Dubai Tour 2018 | Stage 2 Highlights | inCycle

Dubai Tour 2018 | Stage 2 Highlights | inCycle

well hello again from Dubai stage to the rats al-khaimah stage it's going to be long flat hot and fast once again in Dubai another opportunity for the fastest men in the world to show off their wares 190 kilometers in total and a bunch sprint almost a certainty a very messy intermediate sprint the first opportunity saw this man you served me as a al mohammed ii cane maximum 5 points for UAE team emirates to put himself in contention for the sprint jersey and then at the second sprint of the day it was the turn of the man in the white jersey BMC's nathan van hoy donk add to his collection of points from the road yesterday and to take the lead in the intermediate sprints jersey after four sprints seventy four point two K to go the blue jersey group is at one minute and 51 seconds we're team lotta in a loom bow and Katyusha a person are doing most of the work always greener reagan's got a race leader mechanical he's on his own you'd expect a couple of teammates to drop back to him no panic here from Dylan Cronenberg and bike off the top it's gonna get a complete bike changing 31.3 Katie go 138 the advantage six-man breakaway has been halved in size just shui shard plan a and nicoletta d Viviani not ideal now we saw grinev Aegon go back for a new bike but that was 90 kilometers from the finish or there abouts this is much much closer Elia Viviani 23 kilometers from the finish needs a rear wheel changes not the quickest either King declare who has gone back for him massive figure as they shake hands and set up a shower plan a and nickel a day done for the day and a little bit of bumping and bruising his madness caught Nielson in the red jersey comes up using the lead outs of the race leader Dylan rutabagas Timo Rossum is looking around for the blue jersey can't see it at the moment now let's go Christophe it switches to the middle of sure he has they celebrate with quickstep pause clean opinion was close hello rose here we go Viviani from guru vegan Manali it was indeed more Cavendish in fourth place John Dayton coke Magnus Courtney Wilson to Astana riders then comes Kristoff then trucker the copper alley and faith grinev Aegon will continue his race lead into tomorrow and we'll see him in the blue jersey fairly soon but his advantage is shrunk now just two seconds – Elia Viviani

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  1. think even i could have swapped out a thru axle rear disc faster than that, was he doing it slowly as a protest??

  2. デゲンコルブをリードアウトにしたフルネウェーヘンでしたが、ヴィヴィアーニの伸びに勝てなかった形ですね。リードアウトが混沌とした中でも勝てるオムニアムメダリストのヴィヴィアーニが有利に動けたようですね。

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