Bagur Navile Water Tunnel | Longest water tunnel in India | Hassan Tourism | Karnataka Tourism

Bagur Navile Water Tunnel | Longest water tunnel in India | Hassan Tourism | Karnataka Tourism

We do not have job security From the water that comes ,we do good for all but why good things are not happening to us? We are at Bagur-Navile tunnel at Hassan district Channarayapatna taluk This tunnel i will be exploring with my friend Vishnu He is also a Youtuber Their youtube channel name is VJ Life diary click the link above to view their video This is India’s Longest water tunnel . Come lets see. This tunnel was built from 1979 to 1991 the work was carried out 9.7 kms distance roughly upto 10 kms is the length Its height is from 75 feet to 300 feet on an average 200 feet is the depth and at some places the depth is upto 300 feet, its said 3.4 meters wide is this tunnel It was constructed with approximately 50 crore Rupees This is Asia’s Second Longest Tunnel From Hemavathy dam water is supplied to Tumkar This was constructed when Mr. Devaraja Urs was the Chief Minister It has capacity upto 25 TMC in this water tunnel This is Asia’s Longest Tunnel Tumkur regions water less area were provided with water through this tunnel In fact this project has been quite helpful But for people of this region That is the people between Bagur and Navile Have had to face a lot of problems What happened is …Since depth is till 300 feet All surrounding bore well well, including the Lakes waters seeped into this tunnel Due to which, the previously good agricultural land before the project after the project, the agriculture was badly affected due to decrease in the water level in this area the farmers here faced a lot of hardship The All India Kisan Sabha, gathered all villagers and organised a massive agitation in 1996 That agitation was an important agitation in India because such a massive agitation at that level was rarely done Pre independence such agitations were there but post independence Such a massive agitation was held here After that government agreed and did lift irrigation by Taking the water from here and supplying it to the farms here, yet to complete that project it took them 20 years Water rises up to that level you mean to say that the water will completely stop here ? gate was closed last night, next three days water flow will stop here after the construction of tunnel villagers faced lot of problem since all water decreased and seeped into the tunnel Government planned a lift irrigation system here now we are infront of the lift irrigation from here water is pumped and all lakes and ponds around here are filled My name is Venkatesh. Here previously there was problem now after the irrigation project, borewell cattle all are getting sufficient water in situation of drought there is not much problem there is no loss now, things have improved now Are there 7 motors here? yes there are seven and that there is Nuggehallis four motors but not yet functional oh that is separate is it? that is separate and some work is left My name is Jagdeesh. Cauvery Irrigation Departments, the water coming from Hemavathi Dam from around 600-700 kms both get deviated, from Gorur Dam it starts Yedadanda channel of Hemavathi at 77 Kms is a deviation one goes to Shravanabelagola and KR Pete side another goes towards Tumkur this Navile Bagur Tunnel is a 10kms Tunnel the water that comes in this tunnel ahead is the deviation point that is towards Tumkur, Nagamangalla, Marconahalli Dam the deviations are towards these three places the water that comes from Gorur Dam goes to 300-400 lakes in that 7 Taluk levels, starting from Channarayapatna, tipturu, Chikkanayakana halli then tumkur, gubbi such Taluks all lakes get sufficient water for cattle, animal and human for every ones purpose, water comes from Hemavathi Dam The water released almost 2000 cusec are taken here its sent to all lakes we are doing everything but during drought if this dam water was not there it would have made life very difficult but instead of it now many farmers are surviving but still the water is not sufficient and something needs to be done for this plans are being worked out in continuation of this plan all Tumkur regions water when distributed all poor farmers all benefited out of it . In this almost 300kms after Tumkur Division it has provided water supply We are the Contract Employees of this almost 300-400 people do the work of all this stretch even if you calculate one person per kilometer 400 people are working they are working in cannals, drivers are also working but during the time of water release That is from June to December We distribute that water during that time we work day and night 24 hrs we work The farmers and the people of this village have lost a lot In Bagur region tunnel is around 200 feet due to this 200- 300 feet depth it was causing seepage of all water the water in the lakes were not retained but now with lift irrigation all the lakes are being filled now another lift irrigation is there in Navile tunnel almost to 20 villages from this and to another 20 villages that totally 40 villages are being benefited For the future they have already a good plan to do for all villages They have already done in all this, all farmers and all are being benefited along with that we workers work night and day we need job security we have been requesting for it since many years but there was a Supreme court order in 1996 that not to hire Contract labour to get work done yet the department hired us for work and we are also getting job by this and we are working just like a family for last 20-25 years we have been working There is no job security about this from the water that come, we do good to all but we are not getting any benefit is our concern but all have problem We have requested all with each government the government keeps saying When the next government is formed we will do this and that but for us our problem along with we also wonder how much has been done in the past that is today the farmers , when every farmer gets water we think from that angel and do our work we know farmers problems seeing their problem we continue work from this what i want to say is be it officials or departments or Government we all also work and we all also should benefit along with farmers with plans of development further the water should reach all villages and cities drinking water and all purpose may be fulfilled May good happen to all This lift irrigation is getting ready for Nugehalli Everything is ready it seems only awaiting for the electricity supply Pariyar? where is that? That is located above this place pipe line is it? how much more time will it take ? it be completed this year from here the water through lift irrigation goes to Kilometer from there upto 10 lakes are supplied with this water this time 9-10 lakes have been filled Which all lakes ? all these lakes have received water can we see the place where the water falls From this lift irrigation these fields here are getting water water has nicely filled and is overflowing here Here now, from that lift irrigation through pipes water comes here from here it gets distributed to all places your name ? Swamy from that waterfall point, through these cannals water comes here and from here, there are two pipes, through these pipes goes to the pumping station from here it is further distributed water from here goes to Doughalapura this is also similar but a small pumping station this is the underground tunnel. This is done form maintenance purpose We can see the tunnel here, we can hear the water sound as well How many such wells are here? There is one well for every kilometer so for a stretch of 11 kms there are 11 such well you can see here is the tunnel above that is the farm lands, homes all are above it if you see from here one cannot make out that underneath water is flowing Navile tunnel lift irrigation

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  2. Thanks sudeesh.but for. Your hard efforts we would not have known these details of water distribution by various places with so much efforts. Thank you again.

  3. Bro great work just words are not enough to describe your work
    Vj life happy you joined in the venture with Sudeesh

  4. Very insightful. Didnt know that 2nd longest water tunnel of Asia exists in Namma Karnataka. Keep up the good work Sudeesh. Waiting for more interesting contents..

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  6. Sudeesh avarige nanna kadeindda kruthajjathe sallisoke estapadtini… Nimma e kelasa TV channel galu madalla karnatakakke nimma koduge aparavaddadu thanks for you….

  7. It is quite appreciable that you make a lot of efforts while shooting a video to provide authentic and accurate information to the viewers. It is no ordinary job. You deserve all praise. Very satisfying to view. Thank you.

  8. Thank you Sir, very nice video. i watched this video 2 times, you show unkown places which is not seen or heard by many people like me. Appreciate all the officials who are working and looking after this project. But was sad to hear when he said why Good is not happening to us. They all look very co-operative and gave lot of information and shared their problems as well. God bless all our farmers and Let our River Kaveri's blessings be upon all of us. she is the life line and source of our living.

  9. Sir great video with complete information, people Of Tumkur like us should watch to know the importance as it very Crucial . And it has to be shared .

  10. This is hd revanna struggling so always win jds for this type work. Atleast lakes are fill in summer.


  12. Hale nenapugalu marukalisithu omme ee ondu naale inda beedige banda raitharu adeshtu jana raitharugalu antharjala basidu hogi yella raitharu beedige bandidduru niv helida andolana dalli navu bhagi yagiddevu adaralli jeeva panakke ittu horata madida nenapugalu abbo comrade Gopal avara mele maraananthika halle adeshtu hennumakkala mele dourjanya sullu kesina mele jailu abba onda erada sakashtu kashta novina geluvu lift irrigation ge borewel hakisi kottaddu bahalashtu vicharagalu marukalistha ide horatada samayadalli aa halli janagalu nammannu upacharisiddu avismaraneeya prathidina obbabara maneli uta prathidina nammannu yeshtu care affection bagurinda navile sumaru 12 km jana yeshtu bade novu kashta adeshtu jana jeevana kaledu kondru yenella nenepagthide horatada phalavagi at least allinavarige olledagide annodu ondu sanna santhosha

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