Eating At The Worst Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New York City (1 STAR)

Eating At The Worst Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New York City (1 STAR)

oh my god we're really gonna eat this right now man okay we just stumbled on the worst pizza in New York so welcome back to a brand new episode of my unfortunate life choices sorry yours truly Brendan Taylor this is my friend Taylor oh okay until Eteocles behind me behind the camera and today we have a very special place for UK so we scoured all of Yelp to find the worst reviewed pizza in all of New York and we stumbled upon it right here this place has over 200 reviews all negative and it's I don't understand how it's still in business it's a big show it really is so before we get started I just want to show you guys this new merch that we have out says food porn on the front and then in the back my unfortunate my show and it's very soft very soft very cool you can pick it up in front of Taylor comm link in description so make sure you get before they sell out because they're gonna go quick I promise you so but that any further ado let's read these reviews and let's see what we're working with shall we oh man this is the one they scammed me we have to use cash okay using my debit card here and they claim they couldn't print a receipt looked at my bags name is shortly after to find my information stolen and 200 plus dollars spent food was also horrible garlic knots were literally dough on the inside and look at this photo man that is this is identical no it's literally raw dough so not only do they have the worst pizza but it's not even cooked all the way other nice grown-up horrible I wish I would have checked you out first before answering this place we were starving it was really cold outside huge mistake this Isis were cold tasteless and crust with soggy supermarket frozen pizza taste the Caesar salad looked like it was made of gold Brown lettuce three slices of pizza small Caesar salad and one bottle of water was $32 what a ripoff for nasty pizza I don't even know really what to say about this place but this place might be worse than the LA food pizza if you guys saw that one roll the clip real quick disgusting in this place my top the cake why didn't we check the reviews before coming here it's legit terrible soggy crust low quality cheese and tasteless sauce where the slices did not even have any sauce which I don't think was intentional we were very sad and didn't finish our food so with that being said me being the pizza guy that I am let's go in here and let's really see is this place worth it or not no what's the best pizza what's your favorite that one's your favorite okay how much oh no we just we're not from here showing that trip yeah so from Australia he's from LA – I haven't had a bathroom anyway and this is geez bathroom group you alright first off let me commentary on how sketch the people were here they said no cameras so I'm gonna come in here do my thing do a bathroom this place smells disgusting and it's all broken let me show you a quick little 360 and then we'll go into detail on this place let's do this okay first off completely broken okay they have a toilet paper holder held it on that duct tape if your has piss all over it I really need to use the restroom but I don't even think I'm gonna use this one again happy here and get this food so let's talk about what happened before we even walked in okay we are filming from the window and the guy was just touching the pizza with his hands I don't know why this happens but the same guy who's also texting and then there was also a woman touching her body up just roll the clip I hope he wash his hands why isn't he wearing gloves all the two girls were just my shirt she's gonna test your favor not even inside yet this is all happening it's disgusting like I don't know because New York is kind of like a dirtier place that's what they say cuz there's so many people just walking around I don't know if that's just acceptable but it was just kind of disgusting to see people touching food yeah you know what's really funny is it adds an A rating outside and the owner the one that said we can't film he's the one that also gave the employee that was using his hands to talk to be like you these tongs that I know it I know what they're doing right they made me clear and then the guy it was like interrogating us asking what we do like he was mean about in that first and then as soon as I said oh we just making a vacation vlog he lightened up and was like oh okay you know what I mean cuz I feel like they knew what we were up to they saw shooting the pizza very suss and then I have another clip of the guy pitting the dough and then moving over and texting on his phone where does it make sense and phone is so dirty with a face oils and stuff roll back clips notice the guy in the back who is forming the dough he's slapping it with his hands he's fixing it and then right here he reaches over to start texting unfortunately the box was in the way but he is texting and then he goes right back to the dough what all in all these were the few clips have we got in just a matter of five minutes from being there absolutely disgusting but with that being said let's try this nasty my cheese isn't even like fully melted yeah let's talk about this this mozzarella cheese pizza they literally look like they you know when you order pizza you have like the shakers look at this it's literally that's what they pour it all over there I can see the little clumps what that means like I'm a trident you have your thing it's all your fully cooked like looking there looks like it's still condo it's still well Delia close it yeah but it's been in New York beats us up let's try this shall we when kanji mines crunchy and cold on the inside like all they do is heat these pizzas up and they didn't even healed up for long enough mine is actually so cold in the middle of mine will literally give you acne because it's so oily that I feel like my skin is just about that like enormous II break out the cheese is definitely not fresh this is not for a season isn't hiding out for a long time it has an aftertaste that's almost like chalky mixed with like it's kind of smelly like I feel like it's like they don't refrigerate their stuff properly Oh mind you it does sit out all day yeah and the flavors are so bland like you really don't taste anything I just taste like old cheese in mine and I don't feel like eating this is gonna be good for my stomach I feel like we were all talking looking at this pizza alone this is something that is gonna mess you up later so with that being said I'm only gonna take this one by two this because I'm not trying to be sick all day long I'm gonna try one of the meats now I'm trying to meet as well this one some a scented standpoint smells like the bag of pepperonis that you get like they didn't chop it in there they didn't make these from a bag from like a grocery store mine doesn't smell like anything which is scary the seasoning online is all right the meat though is like the consistency of the meat doesn't is not equal to what this meat should be like mine is very chewy and hard it literally tastes like like the lunchable yeah I was just gonna say this tastes like a lunchable meal a lunchable pepper pizza one would actually taste better than this the one thing that I will give to this place is they did have a wide variety of different pizzas but none of them are gonna make we talk about the one that had a piece of cheese burger cheese slept on it yes they literally put an American slice of cheese the cheese that you throw at your cats for those videos that were all over the internet that with the pasta show there wasn't even macaroni and cheese shells it was a straight pasta shell that you buy at Costco a big bag for three dollars you can see how oily this pizza is likely that oh one won't leave this please watch the pizza but I did say grace all over this look at this Oh soaked Wow I'm gonna try the Buffalo cuz it wallows going this looks delicious like it looks appealing to me no offense but I can already feel from the bottom is oh listen to that oh that is they bring that sounds like a range off finger but oh wow alright let me take another five so you can go deeper crunchy crunchy it's like eating a potato chin up the cheese is horrible is it the cheese is really bad like that's why I'm saying it all tasted like this cheese has been out for way too long and then they're like oh hey we have some extra cheese let's throw it on these pizzas let me tell you about with this chicken is I can get a bit of have the chicken Drive Julie what I can understand from this is like maybe if these were dollar slices they could get away with what they're doing but the fact that there's five dollars and fifty cents per slice you paid $19 for all of these so with tax your premier up like you know another extra five dollars basically yes and the only thing give me muscle take back he took yeah we're like I'm not complaining about but it's a principle like you give me the chair and then I'll lay this the change for you but donors are here fiddles no no and if you didn't have four pennies give five cents give some of your profit out fill the customers right like that's what you that's the right thing to do so all in all I guess this pizza is shameful to New York because New York is so known for the pizza and the fact that we just did a five star pizza New Jersey which tasted amazing compared to this man oh I don't think I could I could even like take another bite of this because there's no point I just disgusting that's your first pepperoni hey what do you think now I'm gonna stick to our chicken abate because that's good it's quite sad that this place is gone to what it was it's just it's not good at all the reviews are all correct about this place you're getting ripped off I'm just glad we didn't pay with a credit card because they look like the guys that would scam you Gordon Ramsay I know you and I have this thing where I DM you and you don't DM in back but listen you're gonna want to be them back for this address because you're gonna want to make an episode here this is absolutely terrible this is the biggest disgrace to pizza I have ever had it makes the LA episode that we did have you missed that roll the clips try to figure out how high that broke keep the show break here that nice little crunch this is an absolute disgrace to all in the whole entire world it puts our latest shame this place was just as disgusting they use just the same amount of like mannerism to handle these these pizzas that la did but absolutely worse and the pizza has no flavor it's like it doesn't even make sense like maybe like oil on the skin could have added to the flavor of this because that's how bad this place is it just shows that some people are in like the wrong business for the wrong reason like that guy's obviously in there because he wants to make money he's not in trying to make good pizza is like right like Mike was right and Mike loved what he did and he made everything with his loving touch fresh but this guy loved this job these pizzas would not taste this way they don't think about this those pizzas sit in that window they could have been made yesterday and there's sat there all night they put them in the fridge and then they put them back out today no way and I doubt they're gonna sell today they probably will sit there again tomorrow that's why they're so hard and crunchy because they've just been reheated reheated and reheated so with that being said I'm gonna have to rate this place a one-star I'm gonna have to give it to them it's theirs they don't deserve anything else that they weren't nice the food wasn't good everything about it they the price of it all about experience so if you enjoyed this video make sure you smash that thumbs up button we're luckily about to go to a 5-star pizza place the best pizza Amy are so I'm excited about that and we can compare you know how bad this place actually was hit the subscribe button join the Taylor family pick up some merch brennentaylor calm because this isn't going to forever to go get some I love you guys so much and I will see you on the next episode peace out make sure you guys check out yesterday's video and also make sure you hit that subscribe button right now and turn on post notifications so you never miss a post follow me on my other social medias and I'll see you guys tomorrow Pizza help

29 thoughts on “Eating At The Worst Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New York City (1 STAR)

  1. The other pizza you tried with the international cheese and basil wasn't wearing gloves. Not one of them.

  2. My ass, it's literally falling off from this pizza. the dough? It just took all my money and ran. The guy behind the counter he LITERALLY MURDERED ME? yeah one star peace guys

  3. Guys cooks are Gods their hands are holy ! Boys pls get a job instead of critizising hard working people!!!🙈

  4. You never supposed to touch your clothing when handling food at a restaurant and if you do you have to go wash your hands thoroughly and put on new pair of gloves also i think they should lower their heat on there ovens if they want good warm soft crunchy pizza…hard pizzas are no good❌🙅❌

  5. Pizza is cold? You are sitting outside in jackets, and talking for 10 minutes… Sure pizza is cold. And you bought a slice of pizza out of the window.. it was cooked some time ago . Go to normal place, where pizzas are cooked on order..and you will get it hot.

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