I love camping I know it's not nice to just get away from it all and unplug and be in nature you know yes you wanna watch TV hell yeah did somebody order a pizza to the middle of the forest yes sir thank you oh I really hate to be this guy but I ordered extra mushrooms oh I'm sorry sir and madam I will have a replacement pizza delivered in five hours Thanks so last time we don't do DiGiorno every camping trip ever oh hi Courtney and I were going camping this weekend and we wanted to know if you would like to join us hello kidness creepy it's not creepy you just wander out into the middle of an undeveloped forest somewhere where there's no cell phone reception and sleep outside in the dark with only one thin layer of fabric to protect you from the cold somewhere where you're completely alone and isolated where hypothetically no one could hear you scream yeah No why don't you guys just invite Grayson instead look he loves camping that is correct I do love camping but we want you to come yes only you to come no thanks gotta go guys what's that noise in the bushes oh don't mind me I'm just pooping Keisha I'm nervous what's wrong girl so I'm going on this camping trip with Troy but Troy's never seen me without any makeup on girl don't be nervous come here come here look see you're going camping for five days so you can just work five days worth to make it perfect thank you sorry who's ready for some glamping okay dude we got everything we need to survive the next seven days bro you only brought beer and weed that is correct what's for dinner beans and only beans hey man how was your camping trip oh yeah it was good we got out there saw some the wildlife Oh God that sounds fun yeah yeah yeah it was pretty fun we even met some of the other campers I know I can't hold it Oh y'all want to join me for dinner I got some extra catfish um no thank you sir oh okay I'll be here nice yeah it was it was really a good experience you know we woke up early and caught the sunrise yeah camping is great we should go sometime it'll finally give me a chance to play my new banjo well look a straight dog I think that's a wolf stupid bugs are so freaking annoying I forgot to thank bug spray you can't you're done what I get you laminated your entire body oh my god what is that in the sky those are stars oh it's going so I thought it would be super cool if for your birthday we went bourbon camping for a month in my van did you forget to pay rent again yeah every camping trip ever so we order pizza I love it but I hate you this isn't try not to laugh challenge [Laughter] like you're starting to get in like Courtney and I are going camping this weekend and we wanted to know if you would like to join us to finally give me a chance to play my new banjo no God no God please no no no hey guys thank you so much for watching this video and if you haven't yet subscribed you do it maybe if you want to see every family vacation ever click the Box on the left and if you want to watch every Facebook ever click the Box on the right even though you're probably not clicking anymore because we have trackpads a touchscreen so maybe not click but just tap that tap that


  1. 5:34 did you remember that when he said it to Anthony at a video called Super Powers! because it's the same

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