21 thoughts on “Amazon to spend $700M to retrain employees

  1. Retrain employees.πŸ€”
    Amazon trains employees on sales of meat and non meat, and milk products?

    What's training curriculum?
    100,000 employees over the next 6 year's? Amazon forest πŸ€— training climbing trees for apples, bananas, avocados,…? Removing robots πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND / Re-Training doesn't work! / $1,000 per mo per adult / M4A / Humanity First / Abundance Mindset / People hate to work at AMAZON…..LOL /. YANG 2020 / Solution to POVERTY = CASH.

  3. bezos is just going to use this as a tax write-off…. there will be no training…. i work there….. i have a quota to meet or else i am out in 60 days….. i started last month and still have not met the unreasonable quota yet….

  4. I work for amazon. This is backlash from Bezo's scraping their incentive programs to stay with the company. when i started, you got 2 amazon shares that you could collect after they vested (2 years). if your building made it's monthly goal of 100%, you got an extra 8% off your total pay for that month. they scrapped those programs after they raised the pay from 13$ to 15$ which means there is no incentive to stay with the company if your a new hire. not to mention, every March they offer you 1000$ for every peak (black friday) you have worked to LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK… im not joking, this is their business model.

    They wanted a revolving door, they got it. now, that decision is hurting the company. guess you should of invested in your work force Bezo's instead of treating us like toilet paper squares.

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