Box Office – Joker Opening Weekend

Box Office – Joker Opening Weekend

Wow! Okay, so first off

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  1. You clearly don’t understand Joaquin. He doesn’t do it for the fame. He does certain roles cause if challenges his skills and helps him improve. He’s one of the must humble, kindest humans out there, and greed and fame is not what’s on his mind. Just by saying that, it shows you know nothing about Joaquin.

  2. I don't understand what counts as solid demographics, all three main minority groups (Latino, Blacks, Asians) were over represented quite alot in the demographics of the movie but apparently that isn't solid.

  3. Would it be bizaarly awesome if Todd Phillips and Phoenix made a Joker trilogy with Batman appearing at the second installment then Robin(to be killed by Joker) in the 3rd? 🤔

    An opposite to Nolan/Bale's trilogy, an opposite perspective. 👌

  4. this is all very nice…BUT…I doubt it will continue doing well, during the week. Prediction: the darkness will start…START….sabotaging the movie as more people hear about the movie content and other movies come out, in competition. This movie will still FALL. And I agree with some of the posts below. Do NOT make this a sequel with Batman in it. Make another movie with Joker and Batman WITH DIFFERENT actors and not connected to his movie.

  5. Also, this movie and its film content, will NOT DO well in China. Why? because ti chinese KNOW its anti government and anti bureaucracy/establishment themes.

  6. I plan to see Joker again. Also, most of my friends and family skipped out over security concerns. I think that bodes well for week 2

  7. I think it would be cool if DC and Warner Bros did movies like Joker with some of the other villains in Batman's rogues gallery.

  8. Another reason why you won't get a sequel is because Joaquin phoenix had to be on a crazy diet, I don't think he will wanna put himself through that again any time soon

  9. I'm going to see it again tomorrow. Time to hunt for easter eggs and look for small details I missed the first time while picking my jaw up off the floor.

  10. The accent slips were jarring. Line delivery was not very believable at times. Perhaps she'll grow into the character. Ruby needs more dialect coaching.

  11. Sequel! They did a great job of laying the groundwork.
    And for Phoenix, this is what looks like when an artist cares about their subject matter. I loved this film.

  12. WB might as well continue with Supervillain route. How bout a Lex Luthor origin story? then towards the end Lex went to see Joker and recruited him..building up Injustice league.

  13. Some people may not want this but i need joker 2 to take the joker to the level of super villain if he's suppose to be in the legion of doom

  14. Joker is not going to translate to further success for Phoenix. As soon as he goes back to non comic fare people will not follow. We already knew him before and he has never been Mr. Box Office.

  15. No sequel, make a Jason Todd/Red Hood solo movie in the same vein as Joker BUT as with Joker make it a one off solo movie with no sequel thoughts PLEASE WB, PLEASE Make this happen

  16. Stop production on Batman movie, make another Joker movie on creating lead up to Batman, then a final trilogy movie that ties directly to Nolan trilogy at the end (One Joker births another). Break Batman from current DCEU and link both universe up later on when tone of both series can allow it.

  17. WB should continue DC Dark with each villain (like Black Mirror for example). If they continue with films like this then I'm all in.

  18. WTF is she patting her own back for Judy? Outside War, it got killed overseas earning a paltry $4.5 difference. Just look at IT2, Ad Astra, Rambo & Good Boys. They all killed. Good Boys, for example, $0.9 v. $82!!!

  19. warner brothers get yourselves some nice suits cos here comes joaquins oscar finally, and then find a good screen writer for the sequel and make joaquin a deal to bring him into the dcu

  20. They should give this movie a legit Trilogy with Jim Gordon being the main antagonist in the 2nd & then Batman be the 3rd antagonist in final film….

  21. Warner could do more movies like Joker, maybe Lex Luther, Riddler or even Poisin Ivy.
    I think the style of Joker would fit them as well.

  22. GRACEEEE. You should make a video about the Oscar chances Joker could win. Just like you did with Endgame 😍

  23. Over the past few days, the phucking New York TImes and Washington Post each ran a dozen articles to attack The Joker…. as if the movie is Bernie Sanders.

  24. With all the talk about mental health with the Joker I really wish Grace would have pointed out this opened at the start of mental health awareness week. Something I'm sure was planned and I wish it was in the headlines . I think this was a miss in the marketing for the movie.

  25. If it’s pg13 I won’t watch. I’m tired of everything being catered to either kids or pc culture. Joker is making money because also the meta message it had. It’s an actual film for people who love film and not just a product like an avenger superhero flick. Studios need to remember and stick to their heads who payed for these tickets originally. Not saying just bcs a film is pg 13 is bad bcs if I did then I would of hated spider man 2. Just done w studios switching it on their core audience just for a possibility to get more mindless cash.

  26. I think they should keep making high quality films with actors that absolutely fit the role..just keep thinking out of the box..not the same move with different names..

  27. Great breakdown of all the angles regarding Joker's success so far! Quick question, where do you get those industry projections for upcoming movies each week? I'm really curious to know what companies do movie analytics and predictions.

  28. i think with joker we need the batman to stay out of it for a few more years and focus more on the joker himself and his rise to becoming more of an underworld figure

  29. This is why every character should stick to the theme of there source material you get the truest irritation of that character e.g batman dark
    Aquaman adventures ect

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