A Trip to Kerrville, Texas to meet Tynee!

A Trip to Kerrville, Texas to meet Tynee!

hey everybody hi it's Becky from power tools with red.com that's my blog how you guys doing I have had an amazing day um couple I've got to stop saying um I noticed some of my videos are kind of choppy that's cuz I'm cutting out all the um bad habit got to get out of that so it almost did it again the other day one of you sweet sweet sweet lady named tiny up in Kerrville Texas contacted my local quilt shop scrappy Coulter and said I'm looking for Becky Thompson do you all know who's she is and they're like yeah she lives here so um see I did it again I've got to stop that uh that's hard y'all G so I they said yeah she comes in on her lunch hour frequently and so the next day I came in and Alice there got her on the phone Alice knew her from creative sewing Center in downtown San Antonio and Alice got her on the phone and I talked to her and she unbelievable unbelievabl what she gave me I'm not gonna show you the big thing until I'm ready to show it to you but I went up to visit her today and I did two things while I was up in Carville and Diane I'm sorry I really tried to hook up with you it just didn't work out so maybe next time or we'll run into each other at another quilt show or something I will be at the San Antonio quilt guild show I think in September I'll pop over there that Saturday I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do that so my first thing I did was I went to creations quilt shop oh my goodness I cannot believe that place I met the owner owners sisters Kathy and Julie and they were just wonderful and I did a tour of the shop and it's a heck of a tour you guys this shop is like none I've ever seen it is definitely a destination quilt shop it's in Kerrville Texas right off of i-10 so there are plenty of RV parks right around there and they even have a quilting retreat center right next door I didn't get to tour that I didn't have time to tour that but so if you guys are ever rolling through Kerrville Texas you absolutely must stop at this store you will not believe it it is fabulous it's an old home that was built in the late 1800s and it just has so much charm and the the video took almost an hour so YouTube may not allow me to upload the whole thing if it does that'd be great if not it'll be part 1 and part 2 but Kathy took me around the store and I'll tell you guys she is so intuitive to what quilters want and she said if you see something in her store she's gonna have the fabric for you know how sometimes you go to a quilt store and they'll have a quilt hanging on the wall and you absolutely love it and and then you say well where's everything for this and they're they're like oh we don't have that well I I don't like it when that happens to me and so she has made it her mission to make sure that if something is on the wall they absolutely have it so let me show you what I got first thing I got this picture does not do this justice this was in the Civil War room and it's called cut the cake hexyz quilt I got this and when I show you what this thing looks like you're those of you that like Civil War stuff you're gonna love it as much as I do I'm sure and I bought the kit for it these fabrics are to die for I love these oh I can't wait to make this quilt it was beautiful you guys you know that's one of those quilts and you quilters you quilters will know this my husband's in there playing with the dogs if you heard it but that's my husband playing with the dogs but you know you quilters will go through and you'll be in a store and you know yeah I'm shopping shopping and then something will just oh my goodness that was what this quilted to me so I had to make sure to go back and get it when we were done with the tour but and Kathy and Julie I want to thank you both very much for hosting me this morning it was a wonderful experience and I hope that you guys get a lot of patronage from your generosity this morning so anyway I got that and I got the I did um again I got a stuff that Elizabeth Hartman Savannah pattern I have wanted this so bad I think this is absolutely adorable and I'm going to my first thing I want to do this the lion I'm gonna turn him into a big pillow for my grandson for birthday I think or Christmas or something or not he might be so cute I keep him for myself he's three he wouldn't miss it so I that's what I got at the store and then I went over to go meet tiny and y'all she's downsizing from this big huge area into a smaller home and she has these two bedrooms in this house that she has six embroidery machines well she's got more than six because she's got five in one room five or six in another in one room she has six in the back room and then then the other room that are single needle and then in the other room she's got the four thread baby locks single needle and then the brother six needle crazy three for cutting machines just nuts I'm gonna put a picture of her right here you can see why they call her tiny so tiny was there with Bob and he's retired army and very nice watch you dribble water all over my floor thank you crazy dog and so I got to pet their dog quite a bit while I was there so I really enjoyed it but let me show you she tells me she says I have all these duplicates I've been going through my room and stuff and I knew I had all these duplicates so I'm gonna share with you what she gave me so she gave me she's a neat a good design freak so she gave she big and embroidery like I said and fabric bolts and bolts of fabric all over that house crazy she gave me the I need a good design embroidery party from 2012 she said that was a duplicate she gave me garden gnomes you guys remember the little pouch I made with the gnomes on it hold on the little gnomes taking selfies this is my travel pouch for the camera that I'm talking to right now she saw that and so she gave me this gnomes these are garden gnomes I need a good design duplicates very nice she gave me I need a good design cut work corners see this she gave me capture the spirit of horses in frames there's the front and here's the back and these are this is for a 5×7 says it right on there she gave me this it's a CD in here poops sisters feathered star this is an embroidery work and it has a border CD and a bonus quilt in it and so I have always wanted to make a feather star and now that that's intimidating you guys feather stars apart so she gave me hoop it wrong stitch it right which is a designs and machine embroidery in the hoop toolkit and it is it's got some it's got some rulers and whatnot in it to be able to it comes with some target stickers in the back and it comes with some tools to change the angle of designs in the hoop and it's got this really cool book – it's got a stabilizer guide and it wasn't a very good thing to show you but it shows you how to multi you know change designs around so that they work that's kind of over my head I have to play with it and see how it goes and then she had to lunchbox quilts patterns that I thought were just precious she gave me boots and bandanas isn't that cute that's a real good quilt for Texas this lady had more Texas quilt fabric oh my goodness awesome and she gave me more chocolate recipe towels look at that cheesecake brownies chocolate meringue chocolate pecan pie that type of thing very nice these are great baked you know make great little gifts for like Christmas and that kind of thing I think that's wonderful tiny thank you so much you're a doll I appreciate it now I'm not telling everybody the big thing okay that's got to wait you guys just have to hold on um I went over to my local pet store the other day I needed an inner border to finish my boss this quilt I need to get busy with that I think I'm gonna knock out the quilt top tomorrow morning I have a wedding tomorrow night I got a do and then so I'm gonna do the border let me show you I'm gonna turn take the camera over here and show you my buddy Valerie over at the quilt store I needed an inner border let me put this so she Valerie helped me to pick out right off the bat she says oh you need a green and boy was she right isn't that beautiful look how that picks up the green and the leaves on the outer border this is what I was missing right here I'm certainly not missing strings I've got a million of them on this thing but isn't that gonna be beautiful I think that's gonna be so pretty I just can't wait to finish that up tomorrow morning Oh another thing tiny gave me she had two of these as well this is a continuous embroidery hoop for borders you guys ever seen one of these I've never seen this tight and it's pretty neat so you know you hope you're you you like say you're doing the border of a quilt top and top this like this I can see you through there see so you run the border in there this is hooked into your machine and then it stitches out and everything and when it's done you just slide it on down and then you pop this back and it locks it down creating neat stuff awesome I have to play with this this is neat I've never done borders on an embroidery machine so I'm gonna do that everything she gave me she gave me in this bag she says I know how much coffee you drink so you're the coffee and I'm the doughnut she's crazy so my dar group Daughters of the American Revolution group we are having you guys across the pond you'll know what this is we're having a high tea and the it's going to be in February of 2020 we are inviting some real big highfalutin folks in the DAR world to our high tea it's our 30th anniversary of our chapter and I was in scrappy Coulter the other day and I came across this embroidery CD called simply tea look at the designs on this this is by Cactus Shack embroidery with Betty from Betty wittmeyer and I thought it will be just awesome like look at that one there with the flower isn't that just the dorms I thought it would be nice as a favor at each place setting I got to do 60 of them to get a nice napkin linen napkin Lynne is a little expensive even if I made my own but I've got some napkins on the way I ordered them already to put a favor at each place setting and I did I already stabilized this with totally stable sulky totally stable I really like this it's a tearaway iron-on tearaway so I put some on the back already and I'm this is my sample but wouldn't it be nice to have this I don't the way they showed it like the way it's folded in the store is like this I like this one because it's got this little designed this little punch-out design here I won't be doing that on the ones that are coming the ones that are coming don't have any design but at least they're already made in their hand and they were really inexpensive a five pack for like a buck 78 tablecloths calm that's where I got him crazy a 10% off shipping for 10% off coupon from my first order blech the whole nine yards with shipping was $28 for 65 napkins that's the deal but this is stabilized very nice look at that so here it is before the stabilizer it's all wrinkled there it is after the stabilizer so I've got to figure out how I want the napkin to be to be displayed and then make sure that I get the design set right in there with the size but high teeth it's gonna be pretty high falutin you guys white gloves big hats you know that kind of thing so should be a lot of fun I think that's all I have to talk to you guys about today what a day cerf it was over two hours away from me I was on the road the traffic was pitiful oh it wasn't Houston traffic but boy we're getting close thank goodness the weather was nice and the quilt shop was fabulous and tiny it was awesome so anyway I will talk to you guys later you guys enjoy your evening bye

27 thoughts on “A Trip to Kerrville, Texas to meet Tynee!

  1. Always enjoy your videos, thank you! (Joy suggested your name) I don’t even quilt! 🤣 Obviously, I wish I did, but I do have a second hand embroidery machine that I am always glad of any tuition for. Kind regards from Penny in Liverpool 🇬🇧😊💕

  2. Um, I love your videos and your personality is tops! May I ask why you would use a tearaway stabilizer on the back of a napkin? I was taught to use a wash away because the design is seen on both sides. Not being critical, but curious.

  3. I have always loved tea rooms.  My hubby and I used to go to them all over the U.S.  And, we, especially love "high tea!!"  Don't you?  So much fun—-especially, if a group goes.

  4. I have spent tons of money on "Anita Good Designs" and have not even made one of them!!  I love the quilt!!  Tynnie was very good to you.  Pass the blessings, I always say!!

  5. Love your video chats, you are right ‘high tea’ is a big thing over here, these days they call it afternoon tea, call it an ‘experience ‘ and charge a lot for it ha ha

  6. Seams you have had a great day .Lots of lovely things for your stash .Love a high tea hope it works for you .looking forward to the shop video .🏃🙋

  7. What a wonderful day. My mom's nickname was "Tiny". I'm glad to know there is another one out there. Can't wait to see the civil war quilt.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. Wonder how I can talk my hubby into a long weekend in Kerrville?🥴🤣

  9. Its not easy to quilt saying um. Love you and your videos. I don't know how you read the directions and just do it. It would be hard for me. That quilt is so beautiful

  10. You are such a sweet person. Love watching your videos, always interesting and you make me want to get busy making something.

  11. I seem to have a new addiction! I have been going back and watching all your videos. They are wonderful. I am having so much fun watching you and getting to know you that there is not any time to sew! 😉 I don't know where you come up with all the time to do all of this. I have 10 Great Grandkids and 2 more on the way. I have made all of them quilts and now I have 2 more to make. Thanks for all the fun inspiration and tips and tricks. Lyn

  12. You are always very grateful, and funny….
    You have been showered with gifts….
    Can't wait to see " The big thing"….

  13. Wow! What a day you have had. Tiny is a doll. I am sure she enjoyed the time you spent with her. That was a looooong drive! But, the Quilt Shop sure made it extra worth the effort. Didn't you say you made a video there? I'll have to listen to that part again. I hope those tea designs sew out super fast. That is a LOT of napkins, but it is a very sweet thought. I did choir robe collars for a church we went to years ago. A friend of mine asked me to help. I think I had to make 25 of them. They were white with sparkles for a Christmas presentation. I was NEVER SO GLAD to get done with a project. There were sparkles everwhere!

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