40 thoughts on “Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns

  1. I bet you 20 to 1 that towns crime rate is lower than any other place in Colorado.but the libtards will say something stupid but remember this its shows how gun control states dont work.

  2. The presenter keeps trying to make those deuchey jokes implying they're like menacing their customers.

  3. Some people totally miss it ! Bad guys are going to be dead before the PD gets there , when the shit hits the fan the people that get saved will gladly get on the buss .

  4. Official ABC snowflake Dan Abrams ! Starts by suggesting that if you do not tip well ,you will be shot ! THIS is how Lily Snowflakes think guns are used ! They just do not understand why somebody would carry a gun ! Your weapon is for personal protection ,not to make people do what you want !! Also the reporter treated the whole report as some kind of joke ! ABC is the joke !!!!

  5. This is how it should be these days though I hate to say it has come to this.  But with our justice system almost becoming a complete failure due to the liberals and their bleeding hearts, too many people want easy money without almost no punishment.  I hope more places of business across the country adopt this policy.  Of course, it won't be happening in liberal-infested California.  Get rid of that disease Californians, before it is too late…or maybe it already is.

  6. .i NEED 330,000,000 million people armed with guns, with a weeks worth of amo, so that no other country can take over. And, we have to get it across the the FEW, to not shoot. Control your anger, adapt if things are bad, but stop shooting.

  7. Hey there's 1.3k unarmed idiots. You criminals could just look them up. Should be an easy job.

  8. Just got back from CO where the residents proudly informed me they are #1 in open carry. I argued that Bama was! Never felt safer.

  9. Guns are not glamorous. Guns are tools.
    Girls with guns are gloriously more valuable to society than those without guns.
    Protect your Children, …your Culture, …your Nation !!

  10. Any liberal that would be confronted by a person wishes to do harm to them, will welcome a gun-toting good guy. So don't let them fool you.

  11. Just the opening line shows the biased here… 'somewhere where you wanna tip well'… insinuating you are unsafe if you dont, neglecting the fact that legal gun owners are 4x less likely to commit a crime than a police officer when he is off duty.. just let that sink in. I would feel very very safe in there, c'mon ABC.

  12. Over 90% of all these mass shootings happen in "Gun Free" zones. My old man along with all the boys in his elementary school would bring their .22s to show each other and if lucky get a rabbit for dinner. If ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and ALL media, politicians, schools were to be intellectually honest, they'd be honest and tell you the truth. Guns are innanimate tools that don't move and it's ALL the CRIMINAL'S actions. If cops can't tell the difference between someone with a gun and someone who's shooting at him needs to leave that job to someone who can tell. As a combat vet from Afghanistan, I feel very comfortable handling firearms and trust civilians with guns vs cops with guns seeing how little they range practice. Have ABC seen cops shoot????? Gun control has always been about PEOPLE CONTROL for the State wants to be the only one to have guns, that way they can ram through any laws they want, no matter how much it violates people's rights. Is MS13 or Hell's Angels going to apply for gun licenses???????? OF COURSE NOT and politicians and media know this yet they continue to lie and lie and lie. Allow everyone to carry and if a shot is heard, then whoever carries becomes a kinda "deputy". Cops who say it's to "confusing" for them when they get a shooting call are straight up lying. How did cops do it for over 100 years???? How did cops do it when we used to only have swords and everyone had swords? OMG, people don't think for themselves!

  13. People are safer at this place just like any place that would do the same. I carry everywhere so I look for these places. Signs that say you can't carry are a joke and only an idiot would hang that sign in their establishment t. If you carry the right way they never know you have it. I know a place in Nebraska that shut down and locals contributed their shut down to a "No guns allowed" sign. If you had a loved one shot by a person first off I'm sorry this happened to you but it's counter productive to blame the gun and just makes no sense. All the gun laws are in place but you can't stop people from getting guns by way of theft or robbery. I get a background check everytime I purchase a firearm or rifle and I have to show 3 proofs of ID. 2 picture Id's and or a bill from my home resident. I use my driver's license and concealed carry permit. Even though my state doesn't require a CCDW I keep one valid for traveling. So my point is, if you blame the guns and spend so much energy blaming the guns the laws and penalties for the use of a gun during a crime never change. And let's face it, you will never get rid of the 2nd amendment Law abiding American gun owners won't allow it. People who use a gun during a crime should get more time and if you murder someone cold blood or during a robbery you should never see the light of day again. Focus your energy toward the laws. If this energy was focused on changing the laws and made these crimes carry stiffer penalties maybe criminals would think twice before shooting someone. Most of the time murderers are released 5 to 10 years earlier than their 25 year sentance which is a common sentence. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. They should do all the time or get put to death. I know if it was my family member I would want them to fry. Time heals all wounds but living by the rule "Eye for an eye" would make society a lot safer.

  14. I don't like the flippant attitude of this "reporter." The suggestion that leaving a bad tip or not paying for your meal will get you shot, minimizes the grave intent of the Second Amendment.

  15. What's abnormal is the view that firearms are abnormal in America.
    The leftist news outlet beats the it's abnormal to possess firearms in America drum, they just can't help themselves.

  16. I don't like everyone carrying guns in public, but how many people are murdered by the bad nuts with guns, especially women.

  17. 2nd amendment is We the Peoples rights. You don't have to ask anyone to open carry it's your right. Wow, if only these reporters asked intelligence question. We the People rule. The constitution was made so no one can over throw We the People. Domestic or foreign. No one will ever take my guns rights away as one of We the People.

  18. I personally carry and would have no problem going to that restaurant, but if you are against guns then that’s your choice and I promise never to interfere when you are being robbed or worse

  19. When have u seen a gun grow arms and legs?? Its the person not the gun. With what these people are good with the neighborhood. Scares the bad guys away. The dumbazz cop who cant tell a good person from a bad shouldn't be a cop with all that training going to waste. Maybe thats the reason why cops must suck there.

  20. "glorifying the gun"!?!?! If more people were carrying in the theater, there would have been injured!!!

  21. The only thing better then a hot chick packing a gun, is a hot chick packing a gun bringing me food. Pure heaven! But seriously, this restaurant is probably the safest place in town, if not the whole state. After 58 years, I'm leaving Marxist California. Can't stand it any longer. Might move here, looks nice and safe.

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