Canadian diplomats in India built marshmallow, spaghetti towers after Trudeau trip |Sheila Gunn Reid

Canadian diplomats in India built marshmallow, spaghetti towers after Trudeau trip |Sheila Gunn Reid

the federal government had to send counselors to the Indian High Commission after Trudeau's embarrassing visit in February 2018 part of the group therapy sessions for the bureaucrats involved building spaghetti and marshmallow structures you will not believe the crazy documents I have to show you today after Trudeau's tour of India in early 2018 the one with all the dancing the costumes one attempted to murderer guests of Trudeau and immense national embarrassment the High Commissioner in India had people from the values ethics and workplace well-being division brought in from Global Affairs and Immigration Canada to do a review of the entire embassy operation and interview their staff the federal government flew these counselors over to India and then put them up in a hotel for 15 days while they debriefed and counseled the High Commission staff so of course we asked for any documents relating to these counseling services provided to global affairs employees at the Canadian High Commission in India following the visit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and holy smokes did we ever get back a stack of documents 650 pages of them and the details are really quite bizarre and by the time I was done leafing through this whole thing I would not have been shocked to see emails about emotional support chickens let's get right into these emails page 62 we can see that several pages of this document package are removed under Rule 16 5 which is the whistleblower protection exemption which is very very strange because that tells us that something needed to have a whistle blown on it and happened in India on page 67 we begin the outline for the visit of the Council we've got a conflict management adviser from the office of values ethics and workplace well-being we've also got a conflict resolution officer from the office of conflict resolution and we have the deputy director of the office of values ethics and workplace well-being and these three are coming to provide needs analysis design and facilitation of activities related to enhancing workplace well-being and effectiveness at the Indian mission the three will also offer confidential individual sessions to all staff at the Indian mission to discuss either workplace or personal issues so so far we've got whistleblower protection redaction in place and a sudden need for counseling at the Indian mission following Trudeau's visit and we're only about a tenth of the way through this document package let's skip ahead to page 175 we see an email sent in early June 2018 confirming that the counseling is directly related to Trudeau's visit to India though the bureaucrats in charge of giving me this document package redact who sent the email and most of the body of the email it reads I understand from senior management that you will be conducting interviews with some of the management team and those involved in the Prime Minister's visit weird let's skip ahead to page 189 this is the agenda for the counseling sessions we've got one counseling session called minding difficult conversations another session called building civility in the workplace a three-hour session titled values and ethics in the workplace we've got training just for managers called psychological health for managers and another training session about psychological health for employees and possibly my favorite training session this one relates directly to Justin Trudeau at least in my estimation it's called social styles model it's a four hour long session where participants use a questionnaire to identify their own social style or preferred style of interaction with others they'll use exercises in small or large groups to explore the characteristics of each style and when they might be useful and how to adapt to other styles preferences when appropriate this is workplace harassment training and it took place after the kokanee groper went home from india after he visited the indian mission I wonder if the topic of women experiencing interactions differently than powerful men ever came up or do women just need to adapt to Justin Trudeau's preferred social style and shut their pretty little mouths okay let's skip ahead to the end now but we're not really done because I actually saved the best for last just be patient page 650 we've got another heavily redacted email where we find out that despite 15 days of intensive counseling in India the values ethics and workplace well-being division is coming back again in mid-february 2019 good grief what did Trudeau do to these poor people now I told you I saved the best for last and I think I really did because on page 207 of this document package there is a perfect encapsulation of how the Trudeau government does things and how infantile but also how painfully woken cringy they are at the very same time we get a sneak peek at some of the activities the high commission staff were doing or rather subjected to during these counseling sessions I want to show you my favorite one it's a one and a half hour long marshmallow challenge just look at this participants are divided into teams that compete with each other using certain supplies we provide including spaghetti and a marshmallow to see who can bill the tallest structure in the debrief we discuss the dynamics within each team and raise awareness about what each person brings to the team that contributes to its success Canadian farmers have had to deal with all those trade tariffs slapped on us by the Indian government right after Justin Trudeau's ill-fated visit but you know what think of all the camaraderie building the bureaucrats were getting done during their 1.5 hours of government time to play with spaghetti and marshmallows because I guess we're running a preschool and not a grown-up country with vested economic interests with some of our largest trade partners or anything what a long access to information package this was it was a weird sneak peek into government workplace culture but it also leaves me a lot more questions about that whistleblower protection redaction which also means a lot more work and a lot more digging for me and our investigative team here at the rebel however after scanning through 650 pages my research helper and I are probably doing a lot better than the poor embassy staff who had to suffer through Trudeau's visit probably got screamed at by Sophie had to card around all those extra crates of wine and vodka the Trudeau's were caught demanding in our other access to information investigations then the embassy staff had Jass ball at ball that attempted murderer running around all over the place and then the poor staff were punished more by having to build marshmallow and spaghetti houses to show just how they understand teamwork and then they get a lecture on workplace harassment which came after the one and only person who could have benefited from it most had already gone home for the rebel dot media I'm Sheila Gunn reads at the rebel we do access to information investigations like this all the time we want to show you what the government is doing when they think nobody is watching which is exactly why Christy Freeland did not want at her defend media freedom conference in London last week to see all of our coverage from the conference go to media freedom conference calm and while you're there if you're so inclined if you want to help cover the cost to send us there you can do that too

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  1. Pls make Rebel india …. creating foundation Indian right Wing which doesnt Exist RN .. Pls Make Your contribution to Our efforts of Indian Nationalist Thank You Guys ….your Doing great job !!!

  2. OMG, this is one of the most absurd and pathetic example of Turdboys "feel good" brand of governance. This Libtard gov't is just one pathetic example after another of stupidity run amok. Dancing boy and his socks needs to be tossed into the street ASAP!!!! Enough of his idiocy already. Next thing you know he'll have crayons and coloring books delivered to all staff members and MP's, each with their own monogrammed briefcases, underwear with name tags, an emergency "hurt feelings" hotline, and a host of kindergarten helpers at the ready incase someone gets a boo-boo. This has been the most embarrasing 4 years in Canadian history, and if we're foolish enough to invite Mr "Smiley face" Scheer to occupy the position of PM we'll have another 4 years of rampant idiocy!!
    #VOTEPPC if you REALLY want change.

  3. My son did the same with the spaghetti-marshmallows competition. He was upset cos only 2 of the 5 in the group did anything; the girls sat there talking.
    He's 7 years old.

  4. Diplomacy 101: You don't go on an official visit to a country with people who are a threat to it's very own existence.

  5. Sheila, please expose the attempt by Canada's Sikh politicians and Sikh radicals to undermine Canadian democracy to promote their nefarious Khalistani agenda. The Sikh community is Canada's most powerful ethnic community, but it is also its most corrupt. Most Sikhs are into illegal activities such as drug smuggling, racketeering, money laundering, welfare fraud, immigration fraud, driver's license fraud, and human smuggling. The Sikhs have tons of black money to promote Sikh terrorism here and in India. The Sikhs, who are supported by Pakistan, will not rest until Khalistan is a reality. However, in Khalistan, Christians and Hindus will surely face ethnic cleansing. Radical Sikhs in Canada want to turn this great country into a de facto state sponsor of terrorism, if they have their way.

  6. Thank You for the news! Sorry to hear about Canada's problems, but am relieved to know its not just America. Keep up the good work.

  7. old sweetie pie Trudeau is not a politician he's a face that is a Communist party is using to put their plan into action this man could spell politician much less be one. And when I find even funnier is he must not be much of a man either because if you see his wife interact with anyone else who is obviously an alpha male she's just wide-eyed and Google face form. What a sad sad example of Canada

  8. Canada when is your next election?
    From India🇮🇳 you gotta vote for someone else. There is definitely better candidates !

  9. India needs oil and a lot of it, Canada has the oil and a lot of oil. But Trudeau and his staff is busy colluding and supporting Sikh terrorist/ extremist groups, provoking Indians by inviting convicted terrorists, then blaming the Indian government for it and lecturing India about his looney ideologies.

    What did he think was going to happen?

    Even the Chief minister of the Sikh state in India snubbed and slammed Trudeau for supporting Sikh extremists.

    I want Canada to have hell raising reformist new leader because all the current options to replace Trudeau are in bed with Islamic brotherhood anyways.

  10. This makes perfect sense, we had did things like this too, when I was incarcerated in an Institution for the Criminally Insane.

  11. this Fk Turd0pe
    steals OUR tax $$ and gives 100's of millions to OPEC muslim countries. AND Now our healthcare is being Cut.

  12. No wonder Trudeau is snubbed by everyone, she only cares about her colorful socks.
    Dear Canadians, get rid of this pretentious queen and regain your dignity.

  13. Don't know how but this Trudeau guy thinks he's prime minister. Someone obviously has a great sense of humour and took advantage of his weakness to have their way and handed Canada over to them. Lmfao

  14. He's a homosexual drama teacher. His picture is in the dictionary under "Spinless, Beta Male Creep".

  15. I can’t believe that there were 2 weeks of low-lying fog over there. They spent 2 weeks on the taxpayers ‘ dollar ducking the fog….


  17. What do people in Canada think of Indians? Would they prefer friendlier relationship with India? Would Canadians want Canadian Govt to have more business deals with India?🤔

  18. I was going to comment on how embarrassed I am to be Canadian, but why bother, it might get redacted. Never heard of this word "redacted" before the last couple of years and I am 64. I can't stand the country/world we are living in right now!!

  19. Can't help but wonder how many in Ottawa and everywhere Turdhole has been are now traumatized by the dictraitor's presence……!

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