BTS Jin's restaurant review! (after a month)

BTS Jin's restaurant review! (after a month)

they're off my balls if I do another reaction which so the reason we ran in this hot weather we're already sweaty it's kind of stupid but I just wanted to empty our stomachs a bit even sighs yeah I just wanted to empty our stomachs of it because we're gonna eat expensive stuff we are here once again to do what Jen's brothers restaurant will say no mushi yes okay so we're going to June's brothers restaurant yeah people said it's technically his brothers restaurant it is his too but anyways yeah we're going to his restaurant posters hate all mushy the last time it was a disaster because when we went this is fish cake this is made out of fish so today we are at five o'clock a little bit 5:10 yeah because we ran for like 10 minutes yeah so they run out of ingredients in ten minutes a hunk or there's like a humungous line waiting for us I don't know but anyways yeah we're at chums er talks on Lake again and it's right behind us like a five minute walk from here so this place is actually like more than an hour away from my an hour and a half one of the reasons why we came here is of course to eat was the fatal machine brothers restaurant and see if the hype is still there like back then when we went last month it was like a week after the opening but I don't know if it's still like as popular as it was back then another reason is because we have received a lot of donations for going to this restaurant a lot of these people here yes a lot of things all these people patrons and a lot of people pay us via PayPal and supported us so we're gonna of course keep our promise and go to the restaurant for them and lastly we have really a main reason yes we have recently relaunched full city vibes so this is I don't know what episode it is but it's probably below episode 10 how do you like it so far me no okay of course currently it's doing really well along with our explained series so I'm really enjoying like you know seeing socialblade everyday and seeing like 2,000 subscribers go up yeah so I think we can get to 500k this year came in this year so a lot of the reason is we're gonna have an early celebration penci i know it's always bad to celebrate early never celebrate too early but we're gonna do it anyway because I think this will be the best food we will have in a while for a while yeah Cheers okay so while we're waiting for this delicate food to get ready we need to wait 12 minutes I just want to ask Danny we have rebooted our time two weeks since we did a new content assistant plans do you feel proud or good about it what do you feel I'm really liking it so far because a lot of people are enjoying our new content especially to explain series okay before you go on speaking of explained so welcome to the explained series from SolarCity vibes the restaurant we are in currently is called ulcers Hado mushy it's well known as BTS gins and Jen's brothers restaurant Jenny's the director and his brother is the CEO of this restaurant and we're toast is a Japanese term mostly used in martial arts not a lot of meetings that says greetings respect justice and patience the word tater woody which is the main dish of Jen's restaurant actually is a cooking method of steaming the food inside a wooden box so the press of the name is Catoe when she goes my $53.00 from middle size and $7.00 for large signs they also have a variety of grilled vegetables and Japanese side dishes plus if you'd like to drink some sake this would be the exact right crispy dough the restaurant has a very modern clean interior with partitions and rooms for privacy also if you look around carefully you can notice that Jin has displayed some presence he's received from armies in the past the restaurant opens at 5:00 but it's really popular so you might have to go early or reserve it during a big group if you go lay the main ingredients might be sold out like what happened to us last night so the exact location is written down on the description box below and let's go back to Seoul City Bikes so that was how explain looks like where people will have not checked out the exclusion series yet it's very any patient or international fans right and people who want to get a deeper meaning inside kpop MVS to go on with your words like what do you feel else about our channel I'm really enjoying it because I'm making content that I actually like Oh what did you not like before I didn't want to do the reactions because I felt war so I'm really enjoying the challenge that I'm happy for myself III like it too because we're getting good retention and reception from our viewers and New Year's at look like a steer socially it's exploding right now and people are liking ourselves 85 series as well like I was actually afraid of losing reaction because that's what people know us that's what people love us for I don't like that feeling to like the Bandit oh and it's here okay we had a sneak peek yeah I'm happy with the change too we're getting good to the actions and I don't have to abandon reactions too and I really like it I really like it because like it feels like I'm I'm throwing away all the love you gave us because like we are known for reactors and I like kpop genuinely anyways I just wanted to thank you guys for loving us for the reactions you might have seen our vlog before this the boxing our last reaction and like that matters are literally our Alaska was are left off my balls if I do another reaction you coming home it's the smoothest me I am ever eating the temperature in Seoul it's like synched with our body I feel that it's one part of my body is like melting down and collaborating with my body very easy to swallow both smooth so we're good so soft and warm his sweet potatoes Boise so good no much enough this is amazing one thing about the meat is that I saw in the menu that it's fruit a tree Jeju meat is considered the best meat in Korea especially important especially for work like this is really a plus plus quality pork mean here I think it's worth of guys definitely worth it and to be honest if it split the bill just like 30 degrees Popat met and we are supported by you guys so it's actually free for us free we're getting paid to do this it's awesome that's Javert how's it very nice [Applause] it was good place it was good food for our a tktk pushing battery case firing our Kalin I feel like this in every ritual this is the ceremonies okay we'll go to a better place the reason why I'm doing it like this place and the food here is because like Korean food a lot of it especially to go to restaurants it's very sensual like you get a salty sweet spicy yeah here first of all everything steamed so it's really easy to chew when you swallow and second I mean there's not a lot of spices here yeah so it's very very like filed everything said you can control your own spice paste by the sausage you sip it up I'd like to bring my grandma here she's recovering from surgery you'll need sport and stuff like that smooth stuff very thank protein and you know mean and she just doesn't like it because it's too like chewy you know but this just dissolved inside are you put like small little kids even like don't like it very good kid-friendly I mean like the restaurant vibes it's not that family friend it looks like more of a as the time goes I think there's gonna be like more out cheese we're just like casual drinkers here it's very this whole areas yours you can't hear or see what other people are eating and stuff like that and very yeah this is not common in Korea like when you go to restaurants you see everyone like to see what the other person's eating you hear all that it's like well covered up and maybe it's maybe because like they're very sensitive for surprises I really think so they couldn't even go outside their hotel because they were getting like dead plants it paparazzi's and all those fans were like surrounding them you get crazy cold like maybe this is a reflect it's very considerate and the nice white walls make a very decent and moderate vibe it's very like would would review I mean like we don't have anything to say about the food and you can see some Jen's brother pistol here they're still there and the counter and you will recognize it right away yes it's hard to miss it's like like the moment I saw a plastic oh yeah I was like oh it's him looks really similar the more chubby and more like friendly looking like he's right behind us and we're gonna get us we're gonna try to ask him to write the parts we divide all for art so Dan is gonna do that because I'm sure nobody can touch us Oh harsh this is our god oh my god and that hard law he's shy I'm a shy timid person yes I am luckily or unfortunately for me luckily Jin's brother wasn't there I really didn't want to bother him even if we explained ourselves so well in his brain he's gonna perceive it like oh they just want my sign because they want to use it on YouTube and I'm just June's brother so I really didn't want to give him that kind of thought so what like even if it is that like so what what's the problem I know it's not a problem but it's just like manners for me yeah it would have been good we could have got it and like maybe Danny would have made it happen but he wasn't there this is not he was occupied somewhere else but anyways it was a very good experience we're very very far away from home like look at that that's the Lotte tower over there like after a month what do you think do you think it's still popular or it's very popular and there's was even like some youtubers and also some filming crew inside the restaurants so I guess it's a very popular filming spot yeah and I think the people behind us actually recognized us they were they look like they were from some other country and also they kept looking at us so maybe they saw our video viewer the people that were behind us okay hi okay so just before you end the vlog I hope you liked it and I wanted to say thank you to our dough for giving us the donations to make this splendid experience and sharing with all the international armies out there and this was a Seoul City Bikes you

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  2. Imagine the waiter looking at them and the other customer while they do this aesthetic eating and showing food the food!

  3. Thanks for sharing your review of Jin's restaurant. I must say for what I saw here, Seoul looks like a beautiful city. The restaurant itself has a very calming look. The food looked almost like something that could relax people instantly.

    I couldn't help but feel like Jin made this restaurant thinking of situations of celebrities… Who crave privacy.

    It felt as if Jin's brother took complete responsibility of the 7 members food needs. They could just come to the restaurant anytime. Sit in that big table with 8 chairs and enjoy their meal together.

    Thanks again Danny and David.

    I support the decision of not meeting Jin's brother. He should get the opportunity to make his name on his own, himself. Maybe later you could interview him just for his restaurant and not for being a celebrity's brother.

    One more thing… I started following you when you made reaction videos to bollywood songs. I still remember you saying you like Deepika. My request is- don't completely give up on reactions.
    While your Explain videos are literally my goto place for understanding BTS, reactions are also fun to watch because you both are genuine people and we like genuine reactors.

    Lots of love.

  4. To be honest, I've learned about reaction videos through your channel but the novelty of reactions can get tiring fast. Hence, I'm glad that you've chosen to go this direction. I love it.

  5. I just wanted to congratulate you on that smooth transition between Danny saying he'll cut off his balls, to the footage of the meat being cooked XD

    Jokes aside tho, great vid!!

  6. I haven't eaten meat for about 4 years now but I would pay a million dollars if it meant I could go to Jin's restaurant.

  7. U r cool guys! Love all your videos please keep doing it . Especially Seoul city vibes is more interesting 👍👍👍 Fighting

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