26 thoughts on “Bitch in Business (Parody of All About That Bass)

  1. I can’t understand one whether I’m not they want men to accept them or make them they’re slaves

  2. Damn how come I never saw this for all these years? Lol, I would not be able to keep my composure like that. Would be way too funny to say all that.

  3. i respect women who want to have a career. (However i'll never be able to find attraction for a women who makes more money than me, Call it masculine pride Whatever)

  4. If women were as competent in business as men, they wouldn't need laws like the one in California mandating that public corps. have quotas for women on their boards of directors. And they wouldn't have to make whiny, bitchy videos like this. Men and women are biologically different, and men are better suited than women to thrive in the more competitive exploits.

  5. The real cliche is all these women trying to prove something to themselves and the rest of the world; that they can actually have a career on their own. But even they are surprised when they "make it", which is why they celebrate by making these videos demonizing women who chose what is becoming more and more rare and unique; the life of a mother and housewife to bring up the next generation. Guys never thought some women couldn't make it in a cutthroat business, they just never found those types of women attractive (unless they were beta-males, like your stay-at-home fucktoy for example). You have the freedom to choose the life you want, but it comes at a cost.

  6. An interesting thing about the wage gap is that jobs that get taken more seriously and paid more are mostly male dominated. However, when it switches and more women get into it suddenly it gets taken less seriously and paid less. This isn't a one sized fits all thing, obviously. But it's like how a man wanting to go into nursery work isn't taken seriously (usually), whilst women are told "well of course, you're a female haha". Hence men are put off working there (a generally low paid job), and in the end women work there. Then they earn less. Fact is, if those women didn't work there there'd be nobody working there. And when they ask for more pay people laugh and/or ignore them. And so they're stuck working a job men don't want due to it being traditionally feminine, at a low pay rate, whilst men tell them it's their fault and they're imagining it all. I bet if doctors (a traditionally masculine job) got paid minimum wage (like my mum, a nursery worker) then people would riot. Would you want the person in charge of your health being paid 7.50 an hour? They don't (from my research and knowledge, even starting doctors don't). Would you want the person in charge of your baby or young child being paid that? Because they do. And the free hours in the UK make that even more iffy, because the parents don't pay the fees, and the government doesn't pay enough.

    But hey, wage gap, all down to men being more inclined to do those high paying manly jobs, right?

  7. The fact is that businesses do not succeed with these attitudes. Businesses have to actually work in a functional way to deliver value. Also making win-win arrangements with one's partners, employees, suppliers, customers, etc. is the way to augment that. I fail to see how being a bitch is good advice towards those ends. Try it if you like. See how far it gets you.

  8. So many oppresed women here who have to get drafted and put into a coal mine and get circumcised and get treated shit and be seen ase worthless shit

  9. LMFAO! If I had a nickel for every "strong business woman" I've seen crying at her desk during my entire corporate career…well, I wouldn't need said career.

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