“Born To Be” TRIP. BALI. VLOG или как достать Владлену xD

“Born To Be” TRIP. BALI. VLOG или как достать Владлену xD

Hey, my name is Alexander Tikhomirov! One year ago I’d decided to organize trip to Bali: choised the best time, found perfect villa and gathered nice company! Look, what came out of it! P.S. Next trips are already planned for May and October’20 You can ask the questions and join our company by E-MAIL or Direct (Instagram) With the support www.borntobewear.com Nice girl with short hair is there -Hey! Are you going to Bali? -No And Where?:) -Latvia – Sorry:( But okay 🙂 Hello This swimming pool and that one -Choose by yourself – lets go down -okay So, which one you take? -Are you taking this one? Stylish guys hit the brake and this one -by both brakes -get off the bandwagon The fatal scene Easier-easier Take this hey, how are you? i’m fine Dear guests Hey. He is our surfing instructor Breakfast! it’s so beautiful there Did the vest safed you? No, no, you have to bounce you are going to do drill ? I have to capture till you left We’ve met in the shop, so she’s come So, wait! I don’t know your name! I’m Katya -There are two girls named Katya, you are going to be third – good! ( Finally she wasn’t third, we had different interests) Hello! -We didn’t meet long time 🙂 – very long time Let’s go surf! Now we are going to check a new spot Quickly! Quickly! Let’s go! How is it? Tasty! Is it salt? Yes! You can come for breakfast here! No, no, thank you… Its healthy, yes? yes Katya, come to eat algae! We’ve arrived at the spot to check the jump off a 20 meters cliff Here is the wedding factory Brides take pictures here after each other There far is special tent where they are making up photographers are walking with the light the technicians… so, it’s funny Let’s look Yes. it’s very good Besides, there you can see grooms, brides, brides, brides, brides brides, brides, brides, brides… it’s funny 🙂 Jump? Yes, let’s go. One, two .. 🙂 So, okay! Let’s go Olya Smeshlivaya, Happy Birthday! How old are you? 19 🙂 Happy birthday ! 9 months! -Come to me! Come! He is going by himself! You scared the poor rat! Rat! Why? Today it’s the fourth lesson for guys and they are already on small waves ( and they are surfing better than me xD) Now we will look their progress! They are coming Are you finished? -No, we are going to surf here! Right now? Yes, right now Quit! She’ll hear! oh, she is here But we want to shoot when she will come in again we want to shoot her to come in again Why? Did you fail? Everybody’s asleep Why me? Make a wish! Close your eyes! Make a wish, then blow! Just not like i’d be your husband , please it seems she wished this wish comes true four times There are cows We’re already being kicked out so, we have the small cliff one of the last places which is safed a small piece in Bali buildings are everywhere but here we know about this secret spot oh, it’s your iphone! What?:) There and there are people i wanna to come there too sometime Husband for Instagram So, Vlad How do you like? The second best day in the life? Yes, it’s the third best day it’s very cool here – How much is cool? – Its grateful I don’t know…For 100 of 10 Let’s go to eat Hey! Say your name. Hey. I’m Sasha Zinchuk. How old are you? I’m 29 Where are you from? I’m from Moscow What do you do? I am owner of company. We make mobile apps. Why are you standing here? it’s interesting. You are the first. So, you have company of mobile apps. Are you based in Moscow? We have big team. People are from different towns I usually live in Spain. But we are not about one town How many people are in your team? 6 Hey! Hey! What is your name? I’m Pasha. I’m from Minsk. Hor old are you? I’m 24 Tell me, what do you do we are doing web development i have office, 6 people…oh, you said 6 xD How many people in your team? 7 Are based in..? In Minsk. You haven’t outsourcing, isn’t it? Everybody’s in the office. Why had you decided to come here? Cause i’ve been watching vlogs’ Sasha Tikhomirov since , maybe, 2013 and i was always interested in lifestyle and i hadn’t the opportunity to find cool team, like now so, i’d decided to try a new form of adventures What do you feel the most interesting here? for me, i find smth new everyday Before I had some fears fear of jump, fear of high cliffes surfing and ocean are always scared me Everyday i go through my fears And I think it’s the major discovery of this trip for me For the first part! We will have 2/3 soon! We will find many fears! Hey! What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? I’m Katya, I’m from Minsk, Belarus and i’m 23. I’ll be 24 in a month Have you come with Pasha? Yes What do you do? This summer I’ve finished the University i was learning an architecture for 6 years. Now i work a little by profession and not only. Do you help Pasha with work? No So are you individual? Yes Do you make money? Just for my personal expenses Decision of going to Bali was your or Pasha’s? It was my New Year’s present. so, i didnt make the decision but i wasn’t against a present.. it’s okay i didn’t persuaded at all i asked, she wasn’t against-okay 🙂 What are you waiting from Bali? It’s nothing from Bali. But i am waiting funny and cool trip it doesn’t matter where it’d be But it’s cool that it is in Bali It’s my first trip to Asia not to Europe What is about relationship? Have it changed? With Pasha? Yes No Is everything the same? We travel a lot. Nothing changes at all. It’s good What do you cook better with potato? Puree. Pasha likes it. with chops! Hey, I’m Anya, I’m 31. I’m from Moscow. Have you come with Sasha? Yes What do you do? i’m tester in company Is it Sasha’s company? Yes, It’s Sasha’s. So, you have family business Yes, smth like this Whose decision was about Bali? At first, the decision was made by both of us. But, to be honest, then i had doubts i tried to ask Sasha to refuse And what? My fears were not realized. What did you afraid of? I was afraid it’d be the powerful getting out of comfort zone for me i was afraid to not communicate with people here i was afraid at all this trip’d be more stressed than like holiday. But if this trip is getting out of comfort zone , it’s just about first day when we all meet it seems, next day we were friends, team And now i don’t think the same. Show your abs to the camera ! She has the best one What do you want? To be honest, i’m in condition to trust all plannes which are made together Cause i understand that nothing bad nothing i’d not like But, maybe it’d be interesting for me in Bali to see life of native inhabitants I like that we were not walking like usual tourists these days We tried to find new places i like this form and wanna it’d be continued the same way. What is better? So? Or this way? i liked the first time it’s better hey What is your name? How old are you? Let’s go first Ok. Let’s go. Stop, wait! i have to concentrate i have not yet. Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you? Hey! I’m Vladlena. I’m 20. i will be 21 soon. If i be alive ! What do you do? I study. For? I study logistics I study at the University of civil aviation. Where did you found money for trip? Father and mother, Hello! No, Sasha, i don’t like this, let’s do it again. Was it hard to you to come in Bali cause of study? Yes, i’d to take time off Last time i thought i couldn’t but i got it. We were very glad to you You are funny in our company. I know 🙂 I like to be with you too How do you like Bali these first days? It’s very cool! i thought i would not like Everything is new, i’m alone and i’m 20 I think i’m the youngest. So i was scared, but finally i’d decided. Many people dissuaded me “Why? For What? New people…You don’t know what would be with you!” But i did iy by myself! it’s the evidence to not listen anybody. TRUE Are you tall? You are not in the frame How do you like surfing? Honestly? Cool! But yesterday i was scared, i was turning over 100150 times! I was very afraid But it was very cool, new feelings new emotions Are you trying to ride a bike? i was just riding a little maybe 10 cm i’ve studied. i will ride soon faster then Sasha it’s impossible everything is possible! it’s right. i’m ready. Ask! I need to drink! Do you want to use drugs? No Hey, mom and dad! yes! Sasha is going to cook mushroom soup! I want to dive deep. No. Let’s do it again I want jump off a cliff What’s the height? Maybe 60 Why are you laughing at? Easy! I have no strong goals i’ve achieved some- i got out of comfort zone i’ve met new interesting friendly people i like everything! I am very glad and don’t want to go home So, good luck to you Thanks Bye! Followers, bye! Is it ok? cool Maybe again? No, it’s very good Look at this We are taking bike by 2 millions for day Guys’ve arrived i’m here So, let’s do the second one Let’s jump Let’s go! What is about feelings? cool! How is it? Very good! I’m disappointed more and more there are many buildings Such constructions are here, sunbeds are here buoys swing and cafe… there are shops, some places for photo.. This situation is very sad Here is the waterfall, but to walk up you have to pay money it’s the waterfall for which we’ve paid 20 000, came here, but to walk up here we have to pay more here are ropes and some signs…Why? ( we are waiting for comments about us – russian stupid pigs without respect) they whistle to us! Jump quickly! The Backpack 2.5 will be able for sale in November. Now it’s the Backpack 2.0 We did straps best, changed back , added pockets It’s the best backpack! Buy it! The second waterfall. Are you ready to jump? I’ve already jumped Is everybody ready? Perfect waves Let’s go down, i will jump and find where to get out Guys are standing there.. funking how is it? The fire! Get out here okay, i’m going to jump from the top Now i have a challenge To jump from this height i wasn’t the same it’s interesting and scared guys make photo here pictures of everybody i bought some photos and it’s falling water from my nose i have not they are sitting here, shooting and there are cool pictures Today just don’t talk to anybody day…. Are you ready? For what? To that thing Almost Why do you need this? They make me. For what? Smth very bad. Are you afraid? I am afraid of you more! Why do you need this? I have not decided yet Why do you need? I want to listen your questions But it would not be aloud How will mushrooms hear you? It is all in your head. Some thoughts are coming to you. Some unexpected thoughts We have to understand that HIV is not disease. Why? It is autosuggestion! You are going to think a lot and it helps you more information to think. Do you believe it? No. But everybody says. I don’t believe I didn’t use, how could i have an opinion?! Who want? I will. How is it? Tasty Vlada, how was it? I very liked. There is smth no okay one guy sent me this music and finally, Katya likes too Hey Beautiful sunset this feeling, when you want to say but you have no idea what to say Do you want nothing? We woke up after mushroom flu Nikita came to us i want to ask him about our team about how does he look at us i can say, that Sasha’s team , guys are selected cool they have interest of life some acts which are going person to their dreams Probably, it’s because Sasha is the same. He attracts such people He attracts He attracts such people I even asked one girl ” Did Sasha make casting?” Girls have good asses, bodies They are not nervous It is easy to communicate with them Was it casting that right people’d come? NO It is about law of Universe that cool people are attracted to each other That’s why i like this team i live in Bali for 1 year And i saw many companies, and this one is great Tell us smth about yesterday’ trip What was interesting? We became to wonder nature we do it always but people are shy Man thinks ” if i looking at grass it’d be funnily. Doctors come for me.” But for real, this feeling is about freedom and unity with nature. And you just enjoy and shouldn’t afraid that smb will look at in the strange way. You are righter. You are in the moment What is about insides? For example, moment when boy leaves girl and he doesn’t know why He tries to blame on girl We are finished because of bad girl. She didn’t appreciate me. She didn’t give me smth that i needed. Or she listened to smb. Maybe it happens about money and happy life But in fact, i remembered all moments about my friends or me And it happens just because that guy doesn’t live with consent with himself. He lives not way like he wanted to. He agrees smaller life or goes other side. But he wants that girl of his dream would be still with him. If you want that girl of your dream, so live the life of your dream! When you are going other side it happens that people are break up with you, and not only girl, but everything good, that you have. Cause you live not your life. Cool words. But not only you had insides yesterday. We all had it. We recomend! Yes. it’s true. Do you know everybody of us? Yes Give me some verbs about everybody I can tell not in right sequence….oh, there is no right sequence (: Who is the first? Pasha. What? Who is he? He is…What do you mean? Just some verbs about him. He is quiet man who is attracted to himself by his energy it’s pleasant to be near him. He doesn’t talk much but he is cool this way He talks by using some his verbs, acts it’s comfortable to be with him, nothing more to say. Next Next person is Anya,girl with blonde hair Is that girl with Sasha? who is 20 years old She is 31 I made a mistake again, can you imagine? So, I joined the company met everybody, thinking that girl was cute i thought she was 20 Then she said “i am 30” after time I said “WHAT?” It was probably the first time when i was so surprised ‘Are you kidding me?’ I really thought she was 20 And why does it happen this way? it is not just cause of. She is really doing her best There is even thing- she tries to not wrinkle her forehead She doesn’t wrinkle forehead! Her emotions are not on her face. We can talk a long it is good or not. I’m talking about she doesn’t smile by her face But she has a goal, it’s good Goal is to look like young May it’s an injection? She says she’d got it before She gives a rest her forehead when she smiles Was it told by her? Did you not note this? What? Was it told by her? Yes, yes, she told that There is thing that she tries about healthy food about every moment it’s about what she is doing for her youth And she looks perfect. Anya is. So she is kind at all, she reads Harry Potter I’d read it too for 5 times. So, it’s close to me That’s why you look young? Who is next? Next is her boyfriend named Sasha He is like reliable person He has smth like besides, i am learning temperaments now, And he is the “Inspector” Inspector is a man who does everithing right He doesn’t like simulation He likes reliability and clarity in people, and he is the same. His girl feels that It is nothing to afraid with him She had panic attack, like i had before When she met him she just knows that he is here, even by call or message She would feel better ! Of this act -writing to boyfriend. This is the example when girl feels in safety with you, guys! When she can only write you and her mental disorder’d passed. Sasha is reliable person. Who is next? Next is Katya Which one? She is tall. We called her Katrin. Yes She is for everything In fact, she is very active At first look, she is quiet But if you say her “Oh, let’s do that!” So, she will! *how to say.. There are two types of persons. Or You look their activity at first look, and there is no doubt why this persons’d come to Sasha They do extreme sport But you can’t say it about Katya But she is. She is always quiet. But she can go anywhere, walk a cliff, surf I am sure, she is about it. But you should see such people just by other way. Saying ‘Let’s go” and she will! She likes to be under focus. She will do everything, if you do it at least Who is next? Next is….next is…… Vlada! Vlada is a fire girl! She makes your mood. If you are closed to her in the room , you like watching a movie She doesn’t allow to use your phone because people often do it. There is too much information. So you use it all time. Vlada makes party! So you don’t want to use phone, you want to look at her. It’s interesting Especially, with mushrooms. Especially, Yes Who is more? Vlad is here too Vlad is a kind man You feel it immediately His energy and so on. I stayed to sleep yesterday with them, he left me a blanket probably, his blanket, pillow He is man. Of course girls would do it too but he was first He cared about me, and woke me up this morning , even gently, that i wouldn’t be nervous I feel his kindness. He has a heart. In the modern society, we need same people He has open mind, he is kind. These people are less in society now, cause of age of information Maybe new growth is more cynical. But kind people are between us, and they will be always So, Vlad is kind, cool man Next Next is Anya. The princess of tower. *Rampion Anya is interesting She may talk a lot of useful smth She makes everything clearly in mind For example, when she is talking smth, only some words but you understand right She can give a big meaning about usual things in life So, you understand what she is talking about And you feel this even without mushrooms. Only some words are said to you and you understand right Besides, when we got that, she was alone, listening music she was on balcony, saying ‘hi’ for everybody, she was really happy. She came to us, communicated with and went back sometime Then she was alone again i mean, she wanted to feel both of atmosphere : to be with friends and to find smth in herself Anya is interesting person Interesting – is about her Okay, who is more? Sasha Tikhomirov is. What can you say about him? I can say that it is very cool event because, when i was younger, i watched his videos He was younger too I started to watch it, i liked it Everything looked really cool There was another guy on YouTube Sasha and he have difference that Sasha reached certain level, he had some money and the second guy hadn’t money at all Both of them travel. They inspirate me to travel. I’m here cause of Sasha But could it be better than spending time in Bali, where you went cause of inspiration of smb and with this person! This island united us. I’ve known him as very cool man I thought you are , Sasha, more cynical I thought that Sasha looks like not very pleasant person in communication. But he has a talent, and he inspirated me. There is respect of this, at least But it isn’t so. When we meet, i know you are cool man You just don’t let everybody coming closer to you you don’t say “hi, hi, hi, hi” and you don’t become friends with everybody And you look at person, trying to understand his inside and then make a decision about distance between . I think we understand each other That’s why this time is good Nice! What do you want to say more? Maybe, i forgot about smb…and he will take offence..Kate! Kate, which is with Pasha okay, we will do it like we forgot about her Kate is like a teacher for me. I mean the crazy teacher. Crazy teacher, who teached pupils and then she understood, that she wanted to have party to dance and so on. She really always says smth like ‘no, we can’t go there’ ‘no, it is not a good idea to do it’ But finally, she is in. ‘What are the mushrooms?!’ Then she ate it. (: ” i will not jump off a cliff! It’s crazy!” Then she jumped! I would make a video blog about her or film on YouTube or in Instagram So, crazy teacher. With glasses. Eating mushrooms, surfing, jumping off the cliff She has propriety and reckless It is sexy and cute She and Pasha are perfect to be together Pasha is about safety and she is a little bit crazy So they feel comfortable with each other Super! It is interesting, thank you Guys will like to watch it I’ve already said everything them 🙂 This sound is like for elks Will you jump? Let’s go I have favorite girl between them, and she is flirting with me , look! Who is she..? we came here at 5 o’clock, here is nobody! Sun doesn’t shine , but we don’t need it -Vlada -Vlad wow, Vlad! just jump and drop your hand the second is here doing like this then do this just dropping relax! look, you are like this do like this then come here and drop! hit is going from your leg so, not like this it becomes from the leg leg and then hand try You hit by your hand but it should be from here Khristina is a surf girl, i wanted to shoot her, but her boyfriend was against smb is on the right , i have to leave this wave, i am doing it But he is still angry xD I don’t understand how it happens – to surf and to be angry the same time Katya, are you Mafia? No -Kate? -No Liar! Sasha, who are you? Good morning! We are going to Look at this sunrise! when you come here, you are offered to take a bike If you are alone or with a girl it’s nice You can take smth like this But if it is a big group it’s more comfortable to take a car There are people who are playing with fire, in fact That line by the ocean it is dead movement of ocean. Water comes and after middle part it comes back The wave can take you in there You will be under water You will have a panic, then you will be tired more If you are leading back you have to swim to this side and return by the side Stop and close your eyes! Come here! Wooow Oh, smb said we wouldn’t come here! So, who wanna upper? We are going down oh, there are people Our guys went to eat, to take photos they are missing the best native emotions but we will see, maybe they won’t Noooooooo Jump, jump We are starting to shoot our interview. Today is the last day. tomorrow we will fly back. Vlad is a little bit tired today He was doing smth all day last minute we are shooting. Say your name. Where are you from? How old are you? I’m Vlad. I’m 24. I’m from Odessa I do IT , cryptocurrency and finance For the last 7 years Let’s shoot again and stay your head strong okay, let’s Hey. Say your name. Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do? Let’s do it again, i was hitted.. When i studied at school, i made the video, that i was fallen in love with a girl girl from the taxi car and i coldn’t find her it was reposted by 30 000 people 30 000 people from Odessa I found her after two weeks That was even on radio, without payment i didn’t ask about that Smb just looked that, and sent on radio So there was a moment , when i was talking on camera, i did smth like this with my head when i looked it again it was very funny! It is still on YouTube So, you have big business with partners, you have office. Is everything serious? Yes. Office. People work. We have near 60 people. 60? It is bigger in 6 times then our guys I think there are even more then 60. You said, that you got a lot of money at 21 years old, am i right? Yes How did you get it? By cryptocurrency So, that money you invested in your business with your partners Yes And does it work successfully now? Yes, we made a company I can talk about ‘born to be’ It was my inspiration from school Without it, nothing would happen When i was at school, i thought that life is sad , grey you are not alone in this i will talk again No, don”t do that okay, you were at school, and everything was bad What happened after? When i was at school, i thought that life is sad , grey and not interesting and then i found Vkontakte your video, Sasha Tikhomirov! Your first video from Bali I was looking outside and saw that everything was bored and sad people were sad But i was looking on monitor and saw funny people, extreme sports, jumps, water bikes swimming with sharks everything was green and beautiful I saw many same things in those videos it was inspirated me Then i understood that world was beautiful There were many things, that i wanted to try in my life But i need money. I hadn’t. Then i understand that i want it, i want to get money. It was my motivation to move far for next years So, it happened that way i worked in company then ibecame a partner It was it-company which made webs, apps and so on. How long? I was 17 when did you become a partner? Almost that time Young genius We were working for some years we did our level up again and again took more serious projects Tell about your project for Space X I am not allowed to tell It is about confidential information Let me tell i’ve already told.. Okay, let’s go far we did different projects more and more difficult So, there were more and more money we had cool clients from USA for space tourism company What did you do for them? We did a CRM-system for them Was there a large amount of money? There was not yet I had money to eat and for car and to buy wear, and to go abroad once a year maybe two times in year Just for surviving. So, where did a lot of money come? After some years, when we met cool people to be honest, with one cool person, who wanted to make one cool project He had an idea, but he needed a team So he found us we were working by this project half an year *i don’t understand You did that half an year, it was successfull, you got a lot of money. yes By this project? yes Now we are growing, working with many projects They will be more successfull, we are sure What have i waited for? I hadn’t at all. It was interesting for me to meet you, Sasha Tikhomirov Bali was interesting for me Party and people who are here. I got fist cool effect from this company of people which is accumulated by Sasha Everybody is very interesting and friendly We all have unusual stories Say that trip was cool, especially mushrooms 🙂 We tried to do many interesting things It is not possible to make interview with Vladlena by the side You are just leaving your legs and looking that there are waves and rocks. It is amazing, unbelievably You feel this unity with nature and the whole world around you So, it’s probably the best of my experience of the whole life I got it on the third or fourth day of trip At that moment i ‘d understood that this trip met expectations But even after it we had such cool things and maybe somitimes i had even better effects. I think everybody should come here. Especially if you can do it with so cool people which Sasha can unite For us he did it perfect I think, next trip it will be not worse, and maybe better Sign up on May! Sign up on May! We’ve studied riding the bike on Bali It’s excited, especially when you are doing it in the mountains It’s too the most exciting thing about my experience When i come back home, i will buy a bike I will ride I will miss you very much. Buy! Kisses to you! love you Come to me to St. Petersburg They are in the restaurant now and they can’t say Good bye to Vlada So, i have to leave Hugs and kisses to all of you! Good luck! Have a good flight! Bye-bye I will miss you.No! so, i have to go You were with us on trip.. but Where? In Iceland But the first trip, which was planned by you, was to Bali? Yes Then you joined us in Iceland Yes, it’s true My name is Anns, i am 26. I got it in this trip (: I live in Kiev I just enjoy this life I like nature in Bali I ike many beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes. i wanted to look at. I’ve been here before, but i hadn’t time I was sure that everything will be good when i go with you -What have we done? – We’ve done best We went to volcano after to waterfalls and the beach *** was impressed me. You always hadn’t enough adrenaline, and you tried to get it Yes I hadn’t always enough adrenali Jumps off cliffs, waterfalls were for that j Probably, the highest one is 10 metres I am proud of it! No surfing? Yes! What is more..riding on a bike by back wheel? Yes, it was today, the last day, besides We tried it we tried to ride by back wheel What is else interesting before saying goodbye? I like everything, it’s cool. Thank you! I got a lot of good experiences by this trip It seems to me that on Bali the awareness about life came to me Do you mean the whole life? Not at all. But i’ve started to understand and feel it more Cause of mushrooms? Maybe they are 🙂 So you found some thoughts for you Yes, valuable things What’ve you understood? I’ve found some answers it’s interesting What else? That’s all. I have to leave Bye to everybody Katrin was with us in Iceland And for some monthes, she decided to join us on Bali Yes Because i liked the organization in Iceland i liked people I had pleasant emotions after trip Tnat’s why i dicided to trust Sasha with trip in Bali So trip is finishing you will fly soon Yes, this morning Were you sad or nervous at the beginning? In fact, i came here to adjust my inside feelings so, at the begining it was the critical moment for me So how do you think you got it? Yes, i got Bali is a place that if you have conflicts with yourself it becomes stronger in 10 times but if you have quiet soul it becomes stronger too I had it on my experience about troubles in my mind But i went it through successfully Now i’m glad Nice. How is your name? How old are you? What is your profession? My name is Katya, i am 26 I am from Kiev Now i don’t know what to do but i think about making graphics 4D I study different programs I else make the videos, but it is hobby But i would like to develop this How do you make money? i’m model But it is on the second side now My friend has a model agency, i work as a manager I manage different trips with girls I am fighting with fear of height It was very strong in Iceland, cause there were some locations, where i was staying on the edge and for me it is very funky Here i came over the fear i jumped! The first time was not successfull (Mississippi) by the second jump height was maybe not serious for smb, but i did it It is about jumping I liked surfing i did it by the second try At first i was sad because all guys did that from the first try But i got it from the second I didn’t stop, continued And i got it. I liked instructors very much. I liked to look at dolphins It was free, in native nature I got the idea to come in my town and to join the union for the protection of animals I was going here with understanding that everybody would be different It is so. I liked all of us. Everybody has different age, different views of life And i’m starting to understand people and not criticizing them even in my head it’s very pleasant too Because sometime ago it was difficult for me to communicate with people who are not like me Who has not view like me. It’s a good thing. I am trying to do my best too. I found out the waterfalls are amazing I wanted to spent time there more to shoot more to take some pictures I wanted to stay there with that quiet feeling. It’s very attractive, and very cool The waterfalls are number one! The beach *** is another story If the paradise exists, it is there To be honest, i ‘d waited for many tourists there But we choise right days or it was my expectation about touristic place But i could relax there and enjoy that place without a large amount of people Although tourists were there. Amazing place There was a crazy slope where i was going through my fear of height I think the slope was 80 degrees down and then up we were going there up when there was twilight and nothing was to see It seemed like climbing for me There were crazy waves near 4 metres, if i am right It was very cool too I was mixed At all it was funny Sunsets are another thing too, it is very beautiful When the season of rain was closer it became more beautiful and bright Is that all maybe? Yes Thank you. Have a good fly! Thank you, Sasha Sanya, we thank you very much for you gathered us this cool place! What’s the drivel? Would you say anything? Thank you, Ssha Sasha, you are the best And me? This trip has one terrible thing- it will be finished in 20 days 🙁 It’s better than i ‘ve imagined It will be always in your memory

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  1. Думал заказать рюкзак в группе вк, захожу в группу а я забанен, ни разу не учавствовал в дискуссиях и тд, какого черта меня забанили?

  2. Атмосферно очень . Видосы как то глубже стали. Интересные ребята собрались . Когда парень который на крипте поднялся рассказывал про детство, я вспомнила когда мне было 17 , мне прислали видео Тихомирова , и я просто кайфанула. Подсела на пару лет на эти видосы . Потом вообще забыла за них, в прошлом году наткнулась на них обратно, ностальгия ))Сейчас мне 24 , но это видео я помню как вчера )) благодарю за эмоции ))

  3. Видео из тропиков у тебя всегда классные получаются🏝
    Рада видеть Олю Смешливую💥👏

  4. Смотря видео не оставляет ощущение, что грибы Сашу, так и не отпустили.

  5. Саня, звук во время интервью сраный мальца.. в остальном супер! Ты хорош!

  6. Саша , спасибо за поездку ! Буду пересматривать наше видео миллион раз 🤤😘

  7. хоть бы девушек поснимал… Раньше хоть съемки показывал… а теперь что это такое? о чем это? собрал кучу девушек на отдыхе и не устроил съёмку.. – старость?

  8. Я посмотрел!
    На одном дыхании!
    Пошёл зарабатывать деньги теперь и мечтать как ребята)

  9. Да, девахи у Тихомирова становятся все попроще. Раньше были сок🤤

  10. У меня одного видео какое то не чёткое в точечку в 4к и в 1080 вобще смотреть невозможно?

  11. Понравилось! Влад из Одессы такой угарный, просмеялась с ним всё его интервью!

  12. Вдохновляюще очень! Спасибо Саше и ребятам! Какие же все классные, интересные, красивые. Впечатления от просмотра самые лучшие 💗

  13. Ламповая атмосфера и очень мотивирует. Когда-то я подсел на влоги с влога Гаваи))) Вот это то что нужно, мотивирует 🤙🏽 Спасибо

  14. А что, все плохие комменты удалили?) Удивительно что только хорошие 😅

  15. Интересно смешливая знает что такое вставать на работу или понедельник день тяжелый)

  16. Когда все деньги потратила на поездку, а кушать нечего… остаётся Жрать водоросли 🌱

  17. Ты кравчик!)Стольких сделал счастливыми,потратил своё время не зря, на просмотр!Рад за тебя

  18. Тихомиров очень крутой чувак. Талант плюс характер. Смотрится на одном дыхании всегда!

  19. Очень классное видео!
    Было бы здорово, если бы ты указал инстаграмы ребят.

  20. А вы тоже проматываете все Сашины интервью из за непреодолимого испанского стыда от услышанного тупняка?

  21. Что за хуйня? Что за нудятина? Влад или кто там? Психолог или что? Кто? Зачем?

  22. Саша, наконец – то жизнь! Настоящая) Трансформация людей) Ты все делаешь правильно, дари больше людям эти состояния)

  23. Так вот что называется выйти из зоны комфорта – поехать отдыхать на бали))

  24. Владлен, когда таракан тебя бросит (весной примерно), я заберу тебя к себе. Я научу тебя кататься на мопеде и серфить по волнам. Пиши в личку.

  25. Hi Alexander, it looks like you had an amazing experience. I am currently conducting user research about tourism in Indonesia for traveler who already visited Indonesia. You can find the here: https://forms.gle/LvmFkwRQqchD6yqe7 and it would be amazing if you can participate, thanks 😉

  26. Купи камеру уже сони вместо гоу про, она очень погано пишет звук, не слышно абсолютно ничего, смотрю тебя уже давно и постоянно один и тот же косяк это гоу про, она как мне кажется это косяк в твоих видосах

  27. Очень крутой формат видео!Так же здорово ,что все ребята искренние и настоящие без каких-то нелепых понтов )Будет интересно следить и дальше за таким форматом)Удачи)

  28. Блять советчики по поводу ЗВУКА! Спасибо, ато Саня глухой, нихуя не понял пока монтировал!

  29. После просмотра этого видео, ко мне пришел инсайд и я вышел на новый level

  30. "Быть серфером и быть таким злым??" Так написал, как будто все серферы являются нормальными людьми… столько же говна, сколько и среди остальных

  31. Ахаха, то чувство когда вчера написал Сане : какого черта? Куда пропал? Где новые видосы?
    И на след день он выпускает видио))))

  32. Саня дружище…. прилетай в Эквадор, латинки пополнят твой шкаф))) трипы и всё остальное будет. А вообще кайфую от твоих видосов. Пиши +593990030054

  33. Подскажите трек с 9:33–9:41 , только который играет на фоне у них в вилле, а не на фоне

  34. Ездили недавно с мужем на Бали и были на водопаде, который на 27 минуте. Нам рассказали почему-то там все так ограждено, там было ОЧЕНЬ много несчастных случаев с летальным исходом, там часто обвалы…Поэтому они так возмущаются когда кто-то перелазит.
    Видео супер!

  35. Надо было нахуй тоже этого мудилу серфера послать, охуевший черт.

  36. Ты просто супер !!! Если нужна будет помощь в Гуанчжоу, буду рад помочь, просто от души рад за тебя и за ребят.

  37. Александр, завязывай с такой хуйней! Либо снимай нормальные влоги и короткие видео. А такой бытовухи полным полно.
    Все меньше и меньше хочется смотреть твоё творчество. #Тихомировауженетот

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