Cedar Point Amusement Park Family Vacation Part 3

Cedar Point Amusement Park Family Vacation Part 3

so today is our last day at Cedar Point's even though I didn't record at all our first day actually going into the park but we're all decked out in red white and blue now Anthony and I'm wearing captain Merrick shirt he loves this vacation but we're going into the park we're gonna get to see some roller coasters and stuff not that I get to really go on too many of them because your kids and tight limits and stuff but there's still a lot of stuff targeted towards kids a lot of fun stuff and a lot of record-breaking coasters here so should be a fun day so our last day we get to see fireworks on the beach here tonight as well so one job now I'm terrified of sky cars if I die on a snag car let me known I knew it was coming Anthony put your cell phone away because how enough daddy can handle this is like a thrill of three scared nervous you scream oh god Leah going up no no oh Lord Oh No you're so high up and Leah's writing the baby shaker my brave little riding companion I regret to get on the mine ride I know that's super exciting right it's gonna be so much fun because who doesn't love mine car ride I I do I also bought a fanny pack I was having issues with having to hold all mine Valerie stuff so I grew up in the 90s and they were cool then and then I also made fun of people who wore them and now I'm wearing one weird how it comes full circle crazy women drivers five Oh yeah made out of the connects yep that is a replica of the blue streak all these antique different games and stuff from around the park I really like history unfortunately my kids are not as into it so that's kind of our glossing over this super quickly like a palm reader what does grandma say it is big fortune teller Stanley's clock there's ten ways he's naked any old license to do any old thing future partner and family I got the old cure self stuff here they've got the old fire engines that that's what they used to use for fire engines here and then the original Gemini carts steal vengeance Gemini there's morning force yeah billy-bob line car ride every imperatives like also they'll there either would pull my phone out it's called a cap gun or it could be a blank round but most likely a cap gun nothing no cure there's more Millennium Force yeah that's raga room used to be the mansis it used to be a stand up coaster that changed the cars out that sit down coaster called rocker Oh they were some downtown there's mommy and after day so we're just sitting here waiting for some people to come up corkscrew corkscrew as we see right behind me and they're gonna go right past us it is the first roller coaster in the world to have more than three inversions here they go I'm trying to also convince Anthony to ride it Anthony is this one of those high-speed rides now what do you think's faster this or the blue streak you know they call it the brown streak now the daddy's not on it anymore right after we wrote it it's now the brown streak is me excuse me coming through are you ready [Applause] that's so hot going he loves your outfit you ever met oh my god it's so hot out there oh yeah I'm sure I'd go take a nice ice bath after this fire you guys you Daler the hell – keep riding in his car hey thing do you know when this carousel got put in here 1906 this carousels over a hundred years old huh first if you're not ready triple busy unlikely from the garden good luck so the bride that Valerie and Anthony are currently on is called the Blue Streak or the ride that I like to joke about that they call it brown streak after I ride it but it goes all over they it is not a very big coaster and it's an old coaster don't feel like you are constantly going to fly out of said coaster and this closure is ironically built the same year my mother was born which is 1964 1964 coaster is still standing as one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in Cedar Point not in Ohio but in Cedar Point actually it might be the oldest wooden coaster in Cedar Point unless Gemini predates it now because mean streak is the only other wooden coaster well was the only other wooden coaster now Gemini was the only independent coaster sorry Gemini cuz mean streak just got converted and is now steel vengeance here in a second Valerie and Anthony will be coming up into this platform though I take it you liked it as much as you did the first time Jomo lose your glasses Oh mind like bumped up and almost came off I was like huh all right so there is a green coaster that you can partially see behind me right now I don't know if they're actually sending cars off onyx I haven't seen one and well neither of our kids that are tall enough to ride so we're kind of Sol and me getting to ride this however this right came out in 1994 if I remember the year correctly it was mid 90s but I'm pretty sure it was 94 this ride is called the Raptor it is one of my favorite rides and it was actually my first ever adult coaster that I rode in my life when I say adult coaster I mean not like the blue streak which was I guess you'd just call that coaster not really a kid coaster but say identify that stick coaster this is an adult coaster because well you know it's got like six inversions then all of her directly behind it is Velva ram which hasn't been running either the days that we've been here and that's one of those suspension coasters we're like dangles you first trace down like on the drop and a drop chute so it's like a freefall kind of drop I don't think it's actually open yet is I think what's going on but supposedly it has ten World Records according to what they have written you have the blue streak that's the one that I just called a kiddie coaster ashore but Val ran Ralph Irvin Bell Raven however you call it is new never ridden it never been on it gate keepers the one at the front that goes over the front gate that's all cool and new we didn't write it last time we were here because the wait like the the coaster literally opened that year the wait for it was astronaut those like two plus hours every day and Nick doesn't stand in the two-hour ride I mean to our line no ride that's a goat it's a nubian goat which means it's a Star Wars go hi hi can we be friends oh my god I'm petting the camel I pet a camel bred in the face oh my camel hi oh you're so you're so camel esque he pooped on himself me too same like they busted the Sheep they gave the Sheep the same haircut his daddy Oh God it's a yak and now the mating call of a yak you ever wondered what a yak for Viking that's the yeah oh I don't know where they got out pakka's and lamis yeah Gina Tina was a llama the llamas over here that's Tina but they're filled with the loot Anthony yeah – no you thought Lord who gives her dinner that one's name is Tina now we know mama llama Dino their tags probably to make sure that they don't get out Tina fell hard Wow flexible hi how do you want do you want pets to your pets oh my god they got turkeys just hang out back here at turkeys huh do you like the turkeys are they weird they have funny-looking heads though don't they why is what because they stink they're bugs there cuz this thing burning some cows and some furrows donkeys just trying so hard you so we were on the NT cars we're actually now over in a smoking section over but the kids area cover but the kids area cuz very far back around there you can see a giant inflatable Snoopy that is called Camp Snoopy there's an area that is all snoopeh fied for kids I don't mean like Snoop Dogg's Snoopy that'd be a very weird kids section I did tell Anthony that Snoopy had a cooking show with Martha Stewart though just because I thought it was funny I'm the only one laughs but you know that's most of my jokes anyways so it's sprinkling all the rights like all big rides have to close but I'm cool with it because it's like eighty percent humidity today and this rain really helped clear up the 82 degree weather with the eighty percent humidity really it wouldn't have been bad if would have been like a nice dry heat but eighty percent humidity is effing ridiculous so what you can see behind me is the track for Top Thrill Dragster which goes straight up oh my god I've written that once and I vowed I would never write it again after the bad experience had on it for those you don't know Top Thrill Dragster tries to imitate an actual drag racing experience and at one point in time it was the tallest roller coaster in the world Cedar Point has done that three times and then that's just like a never-ending game someone will always come along and outdo you this one I got out done but it was also zero to 120 in about three seconds so zero to 120 miles an hour in three seconds it's absolute terrifying the one time I went on it it missed shot and I came down backwards and my wife no way she'll tell you I don't like being backwards uh if you would have been on how to recorded anything the last time that we were here the last day we were here I don't like the sky cars and I had to write those backwards I can deal with Heights as long as I'm moving fast I cannot deal with them moving backwards at all though so yeah cool little fun facts also you know corkscrews coming up here on the left alright so they're actually just downloading Top Thrill Dragster up as I said Top Thrill Dragster at one point time was the tallest roller coaster in the world this is a very common roller coaster design it stands at 420 feet tall now as I said it goes from 0 to 120 miles an hour and about 3 seconds you're gonna gets here charged up and it's pretty loud I've been on it for a bishop and rent out there was rolled back on me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] more fun useless facts with Knicks this is the Cedar Point power tower so it has four pillars two of each pillars dedicated each type of drop and raise one shoots you up with a free fall the other raises you up slowly and then lets you free drop I will tell you the raise you up slowly and the free drop is much more terrifying than the suits you up but it has to as I set up each dedicated to each style of fall which is actually one of the only drop towers to have four pillars in the entire world cool facts right I know I'm a useless book event for me all right so our gift shopping is done our souvenirs the kids got their souvenirs they just got a t-shirt they had some slap bracelets they had a t-shirt ooh my favorite ride which is defunct does not exist so I got that you got a coffee cups we can collect coffee cups so we go places my wife got a coffee cup very similar to the one I got one I was on my honeymoon here it's just mine was Linus Linus is my spirit animal you'll never understand why nor do I ever intend on you understanding life what are you doing kathan I have sunburn on my shoulders it was only for a day they were red thank God that was the day we spent at the indoor water fight but we are headed out of the park onto the beach drop all the souvenirs off of the car put her feet in the hotel pool watch the fireworks and then we had a nice – two hour drive home fireworks end at 11:00 I hear it's the nightmare to get out of here after so I'll probably be home at around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. maybe baby before I don't work tomorrow so doesn't matter when Seekers going up remember what I said about Nick not liking high and slow that falls into that category high and slow it's really weird though that there's right here Top Thrill Dragster this 420 feet pump enjoy your day oh my god the beach is getting packed I wonder people realized the fireworks start at 10:30 that's over two hours from now oh the last little bit we have vacation here and we get to watch the fireworks which will be shot up right behind us here by week mister and all that stuff right on the beach uses a beach trip behind us kids are back there playing in the water Val has a nice little spot all set up right here yet there's a big old beach towel blanket thing that my mom gave us she apparently won it work but pretty good last day of vacation the part I'm dreading is having to go back so said I'll get there early tomorrow I don't work I'll get there early tomorrow it'll be tomorrow when I get home probably asleep most today and then I open on Saturday so but there's well worth it it was a good vacation I spent more than I want to do but that's kind of how the vacations work so we're back home from Cedar Point it was a two and a half hour drive part of it was through traffic the entire way off of the peninsula Cedar Point is Peninsula by the way out in the middle of Lake Erie was backed up from the fireworks so drove home last night it was fantastic to get to sleep in my own bed Diamond wrong the beds that the hotel breakers are right but my ghost bed destroys all of them it's it's one of those things that once you have you don't fully appreciate until you ever have to go back to any other type of mattress I'm sorry it was so choppy and how sporadic my recording was I really wish I could have just live streamed a bunch while I was out there but my data connection out on the peninsula was absolute trash hotel Wi-Fi wasn't much better to be honest again you're out on a peninsula so it's it's not like Wi-Fi or data is like a top priority out there plus it was also vacation Rory I'd spend all the time with my family and my kids which that was the biggest part to me I don't get to do a lot of that stuff and we all really like amusement parks Leah just started to kind of get into coasters antthony has always been into it so it was very exciting I had a lot of fun there is one moment in the video where you will get to see me get beamed in the nuts well I'm live-streaming by a kid throwing a football yup had no idea what's coming it's no live streaming boom right in I promptly stopped recording you can see the mo more it happens it did this what it is I also tried to not record any moment where I was drinking at the time so I hope you guys all enjoy the video I again I need a lot better at the vlogging stuff and knowing how to cohesively mix it all together a little better than where I'm at but again is what it is ah thank you all I hope you enjoyed the video and if you enjoyed it don't forget drop thumbs up and you can click the like button subscribe all that good stuff it helps out I think if you hit the bell may be possibly you'll get notified when I upload a video not really actually sure if that works or not so I'll see you all later and you all enjoy your evening

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  1. Not being creepy I wish I could have gone. You are mad fun I love vlog we feel like we are with you. Thanks for sharing your vacation. Great to see you talk about something then just game stop.

  2. I got on a small rollercoaster when I went to spring break months ago, and honestly that small one was enough 😂

  3. "And so ended the awesome relaxing family vacation, Nick was super excited to get home and back to his Ghost Mattress (<—- insert trademark logo). Little did he realize there was gonna be a shit show at work."

    I thought my narration in my head was good as it was done by Morgan Freeman.

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