Belur Chennakeshava Temple with Guide Hassan Tourism Karnataka Tourism Hindu temples of Karnataka

Belur Chennakeshava Temple with Guide Hassan Tourism Karnataka Tourism Hindu temples of Karnataka

We are at Belur chennakeshava temple this is 900 years old temple there are so many carvings that we will not be able to know anything about it if we see it with the help of a guide we will be able to understand very well even if you see my video, on you own if you try to locate these statues, it is not possible to locate each one of them with a guide it will be very easy one more thing is that, there are no fake guides here because this is under the protection of ASI all are licensed guides come let us see this temple along with our guide Mr. Anand my name is Krishnaswamy Bhattar,, the chief Priest can you tell us a little about the temple? our chennakeshawaswamy temple in 1117 Achary Ramanuja made the installation Ramanuja created the Pancha Narayana Kshetras at
Karnataka the first name with which this god was installed was VijayaNarayana after that was known as Prachalithanaama Keshava among Chathurvamshi Statues He holds shanku, chakra, Pada and padma this is the symbol of Keshava Hence the god is known as Keshava and because the statue is very beautiful so was known as Chenna Keshava this is the specialty and importance of our temple as per the purnas about this place In order to annhilate Basmasura Sriman Narayana took the form of Mohini at this place and in that form killed Basmasura Rakshasa at this place that is why this place is also known as Velapuri and Bhoo vaikunta Kshetra because of this due to this places connection to Puranas Everyday the God is decorated although it is a male god yet it is decorated in female way is the procedure here with nose ring, neck chain, Mangalsutra waist chain, anklets these all are put everyday the god is decorated such this is the specialty of this sacred place this as per Pancharathra agama all Pooja varieties are done at this temple Bramhothsava and Nityayothsava pakshothsava and Masothotsava all the celebrations as per the agama are conducted here Navarathri all 9 days are special God is placed on the pata for Vijayadarshimi that is completed the same way during Karthika season, Lakshadeepothsava is done on Pournami After that Dhanur Masa one month has very special pooje Moring pooje will be there during Sankranti special pooje are conducted around the year, all agama pooje since the time of Archari Ramanujacharya we have been doing it as per procedure for our temple many people who have this god as their family god and other devotes are there this Chennakeshava swamy in this Karnataka region is the family deity for many by our temple believers during Rathothsava and Sravana season every year they all come and offer pooje, arthi and service this has become a specialty here and tourism department also this has become a prime center belur and halebidu is well known for its sculptures and carvings attracts a lot of tourist they too are visiting in large number at the same time even the devotees also have been visiting this temple this is a temple which has both believers and tourists this is also the specialty all 365 days here will be the crowd of tourists and believers off late from the temple since 6-7 years we have also started food donation services for the believers who visit around 1 pm to 3 pm Annadana is done in the coming days this facility is planned to be extended even to night this is in the plan level due to financial shortage in our temple and matta believers if they contribute in large number it will be possible to provide the night meal too we hope to achieve this for our temple all believes should come have a darshana of the god accept the prasada offered at the temple dinning area may all be blessed Belur’s importance people from across our nation and from other nations come and enjoy the beauty of this temple From Karnataka and across India we request all to come to see the beauty of this temple through your video, me as the chief priest of this temple request you all to come to this temple My name is Anand We all guides here are approved by the Archaeology and tourism department yes we are licensed guides this being a centrally protected monument no other is permitted to enter only those with license after training only they are permitted the information we give here is as per the Archaeology reports based on these reports the dates are also mentioned, some are poets comparison and for some there are inscriptions only based on these do we give information and History will have variations based on who has written it but here there are 109 inscriptions based on that , the information most accurate to it is given come this is a Vishnu temple known by the name of Chennakeshava swamy but the name on the pita or base of the statue it is written as Vijaya Narayana in 1117 that is in 12th century there was a war near Talakadu between the Hoysalas and the cholas from Tamil Nadu in that was Hoysala defeat the Cholas as a symbol of winning that war this temple was built English subtitles will be uploaded soon

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  1. Where detailed information..dis video will help thousands of people.. Tq u for letting everyone know abt d culture n heritage of our hoysala kingdom.. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Most beautiful temple! Every summer holiday, I used to play with my cousins next to that fish pond where there is a Ganesha statue! 😀
    Thank you so much for posting this, enjoyed it fully. Guide is excellent.

  3. ದಸರಾ ನಂತರ ನಾಪತ್ತೆ ಯಾದಿರಿ.! ಇದೀಗ ನಮ್ಮ "ಚೆನ್ನ" ಕೇಶವನ ದರ್ಶನ ಮಾಡಿಸಿದಿರಿ.ಪ್ರತಿ ಸಲವೂ ನವನವೀನ ಅನ್ಸುತ್ತೆ ಸುಂದರವಾದ ಭವ್ಯ ದೇಗುಲ. ಗೌರವದಿಂದ ವಂದನೆಗಳು ನಿಮಗೆ

  4. Tqsm sir u have doing great job by exploring the KANNADA SANSKRUTI 😍🙏🙏
    One more thing sir if u hv interested in KITTUR RANI CHENNAMMA FORT plz make a video on it , it's ma request sir

  5. Your initiative is really suberb bringing our old old glory and making us to visit this places. Keep going your efforts are really appreciated 😊

  6. Bro i feel its not good to make this type of videos where you use guide and show everything later people will stop using them instead will c your video.Most of them will loose their employment

  7. Nimagodu namaskara tumbaa channagi shooting maadiddeeraa
    Guide is also good please give guide details it will be helpful to visit

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  10. Thank you for taking time, visiting the Belur Channakeshava Temple and posting this guided video. Most awaited and indeed insightful as always. Your Halebeedu video inspired me to visit both Belur and Halebeedu again and book a guide to take the tour. Thanks a ton Sudheesh Sir 🙏🙏

  11. One of the marvelous and architectural wonder, it was our fate that we saved ur temple but barbarians destroyed halebidu

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  13. Sudeesh sir I'm proud of your selfless work and ur dedication of making a wonderful video's we love u sirrr😇❤👍👍

  14. Thanks to vijaynagara kingdom and Hoysala kingdom for Protecting South Indian Architecture against Islamic Invaders.

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