Avoid These Guys in India (& Get To Your Hotel Safely!)

Avoid These Guys in India (& Get To Your Hotel Safely!)

So there are four ways you can get back to your hotel from the airport. Firstly you can go outside. You can just meet any taxi driver and these guys on the street out here are just gonna extort you. Karl: Paharganj. Driver: Paharganj? Which hotel? Karl: Paharganj main market. Driver: Any hotel there? Karl: No, main market. Driver: First time in India? Karl: Yeah, first time. Karl: How much is it to go there? Driver: Just only… 20 dollars. Karl: 20 dollars, American? Driver: Yes Karl: I have rupees. Driver: Rupees, you give me. Karl: How much rupees? Driver: How many persons? Karl: How much per person? Just one person. Driver: Just come. Karl: How much rupees? Driver: 1200. Karl: Hmm, I’ll check here first. Driver: It’s the same price there. It’s the first time, morning time, so you’re first customer. Okay, you give me 1000, enough. Karl: No, I think it’s still expensive, still. Driver: Sir, price, sir. It’s a company car so.. income.. Karl: No, it’s okay. Thank you. Driver: This is a good price for you. Where are you from? Karl: New Zealand. Driver: So I tell you good price. How many days in India? Karl: You always tell me a good price, eh? Driver: This is a good price for you. Karl: Amazing price!? Driver: Yes. Just, otherwise 1800 is price to city. Karl: Really? 1800? Driver: But I will give you reasonable price, because you tell me this thing. So I give you last offer is 1000 rupees. Karl: Na, it’s okay. I’ll check here too first. Thank you. Driver: Listen, you go with him. Karl: Why? Driver: You give him 600 Rs. Karl: It’s okay, I’ll check here. Driver: He will give you (ride for) 600 rupees. Driver 2: Coming from? Karl: New Zealand. Driver 2: French company.. Karl: Yeah, French.. Driver 2: We have a shop in Delhi. Four shops, big and old.. Karl: Really? Driver 2: Coming from? Karl: You know, New Zealand. Driver 2: Come. Where you going? Karl: Paharganj.
Driver 2: Paharganj! Karl: Yeah yeah. Driver 2: Come. Karl: I’ll check here. Driver 3: Taxi, sir? Karl: How much is Paharganj? Driver 3: Paharganj… which hotel, you? Karl: Just the main market, Paharganj. Driver 3: Paharganj.. Driver 3: 800 Rs. Karl: How much? Driver 3: 800 Rs.
Karl: Okay This is the prepaid taxi booth right outside gate 2. Let’s see how much Paharganj is from here. How much is Paharganj? Booth staff: 400. Karl: 400, okay. So you can see here that there’s a police barrier and the police barrier ends at the road. These taxi drivers are gonna wait for you to leave that barrier, to move away from the police. And then they’re going to come to you and they’re gonna start offering you these crazy prices. That first guy was three times the amount of what the prepaid taxi was. And he’ll try and convince you and use every…every trick in the book to get you to come, like.. Then he brings in his friend and his friend’s half the price. You know, it still seems like a good deal and I’m down to 600 now. But in reality, if you just go to the prepaid taxi booth, it’s just gonna be 400. But the drivers going to try screw you again. So what he did to me last time was, I’d pre-paid for my ticket and these tickets are just for one person. It’s an exclusive taxi ride. You don’t have to share with anybody. So this driver told me, “We’re gonna wait here for five minutes. And then we’re gonna take a few more passengers and go to where you’re going.” So he wanted to load the taxi up as a shared taxi when all of us passengers had paid.. you know.. full price for an exclusive ride, not a shared ride. Thirdly, you can take the metro and the Delhi Metro is like the London Underground. It’s amazing. It’ll take you anywhere and it leaves directly from the airport. It will take you right into the center of Delhi and to Paharganj where most foreigners will stay here. The only complexity here is that you’re going to need a metro map so you know which line to take and which station to get off at. You’re gonna need a GPS as soon as you get off so you can find your way to your hotel. You can take an Uber from outside the terminal too. But the problem here is, as soon as you book that Uber, the driver’s gonna call you and start speaking to you in Hindi. *Phone ringing* Uber Driver: Hello? Karl: Hello? Karl: Okay, so these are what the exit gates look like and there’s actually six of them. So, once you exit this gate, you’re gonna see these pillars behind you and there are… 18 of these pillars. You can see this one’s number 14. And you’re gonna need to tell the driver to meet you at one of these numbered pillars so you can tell them ‘Pillar 14, Gate 14.’ And then the next problem you have is you’ve also got these taxi bays. You’ve got 3 lanes out here and the Uber drivers are usually gonna meet you on the furthermost lane. So tell them the pillar and then go out to the lane and wait for the driver, look for his number plate. You’ll see a bunch of people looking at their phones and waiting for their Uber. So find them and you’ll find the Uber drivers. I don’t think they’re allowed to come along this first road or the second road. Second road is just for the taxis, first road’s just for… I’m not even sure. There’s no one on it, buses and things. But the third lane is for all traffic. The final way that I advise most of my friends to take is to get the hotel to organize their, their pick-up. They all have a driver waiting for you outside one of the gates of the New Delhi Airport. And the guy will have your name on a card and that’s gonna get you straight to your hotel. Then you can start taking the metro, start taking Ubers. In India you can’t enter the airport unless you’re flying so everybody has to wait outside. And you know, there’s army guys on the doors.

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  1. every indian also cheated by these cheats everytime . becoz of week law and order by government of India

  2. What makes me mad is that fact they will do this to us Americans and Canadians and have no problem with it and nothing will be done. If we say something rude or get mad at the fact that they are or simply don't trust them they get all your racists and start demonizing us.

  3. Theifs r all over the world … if there is good there is bad too..I went to UK in 2011 UK English ppl men women both thefted me …I feel embarrassing …we should also aviod that kind of English women n men ….in UK n in all English country maybe

  4. English ppl raise their voices very quickly but Indian ppl n Asian ppl never raise there voices …..they keep move on …..

  5. Delhi is a financial chor capital of india
    Sabke sab chor or rapist bhare padhe hai.
    India ka ma'am kharab kardiya salone.

  6. The south is way better than the north.
    It’s much greener,safer,more developed,and less polluted.

  7. Just dont fucking come to India. All the people here, and all the businesses will try to scam you,no matter which.

  8. Not only do 4anar suffer this but we pple of arunachal Pradesh do suffer this scam in every part of India. I hope they will stop this scam and be honest.

  9. hahaha, when they smile.. you KNOW they are cheating you …loooooool….. its so easy to know from their faces…

  10. I am pretty sure that MANY tourists (they are usually too lazy to research rates beforehand) pay double or triple (or more) the usual taxi rates in many cities around the world (I mean, for non-metered taxis of course). Some of them find out later that they were overcharged. Some never find out.

  11. Greetings from Turkey. Wow, I am surprised and sad that there are so many negative comments about India among all comments. Come on, it can't be that bad, can it ? I actually would love to visit it one day; especially Mumbai and Goa.

  12. When u go to the hotel or anywhere in a taxi, act like you know the place and don't ask where is it..Just say 'take me there' thats all

  13. Saalon ke muh ke upar margruri dikh rahi thi….chutiya taxi driver…
    India ki image kharab kar rahe hai…

  14. Dude After Seeing These Comment's I Would Never Visit Delhi India And Pakistan Are One Of The Best Countries In Nature And For Tour But They Are Ruined Because Of The Type Of People Live Their

  15. As an Indian , I’m quite disappointed of the scammers and society of India . It’s just shaming and discriminating our culture even more and ruining our credibility , India is simply one of the most beautiful countries to visit but it is ruined by the society itself .

  16. I also wanna tell you that don't talk to strangers in India, even if they are willing to guide you. Use your sixth sense to judge the people around.

  17. I am from Delhi. No doubts, these cab drivers would charge you more as they private cab drivers.

    There are pre-paid taxi counters at Indira Gandhi airport. Take taxis from there to reach out to to your hotel.

    You can also use Uber or Ola cabs. They would charge a decent amount which is fixed. Pay them in cash or through wallets.

    If you are on a tight budget, use Delhi metro to travel with in the city. Delhi metro connects almost the entire city, it's safe also.
    PS: Beware of pickpockets

  18. Such people even try to loot anyone. Now a days is better we have uber or Ola. But @uber and @Ola should teach professionalism to their drivers

  19. why would you even go visit that place in the first place. theyre known to be scammers… even phone scammers.

  20. Apart from the tips given in the video, I would suggest you guys to take a UBER ride or other taxi aggregators like OLA,Airport Taxi, Meru Cabs, etc


  22. I dont get it, I love traveling and I feel like I spent a thousand dollars on the flight why cant I pay 20 bucks for a ride from the airport? They work hard for tips like I do! I dont get how it's a scam I know its dishonest but that's survival..the airlines are the ones who truly scam you

  23. Id always advice u to go along with a trusted guide.
    Never go alone… Especially if you don't know the language.

  24. "Where are you from?"

    Why, does that matter…

  25. (((Driver doing a MASSIVE spit))) That's like a dog when pee on a tree! I would spit back as a sign of no fuck with me, bro! 😎


  27. It's funny when you can actually speak the local language and know they are abusing you haha this happened to me in Indonesia

  28. Dont worry foreigners it is only in delhi and bombay because they r big cities over all indian people r very helpfull if any problem just scream all people will come for help

  29. For people who comenting bad in comentbox please do not judgement india on behalf of bunch of people india is very historical country and very old country and indians r very kind of heart

  30. Only delhi is not whole india please people with bad coments india is beauyifull country and people r very kind of hearted

  31. I hate these types of people and no I don't think all people from India are like this but many of them are. How many phone calls must I receive at my private home from some Indian guy from tech support telling me there is something wrong with my computer when I know for a fact there isn't anything wrong and if there were I know how to fix it. Besides, why is the CRTC and the government of Canada allowing some foreign POS phone my house and try to scam me in the first place? This is what happens when you come from a place with to many people in it, you just don't care about people anymore, it's all about money and how you can steal it from someone else. You will pay for it in the end Scammers. There won't be any scamming your way out of the next big adventure of your life. Asshole, meet God!

  32. Dea fellow outsiders Being an indian..please you guys dont come alone here..this place is not safe any more for foreignrs as well as we indians…those guys who going to use badcommnts here they are the real culprits..dk bos

  33. In Delhi use the Metro. Always when possible. Fast, cheap , reliable. Need a map and GPs to use the metro! : ) : ) How about asking?

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