning. Here we go. Now you’ve got a finalist. I sat on the this morning couch,
which was amazing. Best of luck on Saturday
I’ll see you there. It’s been non stop, but I’m loving it. I’ve been back to Weymouth,
doing radio interviews. It’s Lauren Bannon.
– Good morning! How are you?
– I’m feeling great. I think it’s time to present, the T-shirt. Ta-daa. I approve this outfit for Saturday night. It was so nice to go see my wife. You look happy.
I feel happy, Yeah? It’s been lovely having her come home. I’m so proud though babe, it’s incredible.
– Ahh. I just can’t stop smiling. I went back to my local pub.
It’s one of the places I performed first. Seeing the amount of people that came.
It’s insane. We’re both amazingly proud of her,
She’s done so well. It’s so wonderful to get this kind of
public in my home town. And it’s… I just can’t thank you enough. The support from everybody
has just been overwhelming. It’s just made me realize that this is
what I want to do for the rest of my life. Olly, you were adamant that Laurent did
that song in the final weren’t you, why? No because, you know. Lauren comes out
every week and sings these very like… you know, dark and she’s fierce and
dramatic and has all that in it. But I love the vulnerability to it, and that’s why I
wanted to see from Lauren tonight… And I’m so proud of you Lauren, honestly. This whole journey for me is…
I’ve loved being on the show. And I’m getting emotional even talking about it,
I just loved working with you. You’re a star, you really are and I really… I know, I know the journey you’ve been on.
You know, four years ago you auditiond for this show. And you never got the chance to do this.
And four years later, here you are in the final. You deserve your place and
I really hope we can do this tonight. The second and final act to sing again is… Ruti! Ladies and gentlement, we have our top two! Donell and Ruti, congratulations. Off you guys go,
get ready to perform again. Ladies, oh my goodness. I honestly, do not want to say
goodbye to any of you. You’ve been absolutely sensational,
How have you found your time on the show It’s been one of the most incredible
experiences of my life. I feel so fortunate to be here and
Thank you so much Olly for everything. What would you say has been your highlight? I think tonight’s been my highlight,
I’ve absolutely loved it it’s been fantastic. Doing the live shows has been,
just a dream.

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  1. Why would you match the two best singers right off the batt and then send someone home? Wouldn't you work to eliminate the weaker singers?

  2. The really good singers in these competitions are going to do well even if they don't make the final. They've had exposure, good coaching. They just have to be willing to take advantage of every opportunity.

  3. I personally didn't like her blind audition song choice but the rest of her performances were amazing. I absolutely love her. ❤❤

  4. It should be banned for Family members to lead the audience to chant one singers name over the other, because not every performer has an entire tribe there rooting for them. Even if the coach does pick the person whose name wasn't chanted; it can affect their confidence for the next performance. Just politely cheer for both…what's wrong with that?!🤷‍♀️

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