Bathroom Vacation | Mario Maker 2 Story Mode #12

Bathroom Vacation | Mario Maker 2 Story Mode #12

oh geez oh man the red toad he's missing welcome back it's Mario maker – I'm gonna do this job or what or else what taskmaster or else want to rescue two started faculty ah red toad got kidnapped while we we're taking an unauthorized break through right bring back red tow before the chief notices oh we're all busted ah all right face to go with one toad in tow thanks in advance I mean look don't take unauthorized breaks and this wouldn't happen you guys I'm not sure if you're on a union contractor what are you Teamsters I don't know but here we go in Mario maker on low gravity 2 story mode two stars I need that I need give me that yes please yes please oh there we go all right now you goombas are gonna pay you're gonna pay just two old boom bah there's a red Tony a red so what's cracking don't die on me now we have a thing to do and that thing is escape with you in tow that's the plan here in the galaxy in the Mario Galaxy which is a great game you haven't played it you totally should you totally should it's really good I'm going the wrong way no don't get hit by this stupid Goomba like I'm honestly ignoring these coins because look man look what look man we got to succeed here and get this toad out the area get him situated properly if you will so that's what we're gonna do oh here we go job whoo well alright not the best not the worst down the middle now what did we learn red toad about violating the terms of your contract what did we learn anything you lazy toads you better get back there get back to work 9:16 yeah but huh I did yeah I did that that was me we're at 83% and wait that was it hold on hold on first of all where is the bird the bird is the word still continually but perhaps the red toad is hiding the bird who might have more stages for me perhaps hey red toad what do you have to say for yourself huh huh what do you got thank you so much for saving me that was legitimately terrifying but they just let me go out of the blue no no complaining maybe I was taken by mistake yeah it was supposed to be peach and not you red toad who was in a kidnap a toad and you know not a princess come on common sense red toad finally came back and wasn't a bathroom break it was a bathroom vacation anyway we have new options now the main hall roof I would assume the final thing to build here is 1,500 short here we have enough coins yeah I know seriously relax I'll get your blood coins all right I'll beat these goobers ain't getting kick and get your blood coins don't worry don't worry okay taskmaster give me a task I rescued red bread toad doesn't look like the chief noticed good keep grabbing those coins big red you want jobs like our jobs red yo she's cheap cleanup only hundred coins that's not cool but okay hunt 25 cheep cheeps shoot fire with y or stomp them Yeah right sure fine look man anytime you get me into a Mario world stage I'm pretty happy about it so let's go down this pipe here and shoot some cheep cheeps shall we a cheep cheeps one A two A three wait what oh geez this is um more than I'd bargained for perhaps there is some stuff going on here and then you do it again and you do it again all right I think I understand what's going on here ah yeah uh-huh I get it I get it it's fine we'll just do it again because there are more cheep cheeps actually there's not more there's just the same as their work that's interesting but Yoshi here we know can also walk on spikes if she wanted him to because he's got boots on buh buh buh buh buh take that you stupid cheep cheeps really really I got three left I'm do it again lame I see I see the Cape the Cape will help me like that yes you can just you can fall asleep the Cape it's Mario world that is how these things work so more coins and hopefully I can only fire one fireball with the Cape I forgot about that and hopefully more dead there we go 25 baby the rest of you may live because I don't need you I don't need you anymore but I can float jump off the Yoshi sorry Yoshi abandoned again don't need you I'm done and that is nowhere near enough we're at 11:34 so just right out and are right back in dry bones a leveler ker I got the maker's block so I added some dry bones out of desperation pretty sure it's too hard now though defeat all of these dry bones and make it to the finish line mind the lava now okay wait what in 30 seconds in third wait what wait on hold on hold on playa that's nope I didn't anticipate that was gonna be in one of those stages just hey get through it ASAP huh that's crazy alright so good jump here this I can't that's not gonna work at all you got a yeah you can't hop on them because it's not gonna work you have to actually hit them with the tail and not hop on them because then you can't get rid of them and then they don't die and here's Luigi to be a pain in my butt mm-hmm sorry Luigi gosh yeah gah bah he alright it goes back down so worse comes to worse you wait and then you go back down to get the one you missed I thought it was just going away up no the weed you were trying again shut up okay so if we go this way and we do that don't bit of business oh right I totally forgot I could just used it from below I hate you this is real dumb fourteen thirteen eleven ten nine eight okay okay it was hard it was not as hard as I made it out to be but it still wasn't easy and that brings us to 1297 so give me that two hundo and then get some more coins here in the world and that should be good so these super mushrooms went bad and now rotten mushrooms this chef is the worst chef how are you a world-renowned chef if you keep letting your mushrooms go bad I'm just saying alright more mushrooms going hey no but come on no come back come on now don't do that don't go the wrong way more dry bones more mutton but nope nope dry bones nope nah nah I don't beat I don't think Oh crud oh no no no no no come on now they're they want piece of meat real bad real bad but you can't jump that high oh crap oh crap munchers just go just don't stop oh nothing rude i but stomp them more on apps absolutely more I was just trying to make it out of there be a little bit more cautious of our why would it go the other way that I am why would you do that to me Luigi you keep your stupid mouth shut can your hammer at my face watch watch watch why would it go the opposite way who programmed that that's just wrong that's just around I don't like it not a fan not a fan at all of it going the wrong way like show yourself man oh oh oh oh that's a problem over here over here go yeah just up for the wrong like come on come on man hop on pop oh God let's go let's not what's come on man gotta be kidding me with these mushrooms and these jumping physics scope just alright got one to do that and then run past him and then jump in that I knew it was it I knew her there I can feel it in my bones take that stupid chef that should get me over the limit yes 15 voting we've got work to do chef's for you chief yes we do 1500 make it happen cuz we got a roof too bill get to work red toad that is five hammers Construction has begun let's get more of those jobs toward seven new jobs some new junk man there's a lot of jobs here blinking block ably ups a cliff with the blinking blocks I don't like when you locks dr. gizmo not a fan I tell you I am NOT a fan of yonder a blinking black but here we are in this stage regardless of what we're doing here so catsuit climb up the tree up thing yep what bro yeah alright look man at this point again the coins become kind of inconsequential because oh crap crap falling all the way down like an idiot no at this point like what else am I gonna build and past this rooftop thing so that obviously you know you don't want ignore the coins and also I'm somehow back at the bottom I'm somehow back at the bottom and now we're here like again don't like the blinking blocks I'm not their biggest fan I tell you what because clearly I can't be king I can't be trusted with this nonsense that's a long pan up there lost the catsuit that's a problem probably oh come on Mario I have 36 seconds left that's going to be a problem there we go wait up that way wait what I have 20 something seconds left it's going to be a problem mari go mari go come on ten please please please please please please please please please nine eight seven seven second on the clock got it done somehow some way still me Ariela one hammer 85% man there's any something else to build there has to be time to go to from that to 100 with four hammers left like what Koopa clown car coin collecting thinking about buying a certified pre-owned Koopa clown car can someone test-drive it and get 50 coins doctor gizmo you are the worst but I'm here on Mario what are you gonna do pitty coins um what is all these stages I have time on them that is what I'm a big how do I even get the clown car if it's being piloted by a bullet bill that seems what ah okay this is gonna be an absolute nightmare Oh like come on are you kidding me with this I gotta get 50 coins in this madness the madness and I'm at 1:32 with again a limited clock to work with give me that like I'm at 40 and how do i yes there we go that's 50 guess what we go and get out of here and go and deal with it finish line Goomba you can go away to hang arcs will do one more for today I am exhausted and I have to go film with rod and Todd right now so I felt and finish this videos and go over their house and film I think this game it's a whole the whole thing the darkest lists you another dim light stage I hate you I hate you Game Master I hate you guts oh god another one of these really I find them very frustrating because it gives me anxiety of not knowing what's gonna meet in the stage next like that like that it just kind of makes me anxious I don't know what's gonna hit me so you know there is that red bro have a shell oh hey the light comes out and I'm like oh God and then it goes away don't tease me uh-uh don't even like that's not cool you guys decidedly oh jeez not cool a man jump for that like even that I will jump for but these icicles got me a pickle not a fan not a fan of this nonsense okay let us not whoa okay and a heat-seeking bullet bill are you serious with this bro multiple multiple bullet bills that once you put holes through uh Mario whatever man and at stage and that brings us to three hammers which is 88% it is so four hammers d5v 92 wouldn't it math I don't know we'll find out next time on the show I want to talk slow thanks for watching more videos on this channel tune in the hot weekend see you then and I'm out

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  1. Slug remember last video you erased something check in the red pipe where the blocks blocked your way

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