hi guys so let me help you understand further on how to watch the readings so remember this is going to be based on Vedic side aerial astrology not Western so if you're watching this from your Sun Sign then the resonance of the energy will be happening on a soul level now if you are watching this from your ascendant then from ascendant it's happening towards the physical manifestation of the reading and then if you are watching this on your moon sign then this is gonna be resonating from your feelings your mind and your thoughts now for the people who are looking for that masculine energy then you would have to look for Jupiter in your chart so that you will know how the energy works and then if for the people who are attracted to the feminine energy then you would have to look for Venus now do remember that Venus also rules the energy of the relationship so that would be also helpful for you now that you guys are all set thank you very much and let's begin with your reading alright can serious so let's start your reading but before that also check our website for all your crystal needs okay so we're gonna be using four tarot ducks over here and we do time prediction based on transit and extended and then I feel like that's it so let's begin concerns and see what you guys have does notice it's loaded that's what I can feel here you guys are loaded a lot of coins or you're drunk closely isn't it loaded all space drunk here we go that's it okay I feel like an Syrians oh that's good tennis swords all right so you're saying goodbye you're ending something you know this is uh this is what it was meant to oh hi a difficult cycle in your life so either I don't sense it this is a relationship tennis or it is never an to the relationship it's an end to what you have been questioning you're putting down your worries to arrest you know six feet under basically okay so that's that one you're you're telling sites like you know what I don't have to worry about this let me bury this worries and fears okay and it's time for me to come back to you know it's like you could be feeling a little gloomy to me because it is a dark card right and the first card is strongest yeah and now it's like you've just been ice like you know it is what it is okay and we see mm-hmm it's time for you to smell the roses you see how different right away it is okay you could be getting a message of love also you're finding a new sense of like you belong to this person this is what I'm feeling here the birds are here two doves are chirping you're waiting in a park you know like you just feel like something as good is coming it's almost like you know how Jurassic Park is and then there's the water trembling this one is not like that but something is about to come towards you and you're about to tremble okay a difficult face in your life has just ended seven of cups okay so this here it's not that choice and options this is you enjoying having a good time having a ball you know look at that someone flying the kite over here you know like you're just putting all your worries up in the air okay concerns are natural worriers oh dear Lord I know how much you guys when you guys into go in the zone of worry it's a different worry like an you guys go in a different level Scorpius will be obsessive about they're worried for you guys you go into the shell mode right because both of you have shells but you go into you know like you go into the dark corner you you don't see things pass through you but here it's showing that um you know it's like there's something to look forward to you know it can be your dream seven of cups you know things up in the air right now you're just letting it it's like I like this I want that you know things in my life and I'm ready for it okay next to the seven of cups can be a queen of once you could be a cancer Leo okay this is also you dressing up feeling good and you know just getting ready out there okay someone finds you very very attractive over here you know vice-versa for cross watcher this is um I feel like of course this is your k2 over here so you could have a key to an allele uh-huh meaning your Rahu is gonna be an Aquarius okay you see here at a nine of one's energy here I feel like someone here is scared on something that they cannot predict on what you're about to do next okay there's a nine of ones here uh-huh Tommen is like you know putting you know like because you know the crows all right so they're guarded they're guarding that field okay because right now they can they can't see through you but you can see through what you want in life the nine of one is not you I don't feel okay okay don't get lost so I know you're figuring out what do you mean so watch you got a ten of coins night of ones they have been a coasts oh that was fast oh so the way it works here long-distance relationship far from you or you're in a vice-versa of course night of ones coming your way okay to have something stable with you okay so you end a dark face in your life someone here wants to know if you are gonna be in the same page as they are they're far from you they you know like you guys go you know if you're in the princess of cups of the campus right now I'm just living my lifestyle okay but there's someone here who's younger can be as a knight of Wands want something serious is legit is a ton of coins they want something serious with you okay [Applause] strength cord can be a Leo or your that energy the strength card is also trying to show you like yes I can be that stable person for you uh-huh that's that one connects like a strength card five of ones but I feel here like there has been some disagreements between the two of you also on chances are how to make this table okay because they were trying to figure out what do you want in one thing do you want that you know there's a lot of differences with my favor points that's that's that energy and what do you want is right here for ones yes bars got this so make sure to watch the Taurus energy okay you have the tourists in your charter connecting with that so I see here as you have declared ending off all those things with a tennis swords with a five points here and in the fourth ones whatever difference is that you guys have one of those that you don't want or that they don't want will be gone so that you can be together so a compromise is coming yeah mm-hmm king of Pentacles settling down yes so they're ready to sell down looking a coins Capricorn you know I took of course I mentioned parse it can be Taurus six of swords traveling to see you trying to get in touch with you at the same time you're moving towards the direction of this person the moon card which is you ruled by the money you have a lot of things to think about right now your mind your feelings your emotion because it has been heavy it was been burdensome nine to the ten of one this person wants to end whatever that you guys are having difficulty with are you feeling tired or press stress okay they want that to end okay so let's see here because the moment that ends remember you get a three of ones over here and then you get the fourth ones also so the moment that whatever it you are trying to finish that has been feeling back-breaking to you can be your work responsibilities with a family this person comes to you offering everything tenna coins to the fourth one's a stable relationship yeah four of cups but right now you know sex since there's distance between the two of you if you guys are not talking someone is like being stubborn it's like someone is trying to persuade or you're being persuader they are you know asking for attention then you have once again how far are you guys from each other because both of you are wondering but the other person is doing and when are you guys gonna be together seven of swords under the ten of Pentacles let me see what that is okay queen of swords someone here can be an arrow sign trying to cut down to the chase that choice you got too far of ones now let me elaborate what the seven of swords see the king of swords is this one seven of swords okay this person wants to cut down the chase if there is a game because the seven of swords it looks like it's always playful and not serious queen of swords that are you serious with me because if you guys are then you guys can go to the far off once you get too far funds and a ten of Pentacles of course a seven of sorry is bothering you right but the queen of swords like I ain't no playing I don't want no games this can be you or the person that you're connecting with they want something serious with a tender coins that can be you okay so I'm gonna continue this reading as the energies settle more down opening up to something that is wonderful okay thank you very much concern for watching I'll see you guys again link down there for extended bye guys this can be or that person get a death card if there was choice as an option with seven of cups the death card is ending that okay transformation is happening and waiting for each other Queen of ones someone is gonna make a move from far if you are believe or whoever is the Leo then they make the move temperance what's of energies about okay let's see here two people feeling destined there are days when everything seems to go wrong we rush to leave the apartment and realize we forgot to brew the coffee we estimated a travel time to go to the job interview of a lifetime with extra 30 minutes for good measure and the train is late then it ball functions then the door won't open then it didn't stop where it is supposed to not only where we laid to our interview our closest competitor just walk out with an offer letter in their hands what we missed seeing what we forget what we often take for granted is the perfect timing of the universe the universe never late the universe never misses the universe never makes a mistake the train will function what's meant to happen we were meant to get stuck in the Train we were meant to stay in your apartment for extra five minutes we don't always understand why because the universe doesn't always manifest its reason before our eyes at the moment that we were able to understand it getting stuck in the Train might mean we need to meet or see something there in that particular moment staying five more minutes might mean missing an accident missing that job interview might mean getting a better job offer after if we don't get something that we want at a time we think we should get it just be and wait for the universe to make things happen for us in the perfect time the universe is never late



  2. I am dealing with an air sign and we are not talking at the moment. No serious relationship mentioned but I want there to be 😁

  3. He is also a cancer and he is not ready to settle down with me neither wants to offer commitment to me. I am planning to give up onto him. Sal please tell me will it be a good decision?

  4. Im cancer, she Scorpio, we are not talking she kinda far away from me… Well see what happens, thanks was fun!

    @Cancers try not to get your hopes up coz of tarot 🙂

  5. One of my favorite readers. I'm going to stick with what I know. There is a positive, light, vibe…some readers make me feel heavy and I have to cleanse afterwards…even when the msg is not great is still reaches me from a peaceful and loving place so thank you.

  6. Thank you Sal. How true. Scorp still silent since Apr 25th. Yes, long distance, yes, and he's younger. We shall see… 🌹

  7. You are such a light — yes we are far! And the problem is I got so depressed by everything that I have found myself in a serious financial rut that is keeping us apart — we happen to be in 2 dif countries 🙁 but i feel destined and I will be going back to his country and I would move permanently in a heartbeat — it’s complicated and we are not communicating well ——

  8. I hope you are right. I'm cancer he's aquarius. Feels like he's playing mind games. And I can't take much more. He broke up with me 5 months ago after 5 years. I want to have reconciliation. But hoping he's rid of the 3rd party rebound he broke up with me for. Is he playing with my head?

  9. Hey Sal ! love ur reading as usual baby boy ! having no one , July 14th Is gonna be my Bday , I will celebrate it somewhere really royal I bought an amazing classy dress for it and will adopt that sexy attitude lol love u

  10. I'm Virgo he Cancer were married it been the same repeat for 5yrs now and I'm so sick of him getting high & drinking running the streets hanging out messing around doing all negativity when I want is a loyal loving good husband & it be about us & our marriage our life together doing everything together leave the streets & negativity alone, where am I at, he call & don't but he said he is coming home, do he have someone else that's what I feel but of course he say no, don't believe shit he say he's a pure liar and leave me out of everything, will he ever stop the bullshit lying and bullshit life, I my as well just start doing something different for myself and forget him, do I cry of course I'm hurting it hurts that I don't come first and I'm not important or our marriage..

  11. I love your channel I found you yesterday and by far the one who’s been on point your amazing

    July 21 🦀🎂

  12. Love youuuu Salllll….Yes very far…Israel to Italy….Cancer women and Leo man. God bless you Sal.

  13. I’m a cancer and my person is a Gemini who is currently in China we met on social media and haven’t met physically yet .. but there’s has been a lot of text messages between us ! I’m hoping to be united with him soon 💕

  14. He lives all the way on the other side of the city. We are not talking, I let him go because he did not want a commitment.

  15. Oh Lord, yes yes yes ☺️👍🏼💕 Your gards (angels) were right… We live thousands kilometres from each other, but we are waiting that day when we are together 💗💗
    Thank you dear Sal 🙏🏼

  16. You are amazing ….. muchas gracias Sal 🙏🏻 yes long distance, yes stop talking, yes playful not serious, omg so on point 🥰 Love the reading. ♥️🙌🏼 Bravo 👏🏻

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