Sun Wukong: I didn’t ask to be born perfect. I demanded it. Wukong: Don’t fuck with me! I have the power of God and anime on my side! Erlang: Wai-
Wukong: AHHH! Kuanyin: If what I think is happening… Is happening.. It better not be. Buddha: I sentence him to ten years in prison. Wukong: Well, Your Honour, maybe I can…change your mind~ B: Twenty years. Kuanyin: Why didn’t you come last night? It was so fun. Wukong: Kuanyin, you know damn well why I didn’t come! So, shut the hell up you shady bi- Tripitaka: Dude, I got you a friendship bracelet. Wukong: Nice! Put it on me! Tripitaka: Man, do you have any shaving cream? Wukong: No, I don’t like the way that it tastes. T: Wait, you eat shaving cream? W: No? Why would I eat it if I don’t like the taste? Sandy: Wukong! The building’s on fire. Wukong: Like…how big is the f*king fire? S: Big. W: Okay… Sandy: Pigsy, this is a crime scene! Pigsy: What?! Is this the murder weapon?! Get off my dick! Tripitaka: Let me see what you have. Wukong: A knife!

100 thoughts on “di-VINE JOURNEY TO THE WEST

  1. This is why I want to read journey to the west and flex on my friends for an entire school year cause I will force myself to read it

  2. Me:*sees that next journey to the west is being scripted*

    Me: I didn't ask for more journey to the west

    Me: I demanded it

  3. why yes youtube algorithm; I would like to follow up this funny lighthearted video by watching ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. 9-9

  4. Okay, but are we gonna talk about the fact that Wukong was completely willing and excited to receive a friendship bracelet from Tripitaka?

  5. Also was journey supposed to stop at 6? Because…like…fuck youtube metrics. If those were an hour long each Id watch em. Reds book review/summery style is awesome. I get trying to hit that YT stats length, but if you make it, and make it interesting, people WILL watch. And OSP videos are interesting as fudge. Really interesting fudge.

  6. Please do a divine orishas for dacosta living and I promise to make a bunch of actually good content really soon in turn!

  7. Can we get one with the Japanese deities? I need me a “SCOTTY YOU DIDNT PAY THE FUCCIN POWER BILL ARE YOU SERIOUS” with Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Suzanoo

  8. Sun Wukong- "I have the power of God and Anime on my side!"
    Me- "You mean the gods that you kicked the collective asses of for the whole first episode?"
    Sun Wukong- "Yeah. No hard feeling right guys?"
    The entire Court of Heaven is seen glaring at him.
    Sun Wukong- "Yeah, we're good."

  9. so i feel like asking, who'se the dude with the jade necklace, i mean i recognise pigsy tripitaka and sun, and i MAYBE understand who the woman is saying 'if what i think is happening, is happening, it had better not be' |

    but im not sure

  10. Yes! please make more videos like this they are so good! i would even go as far as to call them di-VINE.

  11. Okay but did ANYONE turn the captions on because they actually call the characters by name. Even Sandy and Pigsy. It's fantastic.

  12. Can you please do a crossover animation between the immortal snake (another Chinese myth) and the Journey to the West crew?

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