America’s Musical Journey – Skydiving with the Flying Elvi in IMAX

America’s Musical Journey – Skydiving with the Flying Elvi in IMAX

We’re filming the flying Elvi which are 10 sky divers who are dressed like Elvis Presley. They’re skydivers first and foremost The shoot went terrifically well, no one got hurt and Joe did a fantastic job! I’ve been filming now for 25 years. For me skydiving is really all about the photography. This was really cool because you got a team dressed up in uniform they’re Elvises, they got their hair and all this stuff. But a big part of the job is to choreograph the action and with skilled skydivers they understand know kind of like dancers do in a way I need you to fly here, and then you fly
there, and watch out for this and get into this position, here’s what I want you to do… It requires a certain skill set and these guys have it. It’s technically demanding. Let me put it this way- to fly the IMAX camera, it’s about 70 pounds. I literally had to build a special parachute system that was big enough to carry it, with attachment points with emergency handles moved into different
places so the camera wouldn’t cover them. It’s not the optimal way to fly. You take a look at this thing and it’s like carrying a bunch of luggage in the air. But the format is just exquisite. What draws me to it is just how incredible it looks in the air. If these guys are going to pull off something good I wanted to get it.

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