Balinese’s favorite spot, ‘Aling-Aling Waterfall’! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.23]

Balinese’s favorite spot, ‘Aling-Aling Waterfall’! [Battle Trip / 2017.06.23]

(Hotel) It’s a bit far. – About 3 hours. / – It takes 3 hours. I didn’t see any mountains here yesterday. Is it far? No, it’s not that far. We’ll be there soon. When you come to Bali, you should take things easy. – I should relax. / – Right. You should relax. – Stop asking questions. / – Okay. Just relax. It’s an island life. Enjoy the island life. (Island life) (Relax) There are monkeys. – Where? / – As we were passing by… – There was a monkey. / – There it is. (Driving down the maintain road) (You can see monkeys) Look at that. – They’re not running away. / – They don’t run away. They like people. – It’s a baby monkey. / – So cute! (They eat apples) (And they eat crackers) They’re so cute. What should I do? Feed the baby monkeys. Can you eat this? – You can? / – It’s so cute. It eats crackers standing up. You can eat it. I ate it too. – Enjoy it. / – It’s so cute. (Crackers!) (What?) It took the camera. – What? / – Really? It stole my crackers. Give me that. – Give me. / – It won’t give it back to you. Give me. (Turning away) It’s not giving it back. I want it back. Give me that. It wouldn’t budge. That’s unbelievable. It wouldn’t give it back to me. It seems like human. It’s so greedy. I’ll give you this. Give it back to me. Hey. – It took both. / – Gosh. (Hey!) Hey, give me that. (Oh, no!) Good job. I can’t believe I’m doing this with a monkey. It looks like a human being. It’s so funny. (Leaving) You’re so funny. (They head to Aling-Aling Waterfall again) Are we almost there? – We’re almost there. / – In 4 minutes? (Aling-Aling Waterfall) (They arrive at Aling-Aling Waterfall after 3 hours) This is Aling-Aling Waterfall. Am I supposed to do this? Look. (Hyun Woo, this is the jungle of Bali) This is a hidden place. We’re almost there. Hyun Woo, take a look at this. Isn’t it amazing? The view from down here is even better. (Aling-Aling Waterfall) (It is located in the northern area of Bali) (Difficult to visit by travel agency or public transport) (It’s about 35m high) (Divided into 7 waterfalls) Are there many tourists? It’s a hidden place that only local residents know. – For real. / – Look at that. What’s that? – Why? / – Is there something? – There’s a person. / – A person? What’s that? What’s that? (Ta-da) (Let’s play together) He didn’t jump off. Wow, it looks really fun. It must be fun. (It is a water slide made by nature) It looks so thrilling. (It’s about 10m high) We should try this. – That’s it. / – You have to try it. Try it. This is fun. No. We’re just here to watch it. – What are you talking about? / – Let’s go! – Hey. I can’t… / – Let’s go. Oh, no, no. – There it is. / – Stop it! You’re a fool. I didn’t want to do it but I had no choice. (You’re mean) (Hyun Woo, you’re so mean) I’m scared of the water. (But he did surfing) You know I’m afraid of heights. Why would you do that? I’ll kill you. He likes it. What a relief. (He even tried paragliding) I said I wouldn’t do this. (He said he wouldn’t, yet again) (But he’s doing it again) How much does it cost? It costs about $10 including other activities. It’s safe because we have the tour guide. Right. It’s safe. Let’s go. Okay. – It must be fun. / – Watch. – It looks fun. / – It looks really fun. We can do this! Let’s do that! (Once you are ready) He just lets go of you. – That’s amazing. / – Wow. Wow, it looks really thrilling. (It feels like he’s becoming one with nature) With the fast current and the life vest, I keep floating in the water. (Excited) – Tim goes next? / – Goodness. Oh, no, Tim. I had no choice. He’s coming. (Tim sets off) Once you stand up there, you can’t turn back. I guess so. (He can feel the natural waterfall in his whole body) (Splash) (You’re the best!) – It’s amazing. / – It’s great. This has never been seen in the history of Korean broadcasting. (Wobbling) Hold on. I don’t have strength in my legs. Are you sure you’re not doing your business? – No, I’m not. / – By the looks of it… He’s either doing his business or passing gas. But really, it’s extremely refreshing and very fast. That must be so much fun. Well, we did it. Let’s head to the next course. What next course? Tim must’ve been very anxious. (This was just the beginning) – What, really? / – You really did it? There’s something worse? (The perfect way to enjoy the Aling-Aling Waterfall) Jumping off like that would be awesome. Is there more? – No way. / – That has to make you nervous. I don’t think I can ever do that. – That seems terrifying. / – Look at that height. – It’s 16m. / – There’s a 16m fall? Oh, my goodness. – He’s our guide. / – He’s a local. 11m is scariest height for humans. You’re right. (Screaming) That’s incredible. That’s seriously… (Screaming) Is it time for screeching practice? I can’t do this. It’s way too high! No, no. You can do it. That one seems impossible. Before landing, you just straighten out your body. Straighten your body. (Goodness) The view from the top and bottom are different. It’s different – That’s very high. / – You can’t look down. – You can’t look. / – It’s ridiculously high. (I can’t do this) – Did he just get pushed? / – It’s because… He’s helping them jump. (I can’t do this) (Suddenly, at that moment, Tim notices somebody) (Tim, I’m terrified) (Don’t fret, Hyun Woo, I shall muster my courage) – So that’s about 11m high, right? / – Yes. 3, 2… – Look. / – He’s going to jump? It’s scary even from 1m or 2m, it’s hard to jump. – Really? / – Did he really jump? Really? My goodness. (Tim leaves his phobia behind and leaps) – Really? / – Yes, really. Tim! It was terrifying. That must’ve been scary. You can see the fear in his feet. – That’s still impressive. / – It’s really scary. He’s a man. (I’m actually pretty cool) (You can do it too, Hyun Woo) You have to do it, Hyun Woo. – You have to do it. / – You crazy person. You crazy person. I can’t do this. (Scrambling down) Oh, my God! Just come down. (So where do I jump again?) – Over there. / – Where’s a safe point? (He courageously takes a step) (Scrambling away) You can do it. – I can’t do this. / – If you jump incorrectly… – You might collide with the ledge. / – Unfortunately, I… You’re jumping backwards? – You couldn’t do it? / – He’s jumping backwards. (Sure, I can do this) – I’m ready. / – Ready? (If Tim can do it, I can do it too) – How scary. / – No, don’t open up. – Straighten out. / – Oh, no. – Gosh. / – Oh, no. (I’m so proud of you, Hyun Woo) (Splash) (I jumped, hello) (You did a great job) (It’s a successful finish) But the feeling of achievement at the end is the best. – Head to the 16m fall. / – Do it. – Come over to Aling-Aling. / – To Aling-Aling. You didn’t do the 16m jump? Well… (What is Hurry to Bali Tour’s next destination?)

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  1. i've ever jumped from 14 meters cliff at the river near my aunt house, it's terrifiying at first but once you jumped, you just want to do it again! Even a little kids there jump like that's just a piece of cake for them! Aaah..this make me really want to go to aling aling waterfall! Hyunwoo and tim are so cute with that monkey btw!

  2. They have visit indonesia east, like raja ampat, lombok, NTT, NTB, that's paradise place, and in west like bukit tinggi etc and there's kalimantan, and so many place u should go in Indonesia

  3. I laughed so hard when they were fighting for the snack with that monkey 😂😂😂

    Btw, I love kbs so much for using BTR songs in some of their programs~ They are my high school life 😄
    And now kbs also featuring Indonesia, really love you guyssss

  4. Why they always go to bali, i mean there's so many nice place in Indonesia, like raja ampat, pulau seribu, and many more..

  5. This is a totally manly holiday hahha cuz it's more play n sport rather than other holiday, i need more trip like this in this program!! Look so much fun 😊

  6. Until now, i don't know why Bali not win in battle trip 😂😂😂😂 sorry to say… but that true. I like another contry but Indonesia (Bali) still the best 😍😘

  7. You should go to NTT and Lombok ohh Raja ampat, thousand ilands (kepulauan seribu), Karimun jawa..
    Those are really good place even more than bali.

  8. the backsound is similar to the Indonesian film 'My Trip My Adventure',, the island in Indonesia is actually still a lot of good😉😊😃😍

  9. woaaahh ,, thank you very much KBS tv which has introduced tours in Indonesia with a very good response😉😉😉

  10. Bali is where I come from and the island has many beautiful tourist attractions that you guys should explore more,,and of course not only in Bali, you can visit the other beautiful places in Indonesia. Indonesia has a variety of arts and cultures 👍

  11. When monkeys are really normal in my school,they even took my friend's lunch one time. 😂 And they were smart yo,they took the bread but left the container,thank god coz it's tupper ware. 😂
    And another friends lunch is pizza,she was really sad that time,coz the monkey stole her pizza.

  12. It was so dangerous please don't do that again… 😭😭😭💞💞💞 there was so many stone. So scared 🙈🙈🙈🙈💞

  13. Oh god aling-aling? Its near of my hometown. Wow you guys should go to menjangan island in the north of bali

  14. Actually there's one waterfall on the high ground in that areas that name is muncak sari . The waterfall is small but they like a blue lagoon so it is like natural pool. You can find the picture on google. I have go there and it's so beautyfull . I actually from buleleng regency so i know that
    Salam dari bali , hope u can enjoy it

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