Baghdad City Walk Traveling Iraq Middle East 2020

Baghdad City Walk Traveling Iraq Middle East 2020

I’m traveling in Iraq Middle East. After a few days unrest in Baghdad City I’m searching for Barbershop. In this video, I’m walking in the Streets of Kadhimiya Baghdad.

49 thoughts on “Baghdad City Walk Traveling Iraq Middle East 2020

  1. It is a very useful video and very interesting my friend keep sharing God bless you And grow your channel and keep sharing your beautiful experience i hope you support me back

  2. The True value of Iraq and its Dinar will be implemented soon. Then they, and many of us will be finally free.

  3. You will never get it right with the music but don't worry, I am not going to complaint any longer about it. Thanks for the video. Irak now appears in the news every day, it is interesting to see things like these.

  4. Im happy to see all of our hard work has paid off, what you see in this video is American might and tax payer dollars at work…even flowing in from Iran. The war stuff you see in the news is smoke & mirrors…the real control is economic and currency.

  5. Still bound in chains of religion. People do not live in freedom and happiness. THEY NEED TRUE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FROM SHACKLES OF BLIND RELIGION.

  6. This country has come a long way. I pray Iran and the US stops tearing this country apart. They have so much wealth, they should be like Dubai. 😢

  7. Garbage spread every where like other Muslim capital cities of the world,
    Islam said , hygiene, is the half of Islam.

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