Backpacking Trip Planning…Part 1

Backpacking Trip Planning…Part 1

Hey everybody Shug here and I’m gonna
cover a topic today that I always thought would be not that interesting
especially on video and I’ve been asked a lot about this and it’s trip planning
so I thought about my own trip planning and it’s kind of laying in bed last
night thinking about it cuz to be honest kind of out of ideas for videos right
now and I thought I would cover this trip planning for you so here we go I’m
just gonna run through a list right quick these are just my observations go
on any kind of search engine you like like Google type in planning for a
backpacking trip and you’ll find all kinds of stuff the fact I’ll put a few
links below in the description box REI has a really good one and it’s just your
basics but you’re gonna have to work from there and think about it and think
how much work you want to put into it me I’m the Lord of lollygag so I put in as
little work as possible one of the first things that came to mind for me is on my
trips is it gonna be a solo am I gonna go with just one other person like
Hickory or are you going with a group because quite frankly the more people
you get involved the more work it is cuz everybody’s got different ideas you like
to think that you’re gonna be the leader oh no you’re not mother nature leads the
trip so a lot more decisions a lot more logistics you got different people with
different gear one of your people might not have the right gear they might
forget their spoon and be staring at yours the whole time hoping you’ll eat
fast and pass it on so a lot of things to think about the number of people in a
trip now though kind of lucky to live here in Minnesota because we have a lot
of hiking trails and I can drive north to the superior hiking trail and be
there within anywhere from three and a half to five hours of places I want to
go and that includes the Boundary Waters going out of Ely or if I decide to maybe
go up the gunflint trail and hit the Boundary Waters that way on some of the
foot trails now the difference for me is superior hiking trail you don’t need a
permit and there are no fees now if I go to the Boundary Waters I have to get a
permit and I have to pay fees so wherever you go look and see if it’s
free camping or do you need a permit do you need a bear can of
you know in some areas you’re required to carry a bear canister for your food
so check all their little guidelines and rules okay another thing to consider is
how long is your trip you have like one night you have seven nights or you’re
going for two weeks have you decided to go to another state like here in
Minnesota a lot of people ask me yeah I shook there why don’t you ever go to
California well I get one big trip a year that I meet hickory and a lot of
times my trips are last-minute and I got great trails close to me
and I can just get in the car plan trip and drive there if I go somewhere like
California or some trips I have done where I got a book an airline ticket I
got to figure out how I’m gonna get from the airport to the trailhead is somebody
gonna pick me up do I need to take a shuttle I got a pack so I can you know
get all my gear in my backpack which then I put in a suitcase then when I get
there I got to go buy fuel because you can’t fly with heat or white gas or
whatever it is so I have to go somewhere and buy a few more supplies blahdy
blahdy blah doodlee doodlee do I’m lazy I like to just go close but these are
things to consider and you know travel takes up more time which is less time on
the trail or having to add some days on either end of your trip so that’s
something to consider the amount of time you have and how much work you want to
put in into getting to the trail that you want to go on now a lot of things I
like to consider one especially when I take a solo trip is am I going to do
what I call a path town trip and a path town trip is where I’m gonna go for two
nights so I carry pop-tarts because they’re heavy and I’m at my own pace and
maybe I’m in the mood to cover some miles and sometimes I’m tired going into
trips but it just want to be in the woods so I can kind of restore my soul
and I might not want to do a lot of miles that said sometimes those miles
just appear to you and they happen anyway but think about the nature of
your trip you want to do kind of a crank it out I want to get from here to here
or um I want to get from here to here and your time is just more about being
in the woods so think about that if you’re going with another person discuss
that if you’re going with a group talk about that
you might have one person that’s a really slow hiker never leave them
behind you always set the pace for the slowest person in the group and just
know that that’s gonna be the pace you might have to slow down that’s what you
do for friends it’s just called being a decent person if you call the trip don’t
leave them behind you make sure at the end of the day that they’re with you
maybe you didn’t get the miles in that you wanted that’s okay go solo if you
want to crank it out no set on that you’ve kind of decided on a place now me
I have maps of all sort of places these are my maps of snow bank Lake in the
Boundary Waters that’s my border route trail I have these bags of maps well
right here these are my best maps of the Linville Gorge I got my superior hiking
trail guide I look in it a lot what I’m gonna go up I think I can sort of see
the distance from Camp to camp the terrain
these are little maps of the superior hiking trail that they sell you they’re
not super detailed but they give you just an idea of the area and that trail
is very well marked so it’s hard to get lost and permit from the Boundary Waters
I was reading this and they like for you to stay in designated campsites but when
you’re a hiker you are allowed to camp 150 feet from water source trail you
know all the important things and practice using Leave No Trace and if you
don’t know what Leave No Trace is Google that LNT camping tears my there’s my DA
say all the stuff or when Hickory and I did the Vermont long trail research maps
join the Green Mountain Club went on forums you find people yeah on a forum
and go as anybody ever parked here what’s the parking like you Green
Mountain Club let us know places like yeah there’s been some break-ins at this
trailhead so Hickory and I we sort of planned around that because on that
particular trip we had two cars so we were doing a lot of shuttling here’s the
border route book which has some little drawn maps but I order maps and if you
don’t know where to get maps go to a good camping store like REI and look at
companies like McKenzie Maps or Fisher Maps I’ll put those links in the bottom
of this video it’s a place to start so you get a map of that place down
online whatever you have to do a lot of trails have a website and study that map
look at the terrain look at the water sources are there many or they’re not
look where the trailheads are does it cross roads your map studies invaluable
just get used to the area you have to go crazy but at least you’ve got a familiar
reality about where you’re going maps get a map now another really handy
thing when you’re planning a trip nowadays is YouTube you’re on here right
now looking at this video so let’s say you’re gonna go to the pin hodie trail
just go up in your search box for YouTube and put in pin hodie trail and
you’ll get a lot of videos on it I met a guy this summer said oh sure I really
like your information I I get a little tired of you
so I skip through your videos just to get to what I want and I went you know
what I’m fine with that I don’t care I’ve been on YouTube long
enough to know that you can’t please everybody and not everybody’s gonna like
you or your personality the perfect Ralph a minute while I get tired I’m
gonna show a little thing here if you go to a YouTube video and you just want to
you know it’s the John Muir Trail and a million videos will come up the videos
are great because you can see the lay of the land if you get somebody that
actually takes time to film a little bit of the trail and film the area not just
them walking and talking in their face and you can easily skip through and kind
of highlight what you want to see and here’s a little video clip that’ll show
you how to do that you’re welcome so you can go down here on your slider
and I just take my cursor and go across and it will fast forward you through the
video so let’s say you want to just see my snowshoes click right there and let’s
say you want to just right there go to something else you can see how it’s just
scrolling through there and there’s my binding so now I click brings the video
right there that is how you can scroll through YouTube think of the terrain
you’re going on are you going on the Florida Trail which is pretty flat and
rambley people think Minnesota like disappear hiking trails not hilly it is
Haylee and they’ll surprise you sometimes are you going to the southeast
yeah you’re gonna have some mountains you’re gonna be going up and down a lot
Vermont when we hit the vermont long trail there are no switchbacks going up
you go straight up the mountain you go straight down the mountain and we did
the northern end and it was tough we were making about a mile an hour we
studied the terrain we still got a surprise we thought we were gonna do
better than that we had to really start getting up early early and making our
days a little longer to make up the time so look at the terrain look at the
length of the trail is it uh 15 mile trails of a 77 mile trail like the
foothills is it a three hundred and something mile trail and what section of
that trail you want to do based on the time you have

100 thoughts on “Backpacking Trip Planning…Part 1

  1. Yup, ran into the same thing with motorcycle rides. 20 people wanted to go, and the slowest rider wanted to lead from the back and dictate the pace/route. We broke it up into three groups: #1 left in the wee hours and rode hard/fast; #2 left in the wee hours and took a more leisurely pace; #3 got a late start and stopped for photo ops at every blade of grass along the way. At the end, everyone posted on a forum about their trip. It worked pretty good. Our planning? Meet at a particular fuel stop locale, look at the sky and decide which direction appeared to have the best chance of tolerable weather, and off we'd go.

  2. Only time I skim through your videos to the info is only after I've watched it a dozen times already, but forgot what you said about a particular thing and I'm trying to find it again. Literally just did this with your tarp videos last week. You are an invaluable source of information when it comes to backpacking and hammocking for us "Hammockers".
    But the person you are EXCEEDS all of that!! I always enjoy your videos!

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  10. I don't understand "Leave No Trace". Is there an official website for exactly what those rules are? Exactly what does that mean for pissing and shitting??? I've read that to be LNT compliant you MUST carry out the toilet paper you wipe your ass with. Sorry, if it seems I've been triggered, but whenever someone starts talking LNT I have no idea what they exactly mean what I MUST do.

  11. Hey Shug, sorry I am not a big outdoors guy, but I wanna say that I saw Meg and Ariel on New Years Eve at the MOA. Reminded me of old times!

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  15. When my husband was alive, as our son's were growing up, we would take trips that took my husband all year to plan. He had an itinerary planned out for three weeks of covering at least 3 states worlh of camping, hiking, museum's, State Capitol's and their buildings and whatever historic site was close by. When our youngest of 3 son's was around 7 years old we hiked up Mt Whitney. We started the hike at sunrise and we all crammed into a small pup tent at the end of the day's climb. My husband was a 6'6" husky viking so it was a tight fit but since there was only rock ground I had to anchor the tent with rocks…. more to that story.

    Now, an example of how important it is to go at the pace of the slowest person. When we were hiking out of the Grand Canyon we came upon a teen who had been left behind by his group. He had no water or food of any kind with him so we shared what we had then had him climb up with us until we came to an emergency phone to call the top and let them know what was happening. They sent a ranger down to retrieve him and mentioned that they had finally discovered that he was missing from the group…. (some group) We stayed the night and camped on the ground as our boy's were tired (all still in grade school) and it was late when the ranger came. We got permission to stay there for the night. .. an example of what not to do when you hike as a group… Not sure if this young man would have made it back up without help… it was extremely hot and he wasn't looking to good.

    Always get a smile with info so always good to watch your video's. Thank's

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  24. Definatley a solo camper for me, less to worry about. Scotland so free to roam / camp. Public transport, I also view the journey to the trail as part of the adventure.

    Really like the painting in the background, got good movement – is it a photo it's copied from? ( top right).

    Maps are really good, I always take full size OS maps, shows surrounding areas. Trail specific maps show just the 'corridor' of path to follow and miss hills, rivers, lakes etc of interest a few miles near.

    Wow, you've earnt my longest reply to a YouTube video to date…

    Nice one.

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  33. I'm envious of your map collection. Planning is one of the most enjoyable aspects of backpacking, especially looking at maps and guidebooks. Often my planning looks suspiciously like daydreaming, but it's useful – useful, I say!

  34. been watching you for years man,always good or better then good.
    i live in south central LOUISIANA and we do not have the snow or the cold you do,what we do have is subtropical climate and plenty of woods.
    Climate south central – Louisiana°C | °F

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

    Average high in °F: 60 65 72 78 85 90

    Average low in °F: 37 40 48 54 63 69

    Av. precipitation in inch: 5.35 4.8 4.09 4.21 5.91 6.26

    Days with precipitation: – – – – – –

    Hours of sunshine: – – – – – –

    Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    Average high in °F: 92 93 89 80 71 62

    Average low in °F: 72 71 65 55 47 39

    Av. precipitation in inch: 4.49 4.06 5.04 5.63 6.42 6.3

    Days with precipitation: – – – – – –

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    60 yrs in the woods and still at it at 72,thanks again man for sharing,one is never too old to learn when it comes to backpacking.

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